Steampunk Heroes vs. Villains battle it out in The Escape Challenge at Disney Meetings


Disney Meetings are the branch of Disney which handle corporate group events, meetings and conventions. Before the event starts, event designers customize these group functions and make them more memorable by utilising knowledge of the customer experience Disney has developed over time.

The newest event theme is called The Escape Challenge, offering a team building exercise that takes place through multiple rooms. Participants are broken into teams and lead into rooms where clues need to be solved to move through the challenges.

Four steampunk inspired characters will greet participants and explain the scenario at hand, the “Stone of Stones” needs to be found so that time can be protected and allow the history of the world to remain intact.

At first, participants will find themselves falling through time and locked within the captain’s rooms of an old and forgotten pirate ship. The ship is filled with past treasures of maps, pirate tools and of course, bucket loads of shiny gold. The clues in the room lead to a message and the way to escape into the second room.

Time shifts again and participants find themselves next in a mad scientist’s laboratory. Preserved jars of creepy specimens line the walls acting as memories of past experiments and hide traps lurking within the room. Solve the clues and challenges in this room to win the game within a one hour time limit.

“We’ve designed every aspect of The Escape Challenge to create an unforgettable Disney team building program or team-bonding experience,” said Ray Fournier, Disney Producer – Disney Meetings

Overall The Escape Challenge is linked to the idea of saving time but is further customizable to any group having a Disney Meeting. The best bit is the entire setup can be easily transportable which might mean you could easily see this one day at an upcoming Disney convention or within a Disney theme park.

There’s even a Youtube video introducing The Escape Challenge, check it out:

Maybe one day Disney will let participants fall down a rabbit hole with Alice herself.
– Essa 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Steampunk Heroes vs. Villains battle it out in The Escape Challenge at Disney Meetings

  1. Charlotte Burton April 11, 2016 at 3:10 am Reply

    That idea about Alice in Wonderland’s a great idea for a room!

    We’re planning to open up new rooms at The Great Escape in Sheffield and that could definitely be on our list!

    • Essa April 18, 2016 at 7:11 pm Reply

      Hope your new escape room goes well! – Essa 🙂

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