The Undead roam freely at MovieWorld’s Fright Nights: Panic Rooms, Mazes and the Fear Circus

There’s something lurking around every dark corner this Halloween.

Creepy clowns, killer viruses, kidnappers running around loose and a trip through the sewers are just some of the adventures brewing this month. Every Friday and Saturday of October, Movie World in Australia are opening their fearsome gates at 6pm for the general public to experience a horror sensation with four panic rooms running within the park –

Devilution – the human population is not safe from a virus turning its victims into dangerous animals. There’s refuge to be found in a dirty basement of a house but there’s something down here too…

Cirque De La Peur – Exploring that abandoned house turned out not to be such a great idea and now some clowns are playing a game of fear and tricks – will this fear circus be the end?

The Playpen – A kidnapper thinks she’s found her lost kids but can you play her game and escape in time?

Night Crawler – A murder investigation has lead your team into the underground sewers but where’s the way to get out? And what traps you in by lurking in the shadows?

The panic rooms cost $80 AUD per room for two to four people to experience in a 20 minute time limit. However you’ll need to also buy a general park ticket -$40 AUD – and then pay for the panic room experience.

There’s also plenty more undead activity on the night at MovieWorld with the theme park also split into four precincts where zombies roam, the dead freak circus rolls in with performances, demons walk around causing nightmares and a place where the undead can party all night.

To top everything off, there’s four horror mazes to experience with new and undead friends. Watching the movie won’t help you escape the Friday the 13th maze or the Jason roaming in it and the Wyrmwood maze is where a apocalypse of zombies await your arrival. The other two mazes – Wolf Creek 2 and The Evil Within make a re-appearance from last year’s fright nights for extra fun.

MovieWorld Fright Nights
Date: Fridays and Saturdays, October 2015
Price: $40 AUD for general park entry ticket
Location: MovieWorld, Queensland, Australia

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