A late Merry Christmas from Intervirals

Have been enjoying the long Christmas break this week which has led to the ongoing procrastination before this blog post went up. 🙂

1) Merry Christmas from Intervirals! If you want to get to the site quicker, try www.intervirals.com and this WordPress blog will appear. Definitely thought about changing the site’s website to the .com ending but instead decided to stick with WordPress for the long haul.

2) Essential escape room holiday reading:
– ExitGames UK was interviewed by BBC in December – here’s a neat quote from Chris about puzzles in escape rooms,

“A good puzzle will look impossible at first, but is designed to be solved. If you find a way to solve it you’ll feel good about yourself. And perhaps you can crack other problems in your life that look impossible at first glance as well.” – quoted from BBC

– Earlier in December – Dan from Escape Room Directory, Escape Reviewer, Professor Scott Nicholson and Room Escape Artist were interviewed for Dallas News in the US. One of the big questions asked – What were their views on the escape room industry leading into next year?

“Next year, are these all going to be gone, and everyone will have gotten tired of it?’” [Dan] Egnor asked. “That’s the big question that everyone’s making guesses about.”

Wright [from Escape Reviewer] shakes off the skepticism.

“Back in 1987, they said video games were going to be a fad,” Wright said. “It’s one of the most popular types of entertainment right now.”

David Spira, who runs Room Escape Artist, is optimistic.

“They’ll all help each other grow,” he said. “These companies, even if they operate within a mile or two of each other, they’re not necessarily in direct competition with each other, because people who will have a good time in these will want to play more.” – quoted from Dallas News

3) Last thing to wrap up, is the escape room panel that was held at PAX Australia in Melbourne a while ago. Have posted it on Facebook and Twitter before but haven’t shared it yet here on the blog – check it out if you’re curious about where the escape room industry is heading in Australia. The footage of the entire panel goes for about 45 minutes.

Essa 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A late Merry Christmas from Intervirals

  1. danegnor December 28, 2015 at 4:44 am Reply

    Ha, the quote makes me sound like a pessimist!

    • Essa December 28, 2015 at 12:57 pm Reply

      Not at all! Haha – if everyone agreed it would be boring but if it looks like the experts are disagreeing it becomes a interesting read – Essa 🙂

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