Death Note: The Escape opens for the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan and CatCon LA!


It all starts with a black notebook called a Death Note.

In the manga, Light Yagami (or Kira) is a genius high school student who discovers a Death Note when it gets dropped into the human world. After a person has touched the Death Note, only then can they see the death god that comes with it.

Kira tells his death god, Ryuk he wants to rid the world of criminals and uses the Death Note to write down their names in it. Soon after, criminals die of a heart attack or in suspicious circumstances. Eventually the media starts to realize a pattern and the famous detective, L gets put on to the case.

For Universal Studios in Japan, their 15th anniversary celebrations comes with a new escape room based on the Death Note story. 10 years on from the battle between L and Kira, a new mystery emerges. Help L who has received a new message from Kira and find the six new Death Notes which have entered the world!

Four levels of the Sakura TV station from Death Note have been created to house the escape room. The experience runs from July 1st to September 4th 2016 in collaboration with SCRAP Entertainment.

Teams can be made of one to four people, with regular tickets starting at 2,980 yen per person (inc. tax). Or for a pair of tickets – two people – it costs 7,980 yen per person (inc. tax). Tickets can be found here.

Plus there’s an opportunity to buy Death Note related merchandise – Sweets of the Grim Reaper – the Death Desert of Ryuk, is a gnawed red apple which sits on a chocolate Death Note. Or there’s the official Death Note clipboard and penlight.

In other escape room related news:
At CatCon LA this weekend – June 25th to 26th, the team at Animal Planet are running a free fifteen minute escape room. Participants will need to put together cat toys, figure out how to get out of a cardboard box and its all from the view of a cat. Get tickets here.

Finally, here’s the trailer for the Death Note: The Escape experience (in Japanese):

Essa 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Death Note: The Escape opens for the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan and CatCon LA!

  1. Ruth Ellison June 25, 2016 at 8:56 pm Reply

    Death Note Escape Room! Oh wow, that is awesome. We love the TV series and we love escape rooms. If only I could get to Japan to try this out.

    • Essa July 3, 2016 at 11:06 pm Reply

      Death Note is definitely one of the best mangas out there – loved the genius vs. genius plot. If only Japan were closer! 🙂 – Essa

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