Play Well: The legend of the lost Lego pieces that wash up onshore

According to the stories, a dark storm brewed off the British coastline on the night of February 13th 1997. The Tokio Express was a container ship and on board was several containers of Lego on its way from Rotterdam, Netherlands to New York. That night, a large wave caused 62 containers of Lego to be spilled overboard into the sea.

After a while, pieces of Lego started to wash up on beaches in Cornwall and now the coastline is visited by Lego fans around the world who beachcomb in the hope of finding Lego treasure. Usually after heavy storms, there is a better chance of finding a lost Lego piece.

The most common locations to find Lego pieces are located on the west coastline of the United Kingdom (Perranporth, Pembrokeshire, the Lizard Peninsula to name a few), along with findings on beaches in Wales, Ireland and unconfirmed reports from Florida (USA) and Melbourne (Australia).

black_octopus(Image Credit:

Around 4.8 million pieces of Lego were lost that night, with the most sought out pieces being Octopus’ (4,200 lost pieces) or Dragons (34,000 lost pieces). The most common pieces to find include flippers and daisy flowers. Other Lego pieces that could be found include spear guns, sea grass, cutlasses (and much more!) while the different Lego sets lost ranged in theme from aquatic, police, wild west, robots and pirates.

To keep track of current beach findings, a Facebook page has been set up called Lego Lost At Sea, where residents and visitors post images of Lego items they have found.

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