BreakoutEDU Game Jam 2016 in partnership with the Brantford Games Network


Can you spare a weekend in January to help create escape games that can be shared around the world?

Intervirals first came across BreakoutEDU in August last year, where the team behind it took the fun of an escape room game, standardized its components and placed them into a toolkit.

Then a room is set up with the equipment from the toolkit and the teacher introduces the back story of the game (eg. significant people in history) to the students. A limited amount of time is given to students who must “break out” by solving all the puzzles and learn along the way.

Brantford Games Network is partnering up with BreakoutEDU for a game jam to be hosted on the weekend of January 9th to 10th 2016. The main site will be based in Toronto, Canada but if you’re located elsewhere on the planet – here’s how to join in.

Why not set up and host your own local BreakoutEDU event with family, friends or colleagues?
First, register your team here.

Then all that’s needed is the toolkit which can be put together by simply going to the hardware store or scavenged together from items laying around the house. All you need is – a large box, a smaller box, a number of different locks, a black light, a invisible marker and a timer! If you prefer to have all these items already put together in a box and shipped directly to your front door, then a packaged toolkit can be bought from BreakoutEDU.

Spend the weekend developing an escape game and once done, upload the team’s creation to the BreakoutEDU’s website. This allows plenty of educators and teachers from anywhere in the world to download a suitable game and also allows their students to have a fun learning experience.

Or perhaps afterwards your team could download another escape game developed during the game jam and play through it!

BreakoutEDU Game Jam Weekend
Date: Saturday January 9th – Sunday January 10th 2016
Time: Starts 9am Saturday, finishes 5pm on the Sunday


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