Brooklyn Nine Nine’s episode last week featured an escape room – “Karen Peralta”, S3 Ep14

Last Tuesday on Brooklyn Nine Nine’s episode, “Karen Peralta” there was a sub-plot involving some of the team heading to an escape room.

Holt, the captain overseeing a department of detectives wants to take his team on a team building exercise. He wants to head to an escape room while another detective, wants $5,000 and a trip to Vegas instead. Vegas isn’t happening, so an escape room it is.

Where is everyone?
Perhaps that’s tonight’s first puzzle?

After an invitation mess up only four people show up for the escape room, called Skeleton Escape. As soon as they arrive, the metal door shuts and an announcement comes over the loud speaker. There’s three hours for the team to find four keys to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. I’ve only had a chance to see snippets of the episode so far, if you’ve seen it – how was the episode?

Allie Pape from also raises an interesting thought about the set design of the escape room in the episode. There are posters on the wall that reference “scrap metal”. Perhaps a subtle nod to SCRAP entertainment which produces Real Escape Game?

– Essa 🙂


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