Comradery: When strangers wish you good luck for an escape room and a tour, a conference and a puzzle hunt


Recently I was sitting in the lobby of an escape room, waiting for a friend to show up and I couldn’t help but listen to the previous group having a debrief session with their game controller.

“That was good!”. And after, “Enjoyment level 10! No, 20!”.

That feeling of happiness and accomplishment after getting out of an escape room is contagious. Just before they left, these strangers wished me good luck as they were leaving and that sense of comradery stuck with me.

Here are some upcoming escape room events that are bringing friends and strangers together to play and talk about escape rooms:
Escape To New Orleans, is a two day tour to visit four companies and a chance to play eight escape rooms. The Escape Room Tour is being organized by TransWorld and includes tours of the facilities after the games have been played and a chance to network with others on the tour. The tour takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) on May 27th and 28th and there’s 20 spots left according to their Facebook event page.

– They’re back! After hosting an escape game convention in September 2015, the ExitVentures GmBH team are busy organizing the next one. The second Escape Games Convention is taking place again in Stuttgart, Germany on June 4th. There’s two hours of workshops and keynote speakers from Cluetivity, who run the “the world’s most advanced GPS gaming software” and Machina eX who create immersive experiences ranging from online computer games to interactive installations spaces in the real world, where the story can be played out. 27 days to go!

– The Singapore Puzzle Hunt has teams of four facing off against a wizard this year on July 16th! (Thanks to Escaping SG).

Over the past few nights, I have been haunted by visions of the hooded figure trawling the corridors, his wizened hands sifting through the shelves. He is definitely in search of something. To defeat him, I must assemble a team of puzzle solvers to help me. This is our only chance, I thought, as I sent a secret message into the dark night.

– Exit Games UK who has written up detailed reports on what happened with The Crystal Maze Experience in London and DASH 8, with the puzzle hunt having a spy theme (008) this year.

– There’s not one but two escape room podcasts now! Both on episode two, check out Escape Room Divas (Canada) and Escape From Reality (UK).

Essa 🙂




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