Castle’s recent episode, “The Blame Game” showcases a twisted escape room – Season 8, Ep 12


Castle, a detective receives an invitation from a person he believes to be Stephen King, to meet at a particular building. Rats litter the sidewalk and inside as Castle enters the hallway, all the lights down the hall slowly turn off one at a time. He then wakes up in a kindergarten room with three other strangers, who wake up at the same time and they try to work out how they all got there.

Slowly they try to remember what happened. The other men were lured to a building under the pretense of a relative passing away and a potential inheritance awaiting them. In the kindergarten room, they find a cryptex which decoded to “Play or die”. One of the strangers, Todd suffers an allergic reaction but inside the cryptex is an allergy pen to help him. Then they discover the pen has been poisoned and a clue attached to the pen reads:

Time has run out.
2 – will cure.
1 – will kill.

The men look around the room for an antidote and find three bottles labelled 1, 2 and 3 in a cupboard.
Is bottle 2 the answer? Castle steps in and insists it’s too easy an answer. He then spots the clock on the wall. The clock’s hands have stopped at 1pm and 3pm, so both bottle’s contents are combined and the poison is stopped in time.

Soon after they find a gun in the room and then a tv in the room reveals an identical kindergarten room setup. Inside the other room are three women, all significant people to the men. However Beckett, Castle’s detective partner – realises there’s four men in the other room.

Back in the men’s room, one of the men attempts to fire the gun and it’s discovered to be rigged as it backfires on him. Beckett and Castle individually open the doors of their respective rooms and stumble across each other in the hallway.

The finale takes place in a third room, where there are three levers placed against the walls. There’s six people in the room but three need to stay behind in order to let the others escape. There’s a timer in the room. Todd elects to stay behind along with Beckett and Castle, who then insist Todd is behind it all. Todd pulls out a gun on the detective duo, however Castle’s managed to take apart his lever in time. There’s a brief scuffle and the police break in to finally rescue Beckett and Castle.

And that’s what happened on last week’s episode of Castle. This blog also resumes it’s regular schedule of posting once a week from next week. That’s a wrap on Blog Februrary!

Essa 🙂


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