Time to escape to London: The second Great Escape UK unconference arrives in London on April 25th


In April, there will be Canadian Caper’s A Night at the Wedding event (April 9th), followed by
Up The Game – a large escape room conference in Amsterdam (April 18th) and now the United Kingdom will be hosting their second UK escape room unconference!

Reported by ReallyFun.uk, the second unconference will move to the heart of London this time around.
It follows on from the first unconference held in Canada in 2015 and the first UK unconference held earlier this year in January.

The event encourages a meet up of anyone associated with running an escape game – the builders, designers, owners and staff to come along. Escape room enthusiasts are welcomed but only if they “promise not to rip out the fixtures and fittings [in the room] in search of clues”. All good fun.

As part of the second UK unconference there will be post-event discussion emerging from the Up The Game conference, which is being held one week prior. There’s also going to be discussions around having an escape room competition that will be hosted by escape rooms throughout the United Kingdom – this will be very interesting to watch. Could this escape room competition model by implemented in other countries? Plus, further planning will take place for an escape room conference in the UK in 2017.

Voluntary donations of £15 will cover event costs and helps the organizer Liz Cable run future events.

2nd UK Escape Room Unconference 2016
Date: Monday 25th April 2016
Time: Starts 11am – 6pm (London – England; UTC)
Central London – Check Eventbrite closer to the event date
On Eventbrite

In other miscellaneous escape room news:
Questbox, is running an Indiegogo campaign to fund a escape-room-in-a-box experience emerging from Riga, Latvia. The campaign is still running for a little while, check it out here: Questbox
101 Escape Room Ideas, is a good read filled with plenty of ideas for escape room owners – wonder if the idea to put a hidden message in a mirror and then breathing on it would be a viable idea?

Happy Easter everyone, hoping you all got some good rest and lots of chocolate to eat!
– Essa 🙂


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