It’s part of the adventure and mystery – “And the Escape Room”, episode on 2 Broke Girls

Airing last Thursday, on the CBS channel in the US was the 2 Broke Girls episode featuring an escape room (along with other mature adult themes).

The owner of the diner, Han insists his workers need to build up their teamwork skills and doesn’t tell the team where he is taking them. Flash forward to about the six minute mark of the episode, where the escape room makes its first appearance.

“What the hell is this place?”

Ever enthusiastic Han tells his staff it’s part of the adventure and mystery, while Max shows immediate disdain for the place – “It’s not one of those escape rooms where they lock you in a room and you have to work as a team to get out?”.

The game facilitator arrives, while Earl the diner’s dj states the “You’ll all are volunteering to be locked up in a tiny room?” joke.

A typical waiver form is given to the team and most of them quickly sign the paper without looking at it. Next, a red bucket is handed around to put mobile phones in so the team can’t look up the answers on Google. The industrial metal door is pushed to the side and the team are shown in to the escape room.


It’s completely dark – in the scene nothing in the room can be seen at all except the light from the door way. Once the door is closed, the team is left stranded in the dark until a lamp above a picture of Einstein glows bright.

Someone in the team points out there’s several light switches on the wall near the painting. Underneath Einstein, it states to choose correctly or lose five minutes of game time. 26 light switches but which one to choose? The first guess is which letter represents light? The answer guessed is “L” but Caroline steps in to correctly guess it might have to do with Einstein’s equation of e=mc2 and within the formula, the speed of light equals the letter c.

After the third light switch from the top is switched on, all the lights in the room turn on to reveal a Alice in Wonderland theme. From the back of the room, an actor appears as the Mad Hatter and there is one hour to escape.


Riddles are given to the team to solve, ‘One – take it out of the package it goes in your mouth. Chew it too long and it will go south’ – the answer being Gum. Another riddle involves Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael J. Fox, the Pope and Madonna.

Then the episode moves forward quickly to the last fifteen minutes, with a riddle – “If it were so, it might be. And if it were so, it would be”. The show hints at the answer in the picture of Tweedledum and Tweedledee in the nearby background. (Note: Specifically Tweedledee says this in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.)

At this point, the team are frustrated they can’t make any progress and Caroline gets more upset after an earlier incident with Max – then proceeds to jump down the rabbit hole prop at the back of this room. While the game facilitator tries to warn Caroline, he then mentions there’s a couple of rats in the hole. Then he says while rolling his eyes, this place is a death trap (and an inaccurate representation of plenty of real life escape rooms).

Then realizing the trouble the team is in, the game facilitator tries to use the emergency code to exit the room but the door won’t open. Eventually the facilitator confesses to not knowing any codes in order to help them get out of the room.

The episode finishes with two of the team members breaking through the escape room floor (by accident).

Well, that’s one way to escape a room.

Essa 🙂


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