Fright Month 2015 begins: An Australian Escape Room Panel at PAX Australia this year

Welcome, welcome all to Fright Month 2015 – where throughout October I’ll be writing about all the spooky and exciting escape room events going on.

This was going to be a completely different blog post until an email arrived in the Intervirals inbox this week. Last month, there was Europe’s first escape room conference and in late October there will be a Canadian “unconference” too. Now Australia is joining the escape room conversation.

PAX Australia, a game convention in Melbourne this year will play host to a very exciting panel on escape rooms called, Escape Rooms: The Secret Behind “Live Escape Games”. The panel takes place on October 31st, from 9.30pm inside the Galah Theatre for those visiting PAX. Furthermore on the panel there’s going to be representatives from numerous Australian escape room operators – Escape Room Melbourne, Rush Escape, Cubescape, Riddle Room and Enigma Room.

Want to help shape the conversation that will take place on the panel? Do you have a topic or question that you would like the panel to discuss? Tweet @theenigmaroom or send an email to Matt – for a chat about escape rooms.

Update: The Live Action Gaming panel actually ran last year but the Escape Room panel is definitely going ahead on Halloween this year.

As much as I would love to be attending the escape room panel in the audience, I’ll be going on holidays to visit a place I’ve wanted to visit for a very, very long time – Disneyland.

Essa 🙂

PAX Australia 2015
Date: October 30th – November 1st
Price: $60 AUD for a day ticket
Location: Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia


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