Framed, the world’s first escape room murder mystery streamed on Facebook Live


On the night shift, the security guard takes a quick break before commencing his nightly patrol of the art gallery. A normal and quiet night on the job at first – then he finds a dead body on the floor. The door to exit the room is stuck. The guard is trapped in the room – what will the audience decide?

Framed was an interactive mystery streamed on Facebook in early October. In 30 minutes, people tuned into the live stream could help the guard figure out what happened before he would become the main murder suspect.

Moderators asked the audience to vote for one of two actions that the guard could perform in the room and watch what happened in real-time. This was due to the camera that the guard wore on his head – giving a first hand perspective of what was going on in the room.

The producers of this interactive mystery were inspired by the feeling you get, when you’re at home and you try to solve the detective mystery on the television before the detective on the show can. There were also hints the live stream contained some hidden easter eggs too.

Even though the event was back in October, the whole live stream is still up on Facebook and is re-watchable at the link below. The comments section also updates as if the video is real time which is a neat feature.


Of interest, Framed was written by David Varela – who turns out to have contributed to some very cool projects including – Perplex City (ARG) and the mobile games – Zombies, Run! and Sherlock: The Network.


// Other Escape Room News
The murder mystery x escape rooms genre isn’t going to disappear any time soon with Youtube series, Escape The Night, being renewed for a second season. In 2017, Youtuber Joey Graceffa will host the next dinner party with ten new cast members. According to the press release, the first series receive over 1.1 billion impressions on social media!

– Essa 🙂



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