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Adventures in America – Escape Room LA, Room Escape LA and Lockdown Vegas


Driving along one of Los Angeles’ highways, asked my friends about escape rooms and if they had heard of any local places. Both didn’t know what an escape room was until the concept was described better – one friend had heard of a place while the other hadn’t heard of the concept before.

The plan was to visit an escape room in Los Angeles but that was before I learned what LA traffic was really like. In peak hours and especially on weekends, traffic is very heavy on the roads – expect to plan one to two hours in advance to be on time to anywhere. Everyone uses cars because of limited public transport and if you don’t have a car, taxi or Uber will become your best friend.

Escape Room LA was on the top of my list to visit – the place which Conan O’Brien visited to play The Detective. But bad traffic + taxi costs or Uber didn’t add up. Here’s what I wished I knew earlier –
– Star Line runs tour buses around Los Angeles – the purple route had numerous stops in Downtown LA where Escape Room LA is based – however haven’t checked how far away the room is from one of the tour bus stops.

– Meanwhile on the Star Line red route, after Chateau Marmont guess what flew pass the tour bus window? Room Escape LA’s distinct logo on the side of their building, a red door against a black wall. There’s a tour bus stop about 5 mins later, so the company is within walking distance.


Didn’t get the chance to play an escape room in Los Angeles. However after LA, spent three days in Las Vegas as well and at this stage was pretty determined to find an escape room. Lockdown Vegas was the closest one, about a ten minute taxi drive away from the main strip. The business is located in a industrial area and the Hostage Rescue room was the game we chose to play.

The game master walked us over to a television screen where he then set up the introduction video to the room. Then gave the team our first clue and told us there was no countdown clock in the room. Luckily one of the team was wearing a watch when we entered the escape room.

After the game, a team member commented afterwards the puzzles were well designed – that you could figure out where to go next and it made sense (as compared to another escape room before where the puzzle logic completely threw us). There was also a group of red herrings that I only realised after escaping the room – thought it was really good and a humorous nod in relation to escape rooms.


{Disclaimer: Paid for my game at Lockdown Vegas and they didn’t know Intervirals was visiting. Also any information above on Escape Room LA and Room Escape LA are my own experiences formed during traveling in Los Angeles}.

Have heaps to write about Disneyland and immersive experiences which will be talked about in the next blog! Will also getting on to responding to any emails sent to the Intervirals inbox. Plus here is one more photo of my travels taken at the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas.

Essa 🙂


Earth Key found, the game plays on with EndGame: Sky Key starting October 20th

Went to the local bookstore looking for another book and walked out instead with a copy of Sky Key – the second novel in the EndGame series.

In the EndGame novels, there are twelve characters each representing a different line of people chosen to play a game to save the entire human race and earth. Along with the main story there are puzzles printed within the novel which lead into an online treasure hunt. The first person to solve all the puzzles wins a large cash prize. To catch up on Intervirals’ writeup of the first EndGame novel – click here.

What happened with EndGame: The Calling (or the first novel)?
Last week the EndGame authors travelled to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to award astrophysicist Froylan Moreno with the $500,000 cash prize. Here’s an article on Moreno winning the prize but it’s interesting to see that Masquerade by Kit Williams was an inspiration for one of the EndGame authors.

But there’s another novel?
Yes! Just released on October 6th, Sky Key is the next novel in the series and has been released by HarperCollins.

What’s October 20th then?
That’s the official date when the EndGame: Sky Key online treasure hunt begins, which means there’s six days to finish reading the second novel and get a head start on cracking those puzzles.

Can I win a million dollars this time?
Uh, unfortunately not – the prize pool seems to have dwindled since last time. While reports last year pointed to an increased prize pool – $1 million for the second novel and $1.5 million for the third novel – it doesn’t look to be true. In the terms and conditions of the Sky Key novel, there’s a $250,000 prize pool with the winner only receiving $100,000 and subsequent runner ups getting smaller cash prizes.

How do I start the Sky Key online treasure hunt?
Good question. Still trying to figure that one out too.

On page four there’s an image of a lined notebook with an encrypted string of characters.

Essa 🙂

Unlock End Game: What’s End Game: The Calling and solve the clues which lead to a $500,000 treasure key

end game - ancient truth and the calling

Intervirals Spotlight: The Unlocked Series
Here’s Part Two of Intervirals’ discussion into End Game: part alternate reality game, part armchair treasure hunt. Or check out yesterday’s Part One blog to see what we’re talking about from the beginning.

What is End Game: The Calling?end game - book
The 480 page novel written by James Frey, published by HarperCollins and where the actual events of End Game begin to emerge plus further back story is revealed. It turns out there are twelve ancient societies who each choose a person between the ages of 13 to 20 to represent them. Once the chosen person turns 20, the society selects a new End Game player for their blood line.

At any one time, there are twelve chosen people selected to play End Game and who await for the day where a signal comes for the game to start. In turn, twelve meteorites approach Earth at the same time hurtling over the skies and crash land near enough to each of the twelve players to indicate to them – End Game has officially started.

What is actually End Game?
The twelve chosen players must search the world over for three hidden keys – the first player to discover all three keys wins End Game. However the first player is also the last alive player standing, as they must eliminate the eleven other competitors by using training tactics they have learnt while growing up. In addition, the winner of End Game saves their ancient society and blood line from destruction.

Where do I fit into End Game: The Calling and what about the $500,000 key?
In association with the novel, there is also clues hidden throughout it which when solved leads to additional puzzles and websites on the internet. You, the reader must solve the clues, discover the websites and you’ll get the chance to find a key which will lead to a $500,000 prize on display at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, USA. There’s a 24/7 livestream of the prize here if you’re curious.

If you solve the clues in the second End Game novel, there’s a chance to win $1,000,000 million in prize money and another chance to win $1,500,000 million in prize money if you solve the clues throughout the third novel. Both these novels have not been published as of yet, only the first novel has been published.

How do I start my treasure hunt for the $500,000 key?
Here’s the starting point for End Game: The Calling – https://keplerfuturistics.com/
– You will also need a Gmail account to register your participation in the game, so the organisers can find you if you win the end prize and probably a copy of the novel too.

Final Notes
The end game is for the alternate reality game, the novels and the mobile app game to all pull together in a few years to create the overall End Game universe and experience for players.

“Endgame is real. Endgame is now. Endgame has begun.”

end game - map

Is anyone following End Game: Ancient Truths or End Game: The Calling? How have you found the experience? Share your thoughts below. Or check out the forums here.

– Essa 🙂

Sources for End Game:

Part of The Unlocked Series @ Intervirals.

It’s a Horror Halloween: The Walking Dead, SAW and the American Horror Escape

fright month 2014 -bc ver

Intervirals Spotlight
Chained up zombies have appeared in Asia over the past weekend, Jigsaw’s puzzles are appearing in the Saw experience and the American Horror Escape begins later this month. Welcome to the second installment of Fright Month 2014.

We’ll admit its a bit late to be reporting on the Walking Dead experience which took place in the Philippines just two days ago. However the concept was intriguing, so we investigated some more into it. From October 11th to 12th, Breakout Philippines with the Walking Dead tv series created a zombie themed room escape in Bonifacio Global City, Philippines. Locked in a small room, participants had to breakout and avoid the chained walker in the room (we’re assuming this is what zombies are called in the series). The real catch is that there is only 15 minutes to escape the experience, with such a limited timeframe did anyone even escape?

Following this, The Saw Experience Special Edition – as if the experience isn’t creepy enough, they added a special edition add on – is also running for this Halloween in Las Vegas, USA. It’s for anyone who enjoys scary movies and wants to try a real life version of the experience but don’t worry, you will go home in one piece. For extra scare, there are night time sessions of the experience – 7pm, 9pm and 11pm – to experience what its like to be in test subject in a Jigsaw trap. Age restricted to 18 years and older and $33 USD per person at Live Room Escape, LV.

If that’s not enough American scare, there’s even more located at Adventure Rooms Connecticut. They are creating a haunted Halloween maze called The American Horror Escape: Halloween Spectacular which will operate from September 25th to November 16th.

Any thoughts or comments are welcomed! And if you haven’t seen it yet – have a look at our forums – http://intervirals.boards.net/ 🙂

– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Dubai, UAE: Review of Challenge Chambers Dubai –

Athens, Greece: Mentions of AthensClue and The Mind Trap –

Queenstown, New Zealand: Review of Escape Hunt Queenstown –

Room escape discounts – online and offline plus a room escape anniversary

discounts - 11 july

This week Intervirals found discounts for two room escapes — Escape Hunt Jakarta, Indonesia and Live Escape Experience in Las Vegas, USA. Plus, check out our Facebook page for behind the scene images of FreeingIndia – a new sub-branch of Freeing HK and the setup of a new Mine Escape theme room at Escape Room Melbourne, Australia.

If you see a room escape place offering a special offer/discount/competition/amazing event – please let us know!

New Special Offers
Jakarta, Indonesia:
Get up to* a 30% discount on a room escape game at Escape Hunt Jakarta if you have a CIMB Credit or Debit Card. Offer lasts until 15th December.

Las Vegas, USA: Follow Live Escape Experience on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to get a 10% discount on your next escape room game. Then go to their website and click the “Get a discount button” (right side of their website) to get the discount code.

Singapore: Celebrating their 2nd month anniversary, Escape Hunt Singapore are giving away five game passes. Share their Facebook post and comment why you want to win. Competition closes July 12th.


Ongoing Special Offers
Berlin, Germany: Want to win a gift certificate to an EXIT Game in Berlin? Find one of EXIT Game’s posters around Berlin, take a photo of yourself and the poster and put it on Facebook with the hashtag #EXITgameBerlin. Entries close July 15th.

British Columbia, Canada: Are you a creative designer that wants to enter a design competition? EXIT Canada are running a competition to create some new multi-media promotion materials. To enter their competition, like EXIT Canada on Facebook, join their EXIT PDMC Awards 2014 event and enter your design submission.

EXIT Canada’s competition opens July 2nd, then closes on August 30th. Winners announced September 1st 2014.

Florida, USA: A new sub-branch is being opened on August 29th in Miami, Florida for The Great Escape Room Orlando. Get a 10% discount on all prepaid packages before it opens.

Ipoh, Malaysia: Celebrate the Hari Raya holiday in Malaysia with Breakthecode Ipoh, they are offering a discounted price of RM26 for students and RM28 for everybody else.

Johor, Malaysia: To celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya holiday, Real Escape South Malaysia are offering discount rates – students get the discounted price of RM25, while everyone else gets the price of RM30.

Mumbai, India: Become Sherlock this summer at Clue Hunt India – they are offering a 15% student discount when you register at http://www.frapp.in

New York City, USA:
Mission Escape Games are offering a 50% room escape discount for groups of two of more people, this summer – use the promo code: FBSUMMER

Singapore: To celebrate the launch of a new sub-branch, Freeing SG are offering a special promotion. Book for a group of four people and the 4th person gets their ticket free. Runs until 31st August. https://www.facebook.com/intervirals/posts/266864533519916


60 minutes to escape: Reviews of room escapes and detective skills – 22nd June


Intervirals Spotlight

Ever wanted to practice your detective and mystery solving skills? Or just feel like a private investigator for the day? There’s a website called 5minutemystery where you can sign up and choose the mystery you want to solve – either follow a standard mystery or another user’s mystery scenario that they created. Read between the lines to find the clues to help you solve the mystery. Then submit your results to gain points on the site. There are leader boards to track individual progress or sign up a group of people to form a league – then track everyone’s progress in the group.


– Essa


Room Escape Reviews
This week’s reviews of room escape outlets from around the world.

Las Vegas, USA: Live Room Escape Experience Las Vegas, Nevada gets a review –

New York City, USA: Mentions of Escape the Room NYC and Real Escape Game in New York in this review –

Phuket, Thailand: The Chamber of Secrets in Phuket gets a review –

Florida, USA: The Great Escape Room in Orlando, Florida gets a review –