Rediscovering the magic of silent films – The Toronto Silent Film Festival’s Escape Room on Instagram #tsff2016


Over 70% of silent films have been lost. Rarely does a lost film escape being lost forever.
Until … now.

This year the Toronto Silent Film Festival (April 7 – 12) dedicated the festival to films either forgotten, restored or recovered from being lost. Participants were given the opportunity to “re-discover” seven of these films by going through an escape room experience built on Instagram.

According to AdWeek, the experience gives participants the opportunity to feel the excitement of rediscovering an old silent film that was thought to be lost. By creating short point of view videos, where participants can search through the old, dusty escape room and discover old film reels – something special gets created. A new audience gets to rediscover an old era through an innovative method.

The experience was advertised on the Instagram page of tsff2016, but the actual “escape room” starts on this page instead – tsff2016_escaperoom.

The entire escape room is split into 30 short videos which can individually be clicked on and investigated. For best gameplay, view the Instagram page on a mobile device or on a Windows 7/8 computer, press Ctrl+Alt+the left hand arrow key on your keyboard – which tilts the entire screen on its side.

It ends up looking like this:

Each video shows that section of the escape room being investigated from a first person point of view. Find the seven film reels in the room and also check out the letter on the back of each reel.

Once all seven letter are found, unscramble the word and head to the video which shows a sign that says “Exit”. Inside this Instagram post, it has a list of answers (in the form of hashtags). Choose the correct hashtag answer to open the door.

Thousands have tried. Only a handful have escaped. So, can you escape the room?
– Essa 🙂


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