No tricks, all treat wrap up: Containment, The Dread Asylum & PAX Australia’s escape room panel tonight!


Happy Halloween! Tonight it’s a last minute roundup of all the Halloween events that are going on.

Thorpe Park in the UK have brought back their Fright Nights for 2015 and while tickets are sold out for Halloween, the event continues until November 1st. Four mazes from last year return – My Bloody Valentine, The Blair Witch Project, The Cabin in the Woods and Saw along with the addition of a new maze, The Big Top. Find out what the tarot cards say about the future, walk through a hall of mirrors where you won’t be alone and get out before The Figaro Bros find you for their final performance.

Also new is Containment – where teams of ten people will be locked in one of four “haunt rooms” where nightmares come to life. Break the codes to find the antidote and stop the outbreak before it’s too late – tickets cost an extra ‎£10 on top of the entry fee.


The Dread Asylum awaits visitors who choose to tour the fictional Littig Asylum and Sanatorium put together by Scare For a Cure in Texas, USA. What scares you? The dark, spiders or blood? What gives you goosebumps? Face off your phobias as during the tour, there will be plenty of chances to deal with old or new found fears. The tour involves plenty of physical activity and running – it won’t just be a leisurely stroll behind one way glass. Participants are also advised to wear old clothes as there’s going to be heaps of fake blood and gore as part of the experience.

What does the fortune teller hide? While waiting for an appointment time with Madame Zarra, who has been conducting readings for your family for a long time – you accidently discover one of her secrets. Plus Epic Escape Game in Phoenix, USA are running an October special with the code: HALLOWEEN10–phoenix-.html

#PAX AUSTRALIA – There’s going to be an escape room panel – Escape Rooms: The Secret Behind “Live Escape Games” – at PAX Australia in Melbourne tonight at 9.30pm AEST, hoping there will be some images from the event appearing on Twitter which I’ll retweet.

Essa 🙂


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