Minds Wanted for Derren Brown’s Ghost Train and Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor – a new escape room party game


Last year, Intervirals discussed Minds Wanted – a unique theme park attraction being created at Thorpe Park in the UK by Darren Brown and his team. Further details were just released, the island’s dark secret is actually a unique type of Ghost Train. People visiting the ride will enter an old warehouse and within is a Victorian train carriage that can seat up to sixty participants at a time.

The best part?

The carriage is suspended three metres above the ground.

The ride will last 13 minutes and affect all five senses with a combination of special features (illusion, live action, special effects) adding to the overall experience. Perception and reality will collide – where does it begin and end?

There’s also a feature Youtube trailer with Darren Brown explaining the theme park attraction in more detail. It could be assumed there’s going to be ghostly apparitions appearing within the carriage during the ride.

escape-the-room-mystery-at-the-stargazer's-manorImage Credit: ToyNews

Recently Escape Room In A Box – a Kickstarter project to produce a portable tabletop escape room game was discussed. Now there’s news of a similar game being produced. UK puzzle game manufacturer, Paul Lamond Games is launching a new party game this June.

It’s called Escape The Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor and the game is set to be playable for three to eight players at a time, with a game lasting 90 minutes in one sitting. Details are sparse at the moment with no mention if the game’s replayable and no price point available for the game yet.

Also another milestone was reached – 100,000 views on the Intervirals blog today!! Thank you for reading!

– Essa 🙂


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