Intervirals’ celebrates its third birthday! We ask some friends – What’s the funniest thing you have done in an escape room?


Its our third blog birthday today! *throws confetti around*

Each year Intervirals reaches out to other escape room bloggers and asks them a new question. Last time, we asked our friends what type of escape room they would design. After many days of pondering, a new question was thought up.

This year’s question is the most challenging yet. 😉

What’s the funniest thing that you have experienced in an escape room?

Enjoy! Part Two will be released next Thursday (23rd Feb) with even more stories!


Ken, The Logic Escapes Me
– getting me to perform a bona fide magic trick (and really not knowing how I’d managed to do it)
– a room with four tonnes of sand
– a room with a hatch that had a six foot drop and no safety railing.
– a slide to transition between rooms
– a popup escape room in a shop where we had to remove the floorboards
– a room where it started raining as part of the game
– a room where an Alien chased up through a spaceship and eventually appeared in the roof…
– a 10m long buzzwire game…
– getting to the penultimate puzzle in a room after 12 minutes, getting stuck and then being told we had to wait another half an hour if we wanted a clue…

Mike, Escape Games Review, The Codex
I think a big part of our experiences has been the people we play with. With the #REDivas (Room Escape Divas) it was the first time I discovered a habit of another player. While searching I discovered a pair of shoes on the ground that nobody seemed to notice. I put my hand in it and found it was oddly warm. Excited with my new find I shared it with the Divas when Errol said “Oh that’s my shoe”. I quickly dropped the shoe and noticed he was shoeless. Now I know to always ask first, examine later.


Errol, The Codex
I love playing with my team, and funniest moments happen because of our interactions together. For me, I find it quite amusing when we fail for utterly silly reasons. I like taking off my shoes, and in one room, I just happened to hang them on a hook, not realizing I was covering up clues. Manda was not really happy with me. I thought it was hilarious after the fact. ^_^

Lisa and David, Room Escape Artist
Very early in our days as reviewers we played a game that was built in a space that was previously a medical doctor’s office. It had a lot of built in furniture that is common in American doctor’s offices.

Our team really hit its stride and we were on a record-breaking pace for the first time ever (back when we cared about such things). We were puzzling hard and searching even harder… too hard. I pulled some of the drawers out of the built in furniture and underneath the bottom drawer was some paperwork and a sealed test tube with yellow liquid in it.

Now, you have to understand that I was in a serious flow-state and I had never encountered an object in an escape room that didn’t belong. I didn’t question it. I immediately started inspecting the vial and reading the paperwork, desperately trying to decipher its hidden meaning… when a voice came over the hint system frantically saying, “THAT’S NOT OURS! PUT IT DOWN!.”

It was a urine sample lost by the doctor’s office. The paperwork was the corresponding test request forms. Upon escape, I washed my hands more thoroughly than I ever had in my life. I’m so glad I didn’t open it.


Chris, ExExitGames UK
I was playing a room themed around time travel in a team with three other men; three politically very moderate men. We moved on to a new time and space within the game and started solving puzzles. Authentic-sounding music was playing, creakily, in the background. It then moved onto a tune where we all knew at least some of the words and we all spontaneously started singing at the tops of our low voices. The problem? This part of the game was set in Nazi Germany and we got as far as “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt…”.

Mark, Really Fun UK
Much to my chagrin one of our favourite sites was known amongst my team as “the one where Mark hung his coat over the keys”. But after a recent visit it’s now known as “the one where Richard lost his glasses because he was so surprised”. I wish I could tell you more because it’s making me laugh just thinking about it! I love a surprise in an escape room.

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