Sherlocked’s The Vault: A prologue mobile game to an escape room experience in Amsterdam


“Somewhere in Amsterdam, an object is hidden. An object whose very existence is forcefully denied, guarded by the most complex security system on the planet.’

So if what we’ve heard about you is true, then we have a job for you.

Consider this your interview.” – The Vault

The team behind Sherlocked in Amsterdam built their second escape room, The Vault and then discovered something – guests struggled to unlock old combination locks on safes. This was a problem as the plot of the escape room was to break into a vault that originally belonged to the Amsterdam stock exchange building back in 1903.

To help guests before they arrived, the Sherlocked team decided to create a prologue experience called The Vault, an app that can be downloaded for Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

This afternoon, I downloaded the game to try it out and see if it was as good as what the screenshots showed.

~ Minor spoilers ahead ~

The first room of the game is slightly dark, so best to turn up the screen brightness on your device. The game’s controls were neat, stepping forwards to an object or backwards from it felt natural using just the touch screen.

Looking around the room, the game has a mixture of red herrings and essential clues to work through. Where’s the cable? Look closer.

But the second room is where the game shines as there were several a-ha! moments that made it feel like a real escape room. A section of the room is locked behind gates and a padlock. No use in trying to find a key.

In another section of the room – a wooden panel is revealed by surprise and there’s also a shifting floor puzzle – both of these puzzles were so unexpected and well designed.

And in the final puzzle, The Vault sits in the middle of the third room waiting to be cracked. If you get stuck, here’s a hint.

If you can crack the final puzzle, there’s a discount code which can be used to then book in the real escape room game, also called The Vault: A Break In Experience at Sherlocked’s premises in Amsterdam.

Your job awaits you in Amsterdam (or if you can’t make it there, The Vault mobile game is definitely worth a try).

The Vault – for iPhone/iPad devices
The Vault – for Android devices (in Beta)

A/N: Always wondered if the name Sherlocked for this escape room company was inspired by an episode from BBC’s Sherlock. – Essa 🙂

Also here’s the introduction trailer for the game, which has a behind-the-scenes look at how the The Vault game was developed.


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