The next level: Up The Game – an escape room & real life gaming conference in Amsterdam on April 18th


In the Netherlands, escape rooms are appearing everywhere with over 300+ rooms in the country already set up. When April approaches, the country will stage an international escape room conference enabling innovation within the industry and to encourage escape rooms to develop better experiences.

On the day topics will include how to build a narrative, utilising flow theory to ensure an immersive escape room and the development of escape room design. Other topics include how escape rooms can be used in a educational setting, how to navigate legislation when building and the most interesting topic of all, what might be in the future for escape rooms.

The speaker line up is already impressive, as it’s going to be the first escape room conference where there will be representatives from SCRAP Entertainment AND Parapark speaking, both among the earliest pioneers of the escape room industry.

There will also be talks from the creators behind the upcoming Crystal Maze experience in London, the educators behind the fantastic BreakoutEDU box and additional speakers from – a massive escape room company which spans the globe with escape rooms in Russia, Europe, USA and Asia.

To top it all off, Fenomena Logica will bring their mobile escape room along for attendees to experience a circus freak show! Early bird and advanced tickets have finished sale, with only regular tickets still available for the conference.

Up The Game – Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference
Date: Monday 18th April 2016
Time: Starts 9am – 5pm (Amsterdam – The Netherlands; UTC+2)
| Other timezones: Mon 5pm Australia; Mon 3pm Singapore; Mon 8am London; Mon 3am Toronto – Canada and New York, Midnight Los Angeles |
Address: B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Also, a happy birthday to ExitGames UK who are celebrating their second birthday tomorrow
(March 8th).

– Essa 🙂


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