Updates: Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Attack on Titan escape games/rooms

The people behind SCRAP and Umbrella Corporation must be working overtime as there’s been plenty of new developments and discoveries this week.


Legend of Zelda – Canada
Nintendo Canada revealed on Tuesday their Legend of Zelda escape game, called Defenders of the Triforce will have an extended tour. After visiting select US cities, the Legend of Zelda escape game will then visit Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

Dates and locations for the Canadian leg of the tour have not yet been released by SCRAP.


Note: This event isn’t an escape room – it’s a live puzzle event, where teams of people sit in a large room and solve puzzles at a table. A team member will have to get up and visit the correct area to have the team’s answers checked.

Engadget has a spoiler-filled write up of their recent experience playing the Legend of Zelda event in Los Angeles, which you can read here.



Final Fantasy XXIV (14) – US Tour
Then on Wednesday, SCRAP announced plans to bring their Final Fantasy XXIV escape game to the United States after it’s run in Japan.

Trial of Bahamut will see teams of six players have a time limit of sixty minutes to save the world from the dragon, Bahamut. Can your Warriors of Light party save the land of Eorzea once more?

The website says coming Summer 2017 – so keep an eye on the website as the earliest start date could be sometime in June. Eight US cities will be visited during the tour: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Chicago and New York.


Similarly, this event isn’t an escape room – it’s another live puzzle event that SCRAP is producing which sees teams sit at tables and work through puzzles.



Attack on Titan Escape Room – Los Angeles
Last week saw the opening of a permanent Attack on Titan escape room by SCRAP in Little Tokyo, LA.  Real Escape Game: Castle Under Siege follows a similar story line to their previous Attack on Titan events that were only available for a limited run (a few weeks maximum).

Up to 10 players can take up the challenge of joining the Survey Corps and defending the city from the attacking Titans. Plus the escape room is “replayable”, which allows players to come back and experience a different set of puzzles.




Resident Evil Escape Rooms – Germany & The Netherlands

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard/The Experience Game

The Resident Evil escape room is going on a US tour and additionally making its way into more countries – with it being available in Germany as of Spring 2017 (which is now!). Capcom Europe have tapped TeamEscape, to bring the Resident Evil experience to Hamburg and Cologne, with additional cities in Germany still to be advised.

Resident Evil: Movie
Universal Pictures Netherlands have worked together with Zombie Escape Netherlands to change one of their rooms into a Resident Evil: The Final Chapter escape room, as part of the upcoming Resident Evil movie release. The experience ends February 20th and for more information see their website.

As VRNerd advises, you should probably bring a towel to wipe away the fear sweat after any Resident Evil experience.

-Essa 🙂


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