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Polish Escape Room Championships at WroEscape 2017

Wroclaw, a city in western Poland is the home of the country’s first escape room.

So it’s fitting the city plays host to a huge escape room event in October.

WroEscape2017 is a three day escape room conference for fans and owners to come together. Attendees will hear from industry speakers and have the chance to view exhibitor stalls on the day.

The biggest event the conference will have is the Polish Escape Room Championships. Teams of 2-4 players had to compete in an online qualification game.

The top teams are currently competing at the regional stage until the end of September. They must visit their region’s allocated escape room and qualify with a fast time to reach the finals.

At the finals, three special rooms will be built and played by the top ten teams from across Poland.

Which team will become the first Polish Escape Room champions?

Thanks to the Logic Escapes Me who told me about this championship back in June. ;D


Escape Room Conferences in 2017

As the escape room industry grows bigger each year – more and more people are getting together to discuss their hobby and/or escape room business. Here’s a list of all the escape room conventions that are running in 2017. 🙂

Escape Games Convention
Date: March 19th – 20th 2017
Price: €130 – €280
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Website: http://escapegamesconvention.de/

Escape Games Convention started in September 2015 and is focused on the escape room industry in Germany. Day 1 of the convention is for the escape room enthusiasts, while Day 2 caters more towards the escape room owners. Language used during the conference: German.

TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show – Escape Room City
Date: March 23rd – 26th 2017
Price: Around $50 USD for one seminar; $225 USD for 5 seminars
Location: St Louis, Missouri, USA
Website: http://www.haashow.com/escape-room-city/

At TransWorld’s Halloween convention – Escape Room City is an area on the showfloor dedicated to the escape room industry. There are plenty of seminars over the four days, covering topics such as using actors, how to build an escape room, generation 2 escape rooms (getting rid of locks), advertising + working with brands and an escape room industry panel to wrap things up.

Companies which have representatives at this show include Room Escape Adventures, Puzzle Break, Escape Games Canada and Steel Owl Games (Escape The 1980s).


TransWorld’s Room Escape Conference & Tour
Date: May 1st – 5th 2017
Price: $25 USD registration, $215 USD for 5 seminars
Location: Niagara Falls, New York, USA
Website: http://www.roomescapeshow.com/

This conference is all about escape rooms when compared to Transworld’s other conference above. Be there on Monday morning (May 1st) to see the Room Escape Divas record a podcast in front of a live audience! Some speakers from TransWorld’s Escape Room City will also be speaking at this conference, plus Lisa & David from the Room Escape Artist team and 5Wits – known for their escape rooms which reset themselves.


Up The Game – Connecting Creators
Date: May 9th 2017
Price: €169 – €214
Location: Breda, The Netherlands
Website: http://upthegame.nl/

Back for its second year, Up The Game is an international escape room conference and they have an incredible speaker list this year. Some notable names include: Punchdrunk & Fire Hazard – both companies create immersive entertainment in the UK, Professor Scott Nicholson, the Escape Igloo team from Slovenia, the Room Escape Artist team, plus Mike who runs the escape room directory – Escape Rooms Netherlands.

+ Bonus: The Room Escape Artist have also written an article on Escape Room Trade Shows, Conferences and Unconferences – check it out here.

The next level: Up The Game – an escape room & real life gaming conference in Amsterdam on April 18th


In the Netherlands, escape rooms are appearing everywhere with over 300+ rooms in the country already set up. When April approaches, the country will stage an international escape room conference enabling innovation within the industry and to encourage escape rooms to develop better experiences.

On the day topics will include how to build a narrative, utilising flow theory to ensure an immersive escape room and the development of escape room design. Other topics include how escape rooms can be used in a educational setting, how to navigate legislation when building and the most interesting topic of all, what might be in the future for escape rooms.

The speaker line up is already impressive, as it’s going to be the first escape room conference where there will be representatives from SCRAP Entertainment AND Parapark speaking, both among the earliest pioneers of the escape room industry.

There will also be talks from the creators behind the upcoming Crystal Maze experience in London, the educators behind the fantastic BreakoutEDU box and additional speakers from Phobia.ru/Claustrophobia – a massive escape room company which spans the globe with escape rooms in Russia, Europe, USA and Asia.

To top it all off, Fenomena Logica will bring their mobile escape room along for attendees to experience a circus freak show! Early bird and advanced tickets have finished sale, with only regular tickets still available for the conference.

Up The Game – Escape Room & Real Life Gaming Conference
Date: Monday 18th April 2016
Time: Starts 9am – 5pm (Amsterdam – The Netherlands; UTC+2)
| Other timezones: Mon 5pm Australia; Mon 3pm Singapore; Mon 8am London; Mon 3am Toronto – Canada and New York, Midnight Los Angeles |
Address: B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Website: http://upthegame.nl/

Also, a happy birthday to ExitGames UK who are celebrating their second birthday tomorrow
(March 8th).

– Essa 🙂

Fright Month 2015 begins: An Australian Escape Room Panel at PAX Australia this year

Welcome, welcome all to Fright Month 2015 – where throughout October I’ll be writing about all the spooky and exciting escape room events going on.

This was going to be a completely different blog post until an email arrived in the Intervirals inbox this week. Last month, there was Europe’s first escape room conference and in late October there will be a Canadian “unconference” too. Now Australia is joining the escape room conversation.

PAX Australia, a game convention in Melbourne this year will play host to a very exciting panel on escape rooms called, Escape Rooms: The Secret Behind “Live Escape Games”. The panel takes place on October 31st, from 9.30pm inside the Galah Theatre for those visiting PAX. Furthermore on the panel there’s going to be representatives from numerous Australian escape room operators – Escape Room Melbourne, Rush Escape, Cubescape, Riddle Room and Enigma Room.

Want to help shape the conversation that will take place on the panel? Do you have a topic or question that you would like the panel to discuss? Tweet @theenigmaroom or send an email to Matt – matt@engimaroom.com.au for a chat about escape rooms.

Update: The Live Action Gaming panel actually ran last year but the Escape Room panel is definitely going ahead on Halloween this year.

As much as I would love to be attending the escape room panel in the audience, I’ll be going on holidays to visit a place I’ve wanted to visit for a very, very long time – Disneyland.

Essa 🙂

PAX Australia 2015
Date: October 30th – November 1st
Price: $60 AUD for a day ticket
Location: Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia
Website: http://www.paxaustralia.com.au/