Single, multi, split – what? Here’s some escape room terms you should know of

While browsing through the Escape Room Enthusiasts Facebook group recently, I found a post using the terms single, multi and split to discuss aspects of an escape room. At first didn’t know what these terms meant but as I read the conversation it all started to make more sense – these concepts were already known but given shortened names.

Single / Single Room – When the entire story or theme is only played out in one room within an escape room facility.

Multi / Multiple Rooms – When the same story or theme is played out in two or more rooms which are connected to each other in some way such as a secret passageway or moveable bookcase, which allows participants to move between many rooms while playing the escape room.

Split / Split Room – Where the team is split into at least two groups and each group starts their game at different areas within the escape room. Think of a team entering a prison themed room and then each team member is led to their own jail cell within the room.

If I were to encounter an escape room now, the expectation is a multi-room because it adds to the excitement and adventure of the experience. When you discover a fake wall or secret passageway into the next room – it feels like being in a National Treasure movie, where you are Ben Gates discovering the secret treasure no one has ever found before. I still want to know what was written on page 47.

You’ve paid a lot to go to an escape room and it feels worth it if the business has put more effort into developing the escape room and its story if there are multiple rooms. Trying not to be too much of an escape room diva but multiple rooms should be the way to go.

Thanks to Anslie, Edwin, Eric, Jake, Errol, Nagy, Chris, Herbet, Sophie, Kylie, Brent, Ege and Michael for their contributions and insight into the topic on the Escape Room Enthusiasts Facebook group, from which the basis of this blog was formed from.

Have you heard of any other escape room terms?

Essa 🙂



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