Milo & Tim Tams (or that time when Intervirals met the Room Escape Artist team)

Turning up ten minutes before the escape room was scheduled to start, I waited inside the doorway of the building. The plan was to play an escape room and catch up for dinner with the Room Escape Artist team during their visit to Australia. Just be cool. Remember to say Hello.

A couple of minutes later, Lisa and David appeared in front of the doors and introductions were made, it was awesome to finally meet them in person.

Room Escape Artist are currently on their escape room world tour, stopping in on the West Coast of the US and also in Australia, then heading off to Canada (and meeting all those awesome Canadian escape room artists located there!)

They had already booked in a time slot to play an escape room, In Memoriam at The Engima Room and Intervirals tagged along for the adventure. The premise of the story was to find the protagonist’s most precious memory and retrieve it in time.

The team worked efficiently as we all progressed through the escape room, talking out loud about the clues we had found. Everything was searched thoroughly, logically deducted quickly and the realization when a change of tactics was needed because the team had missed something. And locks posed no problems, within a couple of tries most things were vanquished. Watched in awe and chipped in where possible. The room stood no chance.

We all got out of the room with 6 minutes to spare and no hints used. There’s even an automated email from The Enigma Room which states how long it took to escape and how we compared to other teams who attempted the escape room (83% better!).

At the end of the game, I asked the Room Escape Artist team for a photo –


In terms of story, preferred the other escape room theme – Doctor Disaster, (saving the world with great props) at The Engima Room but In Memoriam was a great story too. If you liked Inception and the concept of retrieving memories with crafty puzzles thrown in to the mix, then this is a great escape room for you.

The Enigma Room Sydney

The escape room staff were also awesome in recommending a place for dinner, Ramblin’ Rascal which always looked like a normal fire safety door if you walked past it. Look closer and you would see that under the handle it says Pull. Down a dimly lit set of stairs, tucked away in the basement is a bar where three bloggers talked about escape rooms over burgers and fries.

There was even space to leave a scrawl along a blackboard wall –chalkboard

Hopefully will catch up with the Room Escape Artist team again in New York one day.
I’ll bring the Tim Tams.

– Essa 🙂


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