Driving with Ford in Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience #FordEscape


To showcase the 2017 Ford Escape SUV – Ford created an escape room driving experience.

The experience runs from June 23rd to 26th in New York and a thousand free spaces were made available to the public. Once registration opened, all the available times were filled up in less than twenty four hours. There’s still some walk in spots available each day according to Ford’s website.

Teams of up to four people have 30 minutes to get through five different rooms, which showcase a range of the Ford Escape’s features eg. parking assist.

“.. Five rooms: an apartment, a long corridor, an office, a “hip” Brooklyn neighborhood .. and a sandy beach scene. [Also] There’s a drive-up coffee shop along the way …” – Fortune.com

At the beginning of each room, a timer is started and the team has six minutes to complete the room. Upon completing the room the timer is paused, the team hop into a Ford Escape and drive to the next room. The car has been altered to only reach a maximum of 5 miles per hour for safety reasons.

The whole escape room setup takes over 35,000 square foot of space in Moynihan Station within Manhattan in New York City and took the Ford team four whole days to setup.

This event was created by Ford who are targeting millennials with their product – turning a normal test drive into a memorable and fun experience by utilizing concepts from the experience economy.

PCMag also recorded their first hand experience of the event and uploaded it to Youtube:


Essa 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Driving with Ford in Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience #FordEscape

  1. David Spira June 27, 2016 at 10:26 am Reply

    Hi Essa! Lisa and I played this game this morning. Here was our review:

    • Essa July 3, 2016 at 11:03 pm Reply

      Such a cool experience for you guys!

  2. […] ensuring the 2017 Ford Escape will feature as part of the show. (If you missed it, Intervirals wrote a post about Ford’s Escape NYC event last […]

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