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Escape the Night: Season Two on Youtube

One night to escape.

Escape the Night is back for Season Two on Youtube. Last season, the evil house was contained but the evil found its way back to Joey.

Another ten Youtubers are transported to a new era (Victorian style) and to a new house of evil.

As the party starts, we’re introduced to Allison who warns people to leave. Her father Dorian is up to something.

The guests soon realise they have walked into a trap – a dinner for vampires. To save their friend Joey, they’ll have to destroy Dorian with three things – purified salt, a sun stone and a stake from Van Helsing.

This season looks to be even better – more explosions and the actors engage in amazing fight scenes. There are even animations on the video to help viewers see how puzzles are being solved.

The first episode is available for free on Youtube now, while the rest of season two is on Youtube Red.

Through The Repository: A Horror VR experience this September at Universal Studios Hollywood


Since the 1700s, The Repository warehouse has been the storage hold for all types of bizarre relics. These relics are rumoured to contain the paranormal energy of horrific incidents that occurred close by, others say these objects are the cause of troubles.

At Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s a new add-on experience this year – The Repository. The creators have harnessed eight years of HHN feedback to develop this new horror experience that combines virtual reality technology and immersive theatre.

Teams of four players enter the warehouse, with each player being assigned a different role within the 30 minute game.

Players will need to interact with actors who are members of a secret society looking into paranormal activity and first meet the warehouse’s caretaker. A key needs to be found which will take the team through the Dark Portal and into a paranormal world which is viewable only when wearing virtual reality headsets. In this world, horrible creatures roam freely and fears will be tested as the team encounters small spaces and dizzying heights.

At this stage of the game, the team is split into two and can roam 18 x 18 foot stages which have undergone texture mapping – this means the game space players see on their headsets is smaller than the actual size of the room. There’s also a safety barrier to protect players and live scare actors who will interact with the team.

The technology that runs behind the scenes “[uses] wireless multiplayer technology from VRstudios’ VRcade division and Unity Technologies’ Unity 5 game engine.” – Source.

Throughout the experience the team will be briefed on their mission and are given props to help progress through the game eventually building up to the finale – “.. it’s a four-person, team-based puzzle that needs to be solved to stop the evil entities from taking over.” – Source.

Whatever happens to you on the journey .. is not reversible.

The Repository is available from September 29th to October 31st at Universal Studios Hollywood and costs $50 USD per person. A Halloween Horror Nights ticket is also required.

Website: Halloween Horror Nights

Behind-the-scenes information: DigitalTrends


Escape the Night! When a bunch of Youtubers get caught up in a murder mystery game created by Joey Graceffa


The house doesn’t allow its current owner to sleep. As a result Joey Graceffa invites over his friends for a 1920s dinner party but an evil is brewing within the house. Escape the Night is a new Youtube series created by Graceffa and involves a group of Youtubers being caught up in a murder mystery game over the course of a night.

When the guests start dinner, one of them becomes ill as a result of poisoning and receives a message – “There is an ANTIDOTE hidden on the first floor of the house. If your friends are wise enough they’ll be able to solve the clues and save you. It all begins with the last dish of the night” – Youtube.

The dish reveals a series of clues that lead to a storage box and locked inside are three antidote vials with a message. The guests split into smaller groups to search for three keys hidden within the study, the library and the foyer of the house.

Each location needs to bring back their key to the storage box and unlock a vial, as the poisoned Youtuber needs all three antidote vials to recover. The Youtubers don’t work well together and the unfortunate guest gets “poisoned” in the game.

The guest’s jacket is searched for clues and his notes reveal the house is possessed by an ancient evil trapped in the 1920s. The Society Against Evil has been trying to destroy this evil by finding four hidden artifacts. These artifacts then need to be joined together in a ritual to lock away the evil forever.

For every journey, there’s a cost involved. For the final test of each artifact, the group must get two guests to undertake the challenge and in turn one of them will “die” from the Youtube series.

All the guests have until sunrise to beat the ancient evil otherwise they will be trapped in the 1920s forever. The first episode of Escape the Night is free on Youtube and definitely worth a watch here. There’s six episodes out now with a new episode coming out this Thursday but to watch the whole series you’ll need a Youtube Red subscription.


Bonus Part – Since this blog was posted up late, I decided to scribe the library riddle that gave three of the Youtubers a headache and which they couldn’t solve in time. Can you solve it? I’ll post the answer in the comments section below.

Two devils: Wormwood and Asmodeus cross paths in the lower levels of Hell. Asmodeus implores Wormwood as to how many souls he has perverted this week. Wormwood replies, “three young ones”. Asmodeus is furious with the lesser devils failure to bring in more souls and asks their ages. Wormwood realizes this is his chance to confound the King of Devils and avoid his fiery wrath and gives him a riddle instead of a straight answer.

“If you multiple their ages you will get the number 36”

Asmodeus seethes for a moment trying to solve the riddle and then bellows, “It is not enough to determine their ages I need more information.” Wormwood replies without hesitation for the telling of riddles is his best skill.

“If you add all 3 ages together you will get the number of devils on the grand council” A/N: There are 13 devils on the grand council – it was on the book’s cover.

Asmodeus stews on the new information as the fires burn around him but he cannot derive the answer and remarks so Workwood replies, 36 is enough.

{The rest of the riddle is too blurry to read from the video but there should be a mention about an eldest child.}

Determine the ages of the 3 corrupt children.

– Essa 🙂

Release The Hounds! One of the scariest tv shows around (run, run very fast).


Legend has it there’s a country estate hidden deep in the English hills.

An estate haunted by centuries of .. evil.

It’s rumoured, that each Halloween the lord of the manor leaves money locked in chests – to tempt the brave, the greedy and the foolish.

But then again it’s just a story, isn’t it?

Release The Hounds, is a UK tv show where teams of three people are sent into the forest surrounding an estate to win large amounts of cash.

In episode one, the host explains to the team they need to get over the estate’s fence and follow the arrows within the forest. White arrows lead to three hidden keys, while the red arrows guides a person back to the location of three chests.

The first challenge takes place in the late afternoon, where the team find a scarecrow holding a bag filled with wooden pegs. They don’t catch it but the scarecrow’s head turns around, watching them walk away.

Further in the forest, there are three additional scarecrows each on top of their own wooden platform. The pegs found from before are hammered into the base of each platform, allowing a person to climb up and reach the scarecrow. The first two scarecrows contain backpacks holding more wooden pegs.

Weird movements in the forest and whispers catch the team’s attention at times.

The third scarecrow on a wooden platform has fake blood dripping out and the contestant has to reach into it to withdraw the first key. Moments later the scarecrow spews out fake blood, freaking out all of the contestants.

The team then splits up, with the two guys following the arrows deeper into the forest to find the two other keys while the lady goes back through the forest, following the red arrows.

She uses her key to unlock the first chest of cash, places the cash in her backpack and then must make the run for cash. It’s a 150 metre dash, with the contestant getting a 60 metre start before the vicious dogs are released.

At the end of the dash, the contestant needs to get over the perimeter fence and off the estate to win the cash. Otherwise the dogs will take down the contestant and the money is lost.

The other two contestants … experience two other horror filled challenges (an abandoned cottage and the creepiest mirror you could ever imagine in a dark forest where the light above turns off), which you can see on Youtube.

Since 2015, the tv show has moved away from filming within England and now films in Eastern Europe. The show has small seasons, airing Halloween and Christmas specials with a regular season only having 6 to 7 episodes. If a third season goes to air this year, keep an eye out around late September 2016.

Check out the trailer for Release The Hounds in 2014 below or check out the trailer for 2015 here.