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The Mummy Escape Room, kicks off in LA then heads to Tokyo

Can your team survive a battle with an undead mummy?
The Mummy Escape Game premiered in LA last Saturday to the media. For the general public, ticket sales are now open for games that start on June 9th.
Participants enter the story as security guards and encounter an ancient princess, Ahmanet. She’s risen to gain some sweet centuries old justice and potentially kick your butt along the way.
The story takes players through multiple rooms to outwit the warrior princess in 60 minutes. Up to ten players can play during one session.
Be prepared for moments in the game involving blackouts and loud noises. And the FAQ says, you’re allowed to bring a camera to help your team “capture clues” and to not upload any spoilers to the internet … uh oh.
And a solution walkthrough is provided at the end of the game.
This is SCRAP’s first movie partnership with Universal according to their press release. Hopefully there will be some other Universal movies that will also get turned into escape rooms.
After its LA run, the escape game moves to Tokyo and opens there on July 27th.
Los Angeles, USA
Price: $40-$45 USD per person
Location: Real Escape Room Hollywood – 6801 Hollywood Blvd 3F, Hollywood, CA

Tokyo, Japan
Price: 3,200 – 3,700 yen per person
Location: Gunkan East-Shinjuku Building, Shinjuku

Race to Escape on the Science Channel: Codebreakers, red herrings and extensive room testing

For the past month on the Science Channel, there’s been a new tv show called Race to Escape that’s on every Saturday night from 10pm Eastern time in America.

The tv show has two new teams each week – one red and one blue, with each team made of three complete strangers who have never met before. Each team enters their corresponding room – either the red or blue room which are completely identical rooms, with the exception of the wall colour. Each week, there’s a new theme room – barber shops, bars, study rooms and a restaurant are some of the examples that have been seen so far.

Both teams get one hour to escape and must solve five puzzles within the room in order to win a $25,000 USD prize. If either the red or blue team wants a hint (called a codebreaker), a certain amount is deducted from the overall cash prize.

The idea for the show developed when a Science Channel producer- Riaz Patel, experienced an electrical blackout while in New York City a few years ago. The team behind Race to Escape designed their puzzles in a way that would guide players to the next step through extensive testing of the puzzles individually and by testing the puzzles in the actual escape room.

“Individual challenges were tested eight to 10 times, then assigned to certain rooms, at which point, the room “was tested five times from start to finish just to make sure that we didn’t have any issues,” Patel says.” – MentalFloss.com

Combined with the challenges, the producers of the show have also placed red herrings in the room – items that you would expect to find in a normal setting of a room such as books in a study room but aren’t actually relevant to solving the puzzles at hand. After an episode is filmed in a themed escape room for Race to Escape, all of the items on the set are removed and a new theme is built within a week ready for the next group of contestants to tackle.

There was also a Reddit Ask Me Anything with the host of Race to Escape, Jimmy Pardo and producer Riaz Patel – here’s a link and catch a glimpse of how Race to Escape is actually filmed here.