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Terminus – An interview with the Room Escape Divas!

The Room Escape Divas are getting ready for their next event.

An escape room.

On a moving train.

For three hours(!?!).

Thanks to Errol, Manda & Mike from the Room Escape Divas for discussing their newest adventure.
Q. Who is involved with this event and how did it get started?
Errol: There are three groups involved in this: the York Durham Heritage Railway [in Ontario, Canada], Panic Factory, and the Room Escape Divas. The railway approached Nick and Ray of Panic Factory about an escape room on a train.

They said yes.

A few weeks later, the divas did a room at Panic Factory. Afterwards, Ray casually mentioned the event they were doing.

Apparently, as soon as he said “train”, I took off my coat, sat down, and began to drill them with as many questions that I could think of.

At least, that’s the story they told me. And then I told them I was going to be involved with the project.
Q. What inspired Terminus?
Errol: I am a huge fan of adventure games, and one I particularly enjoyed was The Last Express (video game), set on the Orient Express in 1914.

The game had characters with their own agendas and would even change their plans in case the player intervened.

It was also one of the few real-time adventure games: if multiple events occurred at 4:00pm, the player could only see one of them at the time. And of course, it’s on a train.

To be honest, I create games I want to play myself. I want to feel like I’m involved in some nefarious plot and I want the environment to match that.

I’ve played a few adventure games on a train, and it’s always been one of my dreams to make an escape event on one!
Q. Are you playing as an Non-Player Character (NPC) on the night? If so – what’s your role?
Errol: Yes, I am playing a ‘train official’ for the night. We won’t have that many NPCs for this event, though.

Manda will be Train Announcer, so she will be on the intercom the whole night. And we do have on other actor, but then that goes into spoiler territory!
Q. How many cars are on the train? And how many people does each session take?
Errol: There are 144 people on this train and five cars!

They will be split up into two groups so each group will see three train cars at the most.
Q. Will teams get to wander in between train cars or will they need to visit each train car in a sequence?
Errol: For the most part, in sequence. The two main cars are the dining car and the bar car.

People will be in one or the other, but because of the tight fit walking down the cars, we don’t encourage a lot of wandering.
Q. The fourth session of Terminus is almost sold out! Are you planning a fifth session to be held?
Errol: Oh dear, no. *laugh*

As of writing, the fourth session is now sold out which is terribly exciting for us!

This is taking up the majority of my summer and is like putting on a theatre show, so as exciting as it is, I will also look forward to having one month where we can relax!


Updates: Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Attack on Titan escape games/rooms

The people behind SCRAP and Umbrella Corporation must be working overtime as there’s been plenty of new developments and discoveries this week.


Legend of Zelda – Canada
Nintendo Canada revealed on Tuesday their Legend of Zelda escape game, called Defenders of the Triforce will have an extended tour. After visiting select US cities, the Legend of Zelda escape game will then visit Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

Dates and locations for the Canadian leg of the tour have not yet been released by SCRAP.


Note: This event isn’t an escape room – it’s a live puzzle event, where teams of people sit in a large room and solve puzzles at a table. A team member will have to get up and visit the correct area to have the team’s answers checked.

Engadget has a spoiler-filled write up of their recent experience playing the Legend of Zelda event in Los Angeles, which you can read here.



Final Fantasy XXIV (14) – US Tour
Then on Wednesday, SCRAP announced plans to bring their Final Fantasy XXIV escape game to the United States after it’s run in Japan.

Trial of Bahamut will see teams of six players have a time limit of sixty minutes to save the world from the dragon, Bahamut. Can your Warriors of Light party save the land of Eorzea once more?

The website says coming Summer 2017 – so keep an eye on the website as the earliest start date could be sometime in June. Eight US cities will be visited during the tour: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Chicago and New York.


Similarly, this event isn’t an escape room – it’s another live puzzle event that SCRAP is producing which sees teams sit at tables and work through puzzles.



Attack on Titan Escape Room – Los Angeles
Last week saw the opening of a permanent Attack on Titan escape room by SCRAP in Little Tokyo, LA.  Real Escape Game: Castle Under Siege follows a similar story line to their previous Attack on Titan events that were only available for a limited run (a few weeks maximum).

Up to 10 players can take up the challenge of joining the Survey Corps and defending the city from the attacking Titans. Plus the escape room is “replayable”, which allows players to come back and experience a different set of puzzles.




Resident Evil Escape Rooms – Germany & The Netherlands

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard/The Experience Game

The Resident Evil escape room is going on a US tour and additionally making its way into more countries – with it being available in Germany as of Spring 2017 (which is now!). Capcom Europe have tapped TeamEscape, to bring the Resident Evil experience to Hamburg and Cologne, with additional cities in Germany still to be advised.

Resident Evil: Movie
Universal Pictures Netherlands have worked together with Zombie Escape Netherlands to change one of their rooms into a Resident Evil: The Final Chapter escape room, as part of the upcoming Resident Evil movie release. The experience ends February 20th and for more information see their website.

As VRNerd advises, you should probably bring a towel to wipe away the fear sweat after any Resident Evil experience.

-Essa 🙂

TV shows to binge watch on Halloween: Dracula – Escape the Castle and Hellevator

Happy Halloween! If you’re looking to binge watch some creepy tv shows that will test your undead brain power, look no further –

Dracula, Escape the Castle (TV Show – 2016)
Who can survive a night in Castle Dracula? The tv series takes place at night in an old Romanian castle where two teams are trapped for the night. Creepy challenges await the teams as they need to move from room to room, solving three rounds of challenges before they can make their escape. Catch up on the series – eleven episodes – on the insight.tv website.

Horror Level:

Hellevator (TV Show – 2015)
Teams of four people step into a haunted elevator that drops down into a gruesome slaughterhouse and must overcome floors filled with horror challenges to move to the finale, The Inferno. In Season 2, each episode has a different challenge inspired by one of the Seven Deadly Sins such as pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed and sloth. Are the players doomed once they enter the Hellevator? Catch up on the series – via Youtube.

Horror Level:


//Other Escape Room News

Escape Room Addict – Ask the Expert Contest
Have a burning escape room question and want to win tickets to an escape room? Enter the contest with any escape room related question and be in the running to win a prize pack of four tickets to an escape room. Contest is opened to residents of the USA and Canada with entries closing on November 3rd.

Ask the Expert Contest

Fall Porch – INscape
Check out this escape room that was created on a person’s porch! Before entering the party inside the house – the creator’s friends had to solve the puzzles located on the porch and find four digits to unlock the front door.

Imgur Link



Pack your bags for that windy city – TransWorld organises Chicago’s Room Escape Conference this August


Last month, during the annual Halloween & Attractions Show in the USA there was a section dedicated to escape rooms called Escape Room City.

TransWorld were the organisers of Escape Room City and are now organizing an upcoming event called Chicago’s Room Escape Conference. The three day conference is being held from August 12th – 14th at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Centre in Chicago.

Owners, vendors and enthusiasts are invited to this industry event focused on developing the escape room experience. The main drawcards of this event include the trade show floor and the numerous seminars on offer (further details to be announced).

The trade show floor will have vendors selling new and off the shelf technology to power new escape room ideas. Vendors from the USA and Canada will be showing off demos throughout the weekend with tickets to access the trade show floor costing $25 USD (early bird) or $30 USD (on the day).

Also on offer are tours of local escape rooms for conference attendees and multiple opportunities to network over drinks and breakfast.

Attendees will get to wander across a 60,000 square foot convention center, with the conference space for seminars opening from 9.30am/10am to 5pm throughout the conference. Additional tickets are still to be released for people who want to access the escape room seminars or those who want VIP tickets to the event.

TransWorld presents Chicago’s Room Escape Conference
Date: Friday 12th August – Sunday 14th August 2016
Time: Starts 10am – 5pm (Chicago, USA – UTC-5)
Address: Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Centre Hotel – 1551 N. Thoreau Drive Chaumburg, IL, Chicago, USA
Website: http://www.roomescapeshow.com/  | Twitter @RoomEscapeShow

– Errol from the Canadian Caper team has written a behind-the-scenes post on how his team ran their recent pop-up event, A Night at the Wedding.
– Escape room podcast? Yes, it exists! The guys from ReallyFun and The Logic Escapes Me have recently created a podcast on escape rooms, called Escape From Reality.

Essa 🙂

Unique experiences found in the world: death simulators and throwing axes


Would you go to a fake death simulator or try your hand at throwing an axe?

A couple of weeks ago, Xinglai (or Awaken when translated into English) opened its doors in Shanghai, China. It’s being called a death simulator, where participants go through a fake death and cremation in order to be re-birthed and gain a new outlook on life.

A group of people arrive at the death simulator and the experience starts with a staff member asking a question about life and death. Participants respond to the question by either volunteering themselves as a sacrifice or choose someone else in the group to become the sacrifice. An explanation also needs to be given as to why the person was selected.

The group votes for the person with the worst explanation to be sacrificed. The selected person is then asked to lie back on a moving conveyor belt which leads to a simulation of a crematorium eg. video projection of fire on the walls. The chosen person is then “reborn” by going through a fake womb made out of latex.

During the experience, the group is given the opportunity to write down their last thoughts on paper.
The paper can be kept or be shredded by choice. The creators of Xinglai built the experience to offer participants an opportunity to clear their mind and give them the ability to put issues into perspective.

The experience costs 444 yuan (or $68 USD) for two hours and accommodates 12 people at one time.

According to Mashable, Xinglai was originally suppose to be an escape room game where several challenges needed to be solved to escape the threat of being “killed”. After construction posed a problem, the team behind it had a rethink of their original idea.

Other places with “death simulators”:
May 2015: The Cremator, Window of the World Amusement theme park – Shenzhen, China
– People walk through a “morgue”, then are put into a coffin that travels down a conveyor belt and hot air is blasted at it

September 2014: Samadhi Death Simulator – Shanghai, China
– Classified as a escape room where everyone works together on tasks

2014: Xinglai – Shanghai, China
– Same name, different concept with a focus on mediation, life and death

February 2010: Coffin Academy – Daejeon, South Korea
– Participants write goodbye letters and then attend their own funerals, by being nailed into wooden coffins for 10 minutes and then released. In the darkness, participants are left to think and are suppose to come out refreshed, motivated and appreciate life more.

A/Maze Montreal which runs escape rooms in Canada have expanded their business offering by setting up Montreal’s Rage Academy, a place where axes can be thrown at large target boards from a distance.

And then Intervirals heard about axe throwing from a friend, finding out there was an axe throwing place in Australia.

Further investigation into axe throwing lead to CBC Canada who says the trend came about, “After an explosion of popularity across Europe that then moved into southern Ontario [Canada]”. Axe throwing seems to be popular in Canada, with the two biggest axe throwing businesses in the country being Backyard Axe Throwing League – BATL (2006) with 7 locations and Bad Axe Throwing (2014) which has 10 locations.

– Essa 🙂

Milo & Tim Tams (or that time when Intervirals met the Room Escape Artist team)

Turning up ten minutes before the escape room was scheduled to start, I waited inside the doorway of the building. The plan was to play an escape room and catch up for dinner with the Room Escape Artist team during their visit to Australia. Just be cool. Remember to say Hello.

A couple of minutes later, Lisa and David appeared in front of the doors and introductions were made, it was awesome to finally meet them in person.

Room Escape Artist are currently on their escape room world tour, stopping in on the West Coast of the US and also in Australia, then heading off to Canada (and meeting all those awesome Canadian escape room artists located there!)

They had already booked in a time slot to play an escape room, In Memoriam at The Engima Room and Intervirals tagged along for the adventure. The premise of the story was to find the protagonist’s most precious memory and retrieve it in time.

The team worked efficiently as we all progressed through the escape room, talking out loud about the clues we had found. Everything was searched thoroughly, logically deducted quickly and the realization when a change of tactics was needed because the team had missed something. And locks posed no problems, within a couple of tries most things were vanquished. Watched in awe and chipped in where possible. The room stood no chance.

We all got out of the room with 6 minutes to spare and no hints used. There’s even an automated email from The Enigma Room which states how long it took to escape and how we compared to other teams who attempted the escape room (83% better!).

At the end of the game, I asked the Room Escape Artist team for a photo –


In terms of story, preferred the other escape room theme – Doctor Disaster, (saving the world with great props) at The Engima Room but In Memoriam was a great story too. If you liked Inception and the concept of retrieving memories with crafty puzzles thrown in to the mix, then this is a great escape room for you.

The Enigma Room Sydney

The escape room staff were also awesome in recommending a place for dinner, Ramblin’ Rascal which always looked like a normal fire safety door if you walked past it. Look closer and you would see that under the handle it says Pull. Down a dimly lit set of stairs, tucked away in the basement is a bar where three bloggers talked about escape rooms over burgers and fries.

There was even space to leave a scrawl along a blackboard wall –chalkboard

Hopefully will catch up with the Room Escape Artist team again in New York one day.
I’ll bring the Tim Tams.

– Essa 🙂

The Canadian Caper team is back! Their second live escape event, A Night at a Wedding will premiere on April 9th


Save the date! Our Canadian friends in Toronto are hosting their second pop-up event, A Night at a Wedding on April 9th. Between jobs, event planning and everything else, the Canadian Caper team (http://canadiancaper.com/) found time to answer a few questions (as the awesome people they are) – on the upcoming wedding of Cassie and Calvin.
– Essa 🙂

Q. Who chose the name Canadian Caper and what was the reason behind it?
It was actually Yuri who thought of the name. Errol had designed an online puzzle hunt and one of the hardest puzzles involved an old song called Canadian Caper. Yuri suggested that we use that name for the company because it is catchy and would be recognizable to anyone who had done Errol’s online puzzle hunt.

Q. What did the team learn after going through Canadian Caper’s first event, A Night at the Speakeasy last year?
Firstly, how awesome an interactive escape game with actors can be. We were floored at the amazing and flattering feedback we received.

Secondly, it is vital to have good teamwork, cooperation, and communication. Everyone has to carry their weight on the organizing team in order to succeed.

Q. The story for your upcoming event, ‘A Night at a Wedding’ involves a wedding between Calvin and Cassie – can you share their story?
The story is a bit more involved than our previous event, and we are doing our best to keep it under wraps; we haven’t even told our actors all of it yet because of a number of surprises. Here is the synopsis though:

You have been invited to the wedding of Cassie and Calvin, people you used to work with years ago. You are surprised to hear from Cassie, who seemed to disappear after the company dissolved. She used to work in HR and loved riddles and puzzles, which was the bane of all employees considering the yearly aptitude tests she would conduct.

But out of the blue comes an invitation. Normally, you’d treat such an invite as you would a Facebook event, but there’s something that compels you to go. Whatever happened to her?

Q. How are preparations going this time around?
Really well. We have a great group with a diverse set of talents. Also we know which people enjoyed working on what aspects of planning last time so it was even easier this time to divide up tasks. We have a meeting every two weeks to check in on how various aspects of preparation are going and discuss issues that warrant everyone’s feedback.

Q. Serious question time, will there be a guestbook to sign and cake to eat? And how many guests can be accommodated during one session?
Probably not a cake. Food and drink are hard to do.  When you only have an hour, people want to focus on the game. We would love to be able to have people stay after the game is over and eat and drink with us but sadly that isn’t in the cards this time (unless we all just go to a bar after the last time slot).

Other than food and drink, you can expect things that you would normally associate with a wedding but, of course, those seemingly normal things will likely have more to them than they would in a normal wedding. Is that gift table just a gift table?

As for guests, we can hold fifteen teams of six, or ninety people. A nice size for a wedding.

Q. Would the team ever consider opening a permanent escape room in Toronto, Canada one day? Or will you keep going with pop-up events?
We will stick with pop-up events.  While designing a permanent room would be fun, we all have day jobs so running it day to day would be less fun. Also, the one-time only nature of the event allows us to do cool things. Practically, it would be a bit much to hire six actors and a number of extras to put on a ‘show’ every night.

Q. Since the team is based in Toronto, do you keep track of how many escape rooms are now opened in Toronto?
We don’t keep track as part of the company but we are all pretty keen on escape games so we have a pretty good idea of what is out there and in fact have probably done almost every room between us. Actually Mike (from Escape Games Review) has probably done almost every room himself. If anyone ever needs to know which room to do next, they could ask us and we could tell them.

Q. Any last words or stories to tell?
Our last event was set in the 1920s at a speakeasy. Many people came dressed in their best 20s garb and it lended so much to the atmosphere. This time around, we want to encourage everyone to be involved and get dressed up so we decided on a wedding!

Ruby is an events and certified wedding planner so she was a great boon for us. She knew where to get all the props you need to have a wedding! And the place we chose is very pretty. In fact, Jen and Will had their wedding there! There is a stage, multiple rooms, and plenty of room for us perform our event.

If anything, we can’t thank our actors and volunteers enough. Their enthusiasm for our speakeasy event made it as successful as it was. Most of them are returning for the “Night at the Wedding” and with their energy and excitement, we’re positive we can capture the same immersion and magic we had at our last event.

RSVP: For more information and tickets for Canadian Caper’s upcoming event, A Night at a Wedding – check out: http://canadiancaper.com/

If you could design a escape room, what would it be like? We ask some escape room friends to share their ideas


To celebrate reaching Intervirals second blog birthday, we wanted to reach out to other escape room bloggers or websites to collaborate on a guest blog. It took a while to come up with a good question – a question that everyone could contribute their own ideas and opinions on it.

What could be more fun than dreaming up escape rooms?

So the question the blog asked this year was:
If you could design a escape room, what would it be?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog post! And a shoutout to Canadian Caper, who have an upcoming escape room event and which is organised by a couple of escape room bloggers who dared to dream and bring their idea to life.


Name: David Spira & Lisa Radding, RoomEscapeArtist.com (USA)
If we were to design an escape room, it would be a burglary. Players would first have to break into the room, and steal an object. The puzzles would all involve disabling security systems. Whether they successful steal the object, or fail to do so, an alarm would sound, and the room would lock. The players would then have to break back out. The goal would be to escape without being captured, for a neutral victory, and escape with the stolen object for total victory.

Name: Pá, Lock Me If You Can
Being a sparkly-stuff-fan who also loves puzzles, I miss colourful, cute and shiny rooms – the vast majority of venues tends to build serious or even horror places. I would love to design a “Fairyland Room”, where moving objects and light effects appear like magic. Hidden items in a plastic ball pool and a mountain of colourful stuffed toys would be beside music and smell puzzles. Family friendly, for kids from 8 to 80 who still love fairy tales.

Name: Chris M. Dickson, Exit Games UK
The more I learn about the people who run rooms, the more I am in awe of them and the more I know that I never could do it well. The site I would run, though, would be called Glory Door; you’d enter the game through a door which would remain unlocked throughout in case of fire or panic, but your aim would be to win by finding the final code (or creating the final tool, or…) to open the titular Glory Door itself.
Teams who achieved this in the time limit would walk out through it onto a red carpet where they would be greeted by recorded choirs of angels, indoor fireworks, a spotlight show, a standing ovation from all the staff in the building, an announcement over the tannoy throughout the centre and beyond, a slow-motion close-up video recording of their glorious exit, a tray of glasses of chilled sparking wine and more. To the victor, the spoils!


Name: Eelco, All-EscapeRooms Netherlands
The room would have something to step up the pressure; something like a continuously lowering ceiling. Create an indiana jones mission. Make a combined mission: you have to get in to get a treasure but also get out in time.

Name: BHox, S-capegoats (Singapore)
It would be a truly unique experience! For the players (and for me too of course!). It would be unlike any escape room around now. I might actually just be in the process of doing that…so no spoilers.

Name: Mike, Escape Games Review (Canada)
I think the Holy Grail right now is the Replayable Room (especially for players like us, who have run out of rooms).  I would love to create/play a room that is the “Chrono Trigger” equivalent of escape rooms (multiple endings, bonuses for continuing a previous game, etc).  Combining the best uses of tech and actor elements you could really create an awesomely immersive world.

Names: Paula and Alan, Escape Room Hunters (Australia)
We really enjoy super-immersive experiences so if we designed a room, we would want it to be all encompassing. We like the idea of a space station theme where the room slowly rotates to give a sense of motion and disorientation that being in orbit would provide. Windows would gaze into the inky blackness of space, while others would show the Earth whizzing past the windows as you’re tumbling closer to the surface, needing to get to the escape pod.


Name: Joshua, Escman League (Malaysia)
We’re time travelling agents trying to solve a murder case a century ago, but we only have 60 minutes before the time travelling law enforcement catch up to us. There will be multiple rooms with the time travelling machine in the middle, transporting us to different eras by entering the correct date and time we need to go (which we get from each room). We could escape successfully, but we still need to solve the murder case.

Name: Mark, re-named to ReallyFun (United Kingdom)
Design: I’d want to design a room that fixes all the little things that grate on me. The first thing would be coming up with a brief that gives people a flavour of what the room’s about, but doesn’t tell them the full story. Then something in the room would explain more, possibly with a twist. Everybody loves a twist!

Name: J., Escaping SG (Singapore)
I really enjoy rooms with a ‘metapuzzle’ structure, as well as those with a driving narrative, so I’d love to try designing a room with both those aspects. Perhaps a murder mystery, in which certain first-level puzzles yield clues that contribute towards eventually finding the culprit? Or maybe something more high-tech, like a science-fiction thriller in which you break through layers of security and pick up clues about the final code — and some great plot revelation — en route.


Name: Essa, Intervirals
I would design an elevator escape room, not an 100% original idea as I know of one that already exists out there, somewhere in Canada. Have watched too many movies where the protagonist is in an elevator, then it suddenly stops several stories above the ground. Would involve ominous creaking sounds and a way to escape by unlocking the hatch on the elevator’s ceiling, then finding a nearby floor and searching for a way to open that floor’s elevator doors. 😀

So, if you could design an escape room – what would be in it? 🙂

Essa 🙂


The game is on: UK Escape Room Unconference this Wed and BreakoutEDU global game jam weekend


It’s finally here! The BreakoutEDU global game jam is bringing together participants from all over the world to develop escape room games that can assist teachers and students in the classroom. There are locations in Canada, America, Japan, England and Guatemala all contributing their efforts to this weekend’s game jam – with the twitter hashtag #breakoutedujam or #breakoutedu. Also see what’s happening at the Ontario game jam which is being livestreamed on twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bgnlab


This Wednesday also brings the first UK escape room unconference taking place in Leeds, England. It’s a free event but there’s a suggested donation of £8 to cover costs associated with room hire, food and post it notes to scribble on. Escape room owners and enthusiasts are all welcomed to join in, with the first hour of the event dedicated to presentations and a Skype appearance from Professor Scott Nicholson.

Keep up on the day with the twitter hashtag: #EscGamesUK and the organisers Time Games.

UK Escape Room Unconference 2016 – #EscGamesUK
Date: Wednesday 13th January 2016
Time: Starts 2pm – 7pm (Leeds – England; UTC)
| Other timezones: Thu 1am Australia; Wed 10pm Singapore; Wed 9am Toronto – Canada and New York, Wed 6am Los Angeles |
The Cross Keys, 107 Water Lane, Leeds, England
On Eventbrite

BreakoutEDU Game Jam 2016 in partnership with the Brantford Games Network


Can you spare a weekend in January to help create escape games that can be shared around the world?

Intervirals first came across BreakoutEDU in August last year, where the team behind it took the fun of an escape room game, standardized its components and placed them into a toolkit.

Then a room is set up with the equipment from the toolkit and the teacher introduces the back story of the game (eg. significant people in history) to the students. A limited amount of time is given to students who must “break out” by solving all the puzzles and learn along the way.

Brantford Games Network is partnering up with BreakoutEDU for a game jam to be hosted on the weekend of January 9th to 10th 2016. The main site will be based in Toronto, Canada but if you’re located elsewhere on the planet – here’s how to join in.

Why not set up and host your own local BreakoutEDU event with family, friends or colleagues?
First, register your team here.

Then all that’s needed is the toolkit which can be put together by simply going to the hardware store or scavenged together from items laying around the house. All you need is – a large box, a smaller box, a number of different locks, a black light, a invisible marker and a timer! If you prefer to have all these items already put together in a box and shipped directly to your front door, then a packaged toolkit can be bought from BreakoutEDU.

Spend the weekend developing an escape game and once done, upload the team’s creation to the BreakoutEDU’s website. This allows plenty of educators and teachers from anywhere in the world to download a suitable game and also allows their students to have a fun learning experience.

Or perhaps afterwards your team could download another escape game developed during the game jam and play through it!

BreakoutEDU Game Jam Weekend
Date: Saturday January 9th – Sunday January 10th 2016
Time: Starts 9am Saturday, finishes 5pm on the Sunday
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/194748730867035/