Fright Month 2015: A reversed escape game, haunted theatres and witches haunting


A reversed escape game? As of writing in Singapore, The Escape Artist are running an escape game – The Mystery Mansion. Instead of teams usually escaping from a room, this time they will need to prevent a guilty suspect from leaving the room and running away. Mr Mayhem has been the victim of crime and participants will need to head to the murder scene and identify the murderer before time runs out and all the suspects are let go. There’s even a super power – the ability to see flashbacks of the night in question and a chance to talk to the real suspects (actors) of the crime.

The lights are on, the curtains are drawn back and the stage is set for a ghost. Enter the haunted theatre through a side door and investigate what goes on backstage to find the spell that will set the ghost free. The Theatre is a new escape room for Escape Room LA starting this week and will continue after Halloween has passed.

Drawing inspiration from the local legend of the Bell Witch, a famous haunting in America – Mystery Escape Room have created a room that features this story. An early pioneer family of Tennessee was visited by the Bell Witch and now there’s something going on with bells being “moved” around and whispered voices down corridors – will this room scare you?

#There should have been an earlier blog update but after the release of Sky Key last week I became really curious about the first puzzle. Spent the last couple of days attempting to break it. Even the poll on the Decode Endgame page tells a story with 48% of people voting the first puzzle as hard (from a pool of 50 voters so far). And I’m going to agree with them.

Essa 🙂


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