Release The Hounds! One of the scariest tv shows around (run, run very fast).


Legend has it there’s a country estate hidden deep in the English hills.

An estate haunted by centuries of .. evil.

It’s rumoured, that each Halloween the lord of the manor leaves money locked in chests – to tempt the brave, the greedy and the foolish.

But then again it’s just a story, isn’t it?

Release The Hounds, is a UK tv show where teams of three people are sent into the forest surrounding an estate to win large amounts of cash.

In episode one, the host explains to the team they need to get over the estate’s fence and follow the arrows within the forest. White arrows lead to three hidden keys, while the red arrows guides a person back to the location of three chests.

The first challenge takes place in the late afternoon, where the team find a scarecrow holding a bag filled with wooden pegs. They don’t catch it but the scarecrow’s head turns around, watching them walk away.

Further in the forest, there are three additional scarecrows each on top of their own wooden platform. The pegs found from before are hammered into the base of each platform, allowing a person to climb up and reach the scarecrow. The first two scarecrows contain backpacks holding more wooden pegs.

Weird movements in the forest and whispers catch the team’s attention at times.

The third scarecrow on a wooden platform has fake blood dripping out and the contestant has to reach into it to withdraw the first key. Moments later the scarecrow spews out fake blood, freaking out all of the contestants.

The team then splits up, with the two guys following the arrows deeper into the forest to find the two other keys while the lady goes back through the forest, following the red arrows.

She uses her key to unlock the first chest of cash, places the cash in her backpack and then must make the run for cash. It’s a 150 metre dash, with the contestant getting a 60 metre start before the vicious dogs are released.

At the end of the dash, the contestant needs to get over the perimeter fence and off the estate to win the cash. Otherwise the dogs will take down the contestant and the money is lost.

The other two contestants … experience two other horror filled challenges (an abandoned cottage and the creepiest mirror you could ever imagine in a dark forest where the light above turns off), which you can see on Youtube.

Since 2015, the tv show has moved away from filming within England and now films in Eastern Europe. The show has small seasons, airing Halloween and Christmas specials with a regular season only having 6 to 7 episodes. If a third season goes to air this year, keep an eye out around late September 2016.

Check out the trailer for Release The Hounds in 2014 below or check out the trailer for 2015 here.


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