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The Hunt Begins: Hunt A Killer experience takes over 200 acres in Darlington, Maryland – USA


A 200 acre living crime scene to explore.

Hunt a Killer is a three hour immersive experience where teams of six people will help solve the mystery of the serial killer.

The Hunt A Killer experience is described as part adventure race – to the next location, part escape room – discover and solve crime scene clues and part interactive theatre with actors.

As the event is designed in an open world format – teams are able to choose how their adventure plays out. Go in any direction located within the event’s land boundaries and see what you can discover.

Search for crime scenes, find evidence and discuss wild theories with your teammates. Then complete physical/mental challenges to collect information about the killer before time runs out. Will your team choose the path to success or failure?


Teams attend a briefing before the Hunt a Killer experience starts at 3pm this Saturday. The FAQ says players may also need to crawl or swim(!) through other challenge sections and that not all teams will finish the experience by the 6pm deadline.

When night falls – the event turns into a party where players can talk about the day’s events over a camp bonfire. Afterwards, players can then pitch their camping tents for the night.

Tickets are $210 USD per single ticket (where a person is matched to a team) and $960 USD per team (each person $160 USD).

There’s a code on the website: KEMPER300 which gives teams a $300 discount at the moment. Since the event contains mature content, the Hunt a Killer website states only players 21 years or older are able to join.

Would you sign up for the Hunt A Killer experience?

Hunt A Killer – Website

The Hunt A Killer team are also planning something for 2017 – mysterious packages in the mail.


// Other Escape Room News
Today is the last voting day for the 10 Best Escape Rooms as nominated by USA Today. Experts nominated 20 of their favourite escape rooms in the USA and the Room Escape Artist team covered the story with a great post here.

The final results should be listed on the USA Today website – who will be crowned USA Today’s number one escape room?

Perhaps someone will take up the challenge to do an escape room tour to visit the top 10 US escape rooms after all the votes are tallied.

Essa 🙂


Première Pièce: The Escape Game by Google France – #EntrezDansLeGame


Entrez dans le game (Enter into the game).

Première Pièce, is an escape room created from the collaboration of Google France and We Are Social, a media agency.

The interactive experience runs from May 20th to 29th in the heart of Paris, where those lucky enough to get a tester ticket are encouraged to experiment, fail and try again.

The plot involves participants helping a group of artists finish a digital work that’s missing a crucial component – a component which can only be activated in the room. Find the component and help the artists finally get their artwork on display.

Along the way, teams of five will be faced with puzzles that can only be solved using a range of Google products such as Google Search, Google Translate (eg. the phone app which can automatically translate signs between languages), Google Photos, Google Art & Culture and Google Cardboard.

The escape room campaign was launched to get people curious and teach participants about Google’s interests in the areas of art, music and technology.

There are some behind the scene photos of the escape room where in one photo you can see the Google Translate app in use. It’s seriously one of the coolest translation apps because it can get text, then impose the translated message using a similar font over the original background (like magic!).

According to Escape Game Paris’ Facebook page, tickets for the experience were quickly gone in a few minutes after they were released. However Le Parisien still has a competition running until the 25th of May, where they will be giving away 10 tickets to the experience.

The media release indicates there’s also a daily chance to win a ticket to Première Pièce by solving puzzles on social media (but I haven’t seen any puzzles yet). Also on May 25th, there will be a livestream of five Youtubers testing the escape room out and on the day Twitter can be used to interact with and change the escape room – for example, interfering with the challenges in the room.

Essa 🙂

Source: lareclame.fr

Here’s the trailer for Première Pièce on Youtube –