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Escape Room Movie directed by Will Wernick set to premiere in Seattle

Escape Room is set to premiere at the 43rd Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) this weekend.

Here’s the back story for the movie: To celebrate Tyler’s 30th birthday, his girlfriend Christen has booked an escape room to celebrate.

The six players walk into the room but the puzzles become deadly. Soon the players realise it’s not a game and they need to win.

Otherwise it’s game over.
The festival’s website describes the movie as “the latest underground party craze, escape rooms”.
And the same site shares this piece of dialogue from the movie – “Fuck this puzzle!” cries out one of the frustrated players in the face of certain death.
There’s two movie screenings in Seattle with tickets costing $14 USD per person.
Friday June 9th, 9:30pm – 805 E Pine Street, Seattle
Saturday June 10th, 9:30pm – 600 Pine Street, Seattle
Bonus: The director Will Wernick will be attending both screenings.

There’s also no movie trailer for this Escape Room movie online yet.

Escape Room
Director: Will Wernick
Tagline: Six friends test their intelligence in a game that takes a dark turn.

There’s a horror movie called Escape Room coming out in October (with Ghostface!)


There’s an escape room movie coming to a theater near you.

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures bought a movie pitch about an escape room and not much else was known about it.

Now more details have emerged – filming has wrapped up in May, further details around the plot have been released and a teaser trailer can be found on Youtube.

The plot involves Brice (played by Skeet Ulrich aka. Ghostface from Scream), who owns an escape room in Los Angeles. He’s not getting enough press about his escape room and goes looking for a prop to help his business stand out from the rest.

In an old shop, he asks for something “special” and is introduced to The Skull Box, which is described by the shopkeeper as one of the most cursed objects in the world.

Four friends are the next group to enter Brice’s escape room where they find The Skull Box sitting on a shelf and a paid actor chained to the wall. But something goes terribly wrong … and the friends have under an hour to solve the puzzles and get out of the room.

To help promote the film before its release, an escape room game for mobile devices will be launched during August.

The film’s final release date is still pending but there’s indications the film could be released around October/Halloween this year.

Will you watch the Escape Room movie?
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Here’s a link to the Youtube trailer while it lasts –