Israeli Air Force uses escape rooms to teach technical skills to soldiers


The Israeli Air Force decided to look into new ways of teaching their students.

As a result, a panel was created to conduct research into different escape rooms in Israel and gather plenty of ideas.

In late January, the first escape room was opened at an Israeli Air Force technical training base. After soldiers undertake a ten week training course, the material they learn is then put to the test in the escape room.

“According to the [panel], the escape room was designed to train the soldiers to work under pressure and as a team. In addition, the room challenges the soldiers with real-life situations that they will face when they finish their training at the base.” – JerusalemOnline.

The escape room experience acts as a final test as soldiers partake in the activity during the last week of their training. In addition, the escape room is filled with cameras where senior officials monitor the student responses to the unfolding situation. Check out footage of the escape room here.

Here’s what is publicly known about this escape room –
– There’s five phases in the escape room
– It starts with the soldiers watching an introduction video of an official talking about the need for speed and professionalism
–  In the escape room – soldiers enter the inside of a plane and need to discover, then fix any plane problems they come across. The tools they require are made available to them in the escape room.
– The goal is to find a key and to proceed to the next room in the game.

Source: JerusalemOnline

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