Two locked rooms in England: The Red House Mystery and Red House Mysteries


Most people know A.A. Milne through the stories of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin in the Hundred Acre Woods. What you might not know was that A.A. Milne had a keen interest in detective stories and wrote only one detective mystery published in 1922.

Called The Red House Mystery, it’s a locked room mystery that starts in England with a character called Mark Ablett hosting a party. There’s five guests invited to the party at Red House manor but Mark’s brother – Robert has just turned up to visit his brother.

Robert’s taken to the library to await his brother but shots are heard soon after and the door to the library is locked from within the room. What happened to Robert?

The amateur detective of the story shows up in the form of Tony Gillingham – a friend of one of the party guests. Within the 184 pages of the story there’s secret passage ways, references to Holmes and Watson and at one point in the story, the characters are self aware they are within a story.

According to goodreads, there’s even an introduction by A.A. Milne where he talks about red herrings within his story. The book can be read here for free on Project Guntenberg or you might find a copy in a local bookstore.

Red House Mysteries is also the name of a new escape room opening in England (good name choice there!). While I thought the escape room got their name from A.A Milne’s novel, the team behind the escape room actually came up with the name on their own. These guys started by putting together treasure hunts and are currently running a Kickstarter here for their escape room until September 30th.

Essa 🙂


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