Red Bull Escape Room World Finals – Budapest, February 2017 #redbullmindgamers


Imagine a future where escape games are a competitive e-sport. Thousands of people in huge arenas or in online chat rooms, watch on as teams battle against each other in escape game tournaments across the globe.

How did this idea start off?
At the 2015 MIT Game Jam, students were given a scenario – how to create a global escape room game. The ideas developed from the game jam were reviewed by a panel and a multi-level game was developed.

Red Bull Mind Gamers Website
As of this week, news of the Red Bull Mind Gamers, Mission: Unlock Enoch competition spread like wildfire. Qualification events to get into the competition are now open to 50+ cities across the globe. 44 events in Europe, 2 events in Asia, 9 events in the Middle East and 13 events across the US.

Sadly, there’s no local qualifier events in Australia or even Canada as ExExitGames has pointed out.


How to qualify for the competition –
There are currently two ways to get into the competition: local qualifier entry or wild card entry.

– Local Qualifier Entry
– Head to the Red Bull Mind Gamers website and choose the Local Qualifier option. You’ll need to play through the online game and if successful, you’ll then go to the local qualifier event.

At the local qualifier event, you and three friends compete to unlock a digital cube with a puzzle on it. The puzzle reacts in real time, allowing all team members to interact with the puzzle at once. Each top team at the local qualifier event will then gets tickets to the world finals.

– Wildcard Entry
– If your country isn’t hosting a local qualifier event, there’s another way to get into the competition.
Play the Red Bull WildCard game, which has ten rounds of puzzles. The top four online players will form the wildcard team and attend the escape room world finals. Get all the practice you can with the top four places currently occupied with times of 46 secs – 55 secs, after completing all ten puzzles.

Besides the qualifier games, there are additional games to play on the Red Bull Mind Gamers website covering six areas: Strategy, Visual, Creativity, Logic, Music and Memory.

Wildcard qualification closes on January 15th 2017.


Escape Room World Finals – Budapest
What awaits the lucky teams in the world finals being held in Budapest, Hungary next year?
“an ultimate mixed reality Escape Room Tournament” with the “… world’s best mind gamers to tackle the ultimate challenge: to unlock a quantum escape room.” – Red Bull Mind Gamers website.

What could a quantum escape room hold?
Herb – A time travel theme?
Chris – A quantum theme to tie into the Mind Gamers movie?
Essa – Or perhaps it refers to the multiplayer aspect of an escape room, with each team member contributing their equal share of knowledge and skills?


Update 26th Nov 2016:
The Escape Room World Finals will be held between Febuary 22nd and February 26th 2017.
And what does the winning team get? A 3 day trip to Boston, USA.

Let the mind games begin! (And may the escape room odds be ever in your favour).


– Essa 🙂

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