Minds Wanted for Derren Brown’s distorted psychological attraction at Thorpe Park in 2016


Would you enter a maze that would make you question your mind?

A new theme park attraction called a mind maze is being created by Derren Brown, the famous hypnotist and illusionist. I’ve seen a few of the tv specials that Derren Brown has produced and they are always mind blowing and fascinating to watch – so I have high hopes for this new type of maze.

The mind maze will be within a warehouse that is designed to look abandoned and decayed within Thorpe Park, a theme park in the United Kingdom. As well as this, the maze is designed as a psychological attraction – it will make participants question the difference between what they fear and what they find fun.

Upon entering the mind maze, participants will need to seek out clues, crack codes and discover what the island is hiding. This island is already turning dark – will you discover it’s secrets too?

Before the opening, there’s a promotion on the mindswanted.co.uk/ website where there’s plenty of social media activity starting to pick up. Participants will need to search the Minds Wanted website for seven clues in order to enter the competition.

Already there are three clues available to find – for one clue, there’s a specific time people need to log into the website and another sneaky clue in the video, “Derren Brown is keeping a secret”. Blink and you’ll miss it below.


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One thought on “Minds Wanted for Derren Brown’s distorted psychological attraction at Thorpe Park in 2016

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