Adventures in America – Escape Room LA, Room Escape LA and Lockdown Vegas


Driving along one of Los Angeles’ highways, asked my friends about escape rooms and if they had heard of any local places. Both didn’t know what an escape room was until the concept was described better – one friend had heard of a place while the other hadn’t heard of the concept before.

The plan was to visit an escape room in Los Angeles but that was before I learned what LA traffic was really like. In peak hours and especially on weekends, traffic is very heavy on the roads – expect to plan one to two hours in advance to be on time to anywhere. Everyone uses cars because of limited public transport and if you don’t have a car, taxi or Uber will become your best friend.

Escape Room LA was on the top of my list to visit – the place which Conan O’Brien visited to play The Detective. But bad traffic + taxi costs or Uber didn’t add up. Here’s what I wished I knew earlier –
– Star Line runs tour buses around Los Angeles – the purple route had numerous stops in Downtown LA where Escape Room LA is based – however haven’t checked how far away the room is from one of the tour bus stops.

– Meanwhile on the Star Line red route, after Chateau Marmont guess what flew pass the tour bus window? Room Escape LA’s distinct logo on the side of their building, a red door against a black wall. There’s a tour bus stop about 5 mins later, so the company is within walking distance.


Didn’t get the chance to play an escape room in Los Angeles. However after LA, spent three days in Las Vegas as well and at this stage was pretty determined to find an escape room. Lockdown Vegas was the closest one, about a ten minute taxi drive away from the main strip. The business is located in a industrial area and the Hostage Rescue room was the game we chose to play.

The game master walked us over to a television screen where he then set up the introduction video to the room. Then gave the team our first clue and told us there was no countdown clock in the room. Luckily one of the team was wearing a watch when we entered the escape room.

After the game, a team member commented afterwards the puzzles were well designed – that you could figure out where to go next and it made sense (as compared to another escape room before where the puzzle logic completely threw us). There was also a group of red herrings that I only realised after escaping the room – thought it was really good and a humorous nod in relation to escape rooms.


{Disclaimer: Paid for my game at Lockdown Vegas and they didn’t know Intervirals was visiting. Also any information above on Escape Room LA and Room Escape LA are my own experiences formed during traveling in Los Angeles}.

Have heaps to write about Disneyland and immersive experiences which will be talked about in the next blog! Will also getting on to responding to any emails sent to the Intervirals inbox. Plus here is one more photo of my travels taken at the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas.

Essa 🙂



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