Ghostbusters: Dimension – A Paranormal Encounter from The VOID and Madam Tussauds New York #GBXP


Who are the Ghostbusters gonna call? It could be you – if you’re in New York City this July.

To promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, a hyper reality experience from The VOID will open inside Madam Tussad’s New York location.

“You become a Ghostbuster, investigating an apartment filled with ghosts in a three player adventure, where hopefully you won’t destroy New York City.” – The VOID

The VOID is one of those companies in the virtual reality field to keep an eye on and only invited guests (beta testers, media) have had access to trial out their virtual reality offerings so far. It’s going to be the first time The VOID’s experience can be accessed by the public.

The VOID’s tech is based around two parts: physical props/sets and virtual reality software.

For the immersive Ghostbusters experience, participants will be able to roam a physical space and will be equipped with The VOID’s Rapture vest and gun – similar to what a person might wear in laser tag – but with inbuilt haptic features. For the Ghostbusters experience, this turns into a proton pack and gun.

The VOID will also give participants headsets (similar to an Oculus Rift) to wear over their eyes and its how the Ghostbuster’s world will be viewed. Take a tour around Ghostbusters HQ, then head out into the streets of New York to battle ghosts and not destroy the city in the process.

Combined together, it creates one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences out there. The experience starts July 1st and tickets can be bought here.

Over on Twitter, there’s a sneak peak of The VOID team building the physical Ghostbuster set:

And here’s the trailer for the Ghostbusters: Dimension experience.

Essa 🙂


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