Create your own escape room at home: just add a timer, hot water and extra pencils


Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Released on Kickstarter today, Escape Room In A Box is a new tabletop game that brings the concept of an escape room into your home. An hour is given to teams of two to six players to solve puzzles, find clues and break through codes to get away from the mad scientist whose current experiment has everyone turning into werewolves. Find the antidote and break the werewolf curse that has everyone running away.

Most items needed to create an escape room is included with the game however a timer/watch, hot water and extra pencils will need to be found beforehand.

It’s a one time playable tabletop game but there’s a replay feature built in to the game with a refill pack. Included in the refill pack are components and instructions on how to reconstruct certain game parts, the overall escape room box and a script of how to run the game. So after the first game, it means you can become the game host of your own escape room!

The game was designed by two ladies, Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin in Los Angeles and they are looking at Escape Room In A Box to be their first base game in a series. Additional game expansions will be created if their Kickstarter is successful.

It’s only day one of the Kickstarter for this game and already it’s raised $15,000 USD from a $19,500 USD goal. The game is also ranking well on the Reddit board games forum at the moment.



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