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The Mummy Escape Room, kicks off in LA then heads to Tokyo

Can your team survive a battle with an undead mummy?
The Mummy Escape Game premiered in LA last Saturday to the media. For the general public, ticket sales are now open for games that start on June 9th.
Participants enter the story as security guards and encounter an ancient princess, Ahmanet. She’s risen to gain some sweet centuries old justice and potentially kick your butt along the way.
The story takes players through multiple rooms to outwit the warrior princess in 60 minutes. Up to ten players can play during one session.
Be prepared for moments in the game involving blackouts and loud noises. And the FAQ says, you’re allowed to bring a camera to help your team “capture clues” and to not upload any spoilers to the internet … uh oh.
And a solution walkthrough is provided at the end of the game.
This is SCRAP’s first movie partnership with Universal according to their press release. Hopefully there will be some other Universal movies that will also get turned into escape rooms.
After its LA run, the escape game moves to Tokyo and opens there on July 27th.
Los Angeles, USA
Price: $40-$45 USD per person
Location: Real Escape Room Hollywood – 6801 Hollywood Blvd 3F, Hollywood, CA

Tokyo, Japan
Price: 3,200 – 3,700 yen per person
Location: Gunkan East-Shinjuku Building, Shinjuku

Updates: Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Attack on Titan escape games/rooms

The people behind SCRAP and Umbrella Corporation must be working overtime as there’s been plenty of new developments and discoveries this week.


Legend of Zelda – Canada
Nintendo Canada revealed on Tuesday their Legend of Zelda escape game, called Defenders of the Triforce will have an extended tour. After visiting select US cities, the Legend of Zelda escape game will then visit Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

Dates and locations for the Canadian leg of the tour have not yet been released by SCRAP.


Note: This event isn’t an escape room – it’s a live puzzle event, where teams of people sit in a large room and solve puzzles at a table. A team member will have to get up and visit the correct area to have the team’s answers checked.

Engadget has a spoiler-filled write up of their recent experience playing the Legend of Zelda event in Los Angeles, which you can read here.



Final Fantasy XXIV (14) – US Tour
Then on Wednesday, SCRAP announced plans to bring their Final Fantasy XXIV escape game to the United States after it’s run in Japan.

Trial of Bahamut will see teams of six players have a time limit of sixty minutes to save the world from the dragon, Bahamut. Can your Warriors of Light party save the land of Eorzea once more?

The website says coming Summer 2017 – so keep an eye on the website as the earliest start date could be sometime in June. Eight US cities will be visited during the tour: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando, Chicago and New York.


Similarly, this event isn’t an escape room – it’s another live puzzle event that SCRAP is producing which sees teams sit at tables and work through puzzles.



Attack on Titan Escape Room – Los Angeles
Last week saw the opening of a permanent Attack on Titan escape room by SCRAP in Little Tokyo, LA.  Real Escape Game: Castle Under Siege follows a similar story line to their previous Attack on Titan events that were only available for a limited run (a few weeks maximum).

Up to 10 players can take up the challenge of joining the Survey Corps and defending the city from the attacking Titans. Plus the escape room is “replayable”, which allows players to come back and experience a different set of puzzles.




Resident Evil Escape Rooms – Germany & The Netherlands

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard/The Experience Game

The Resident Evil escape room is going on a US tour and additionally making its way into more countries – with it being available in Germany as of Spring 2017 (which is now!). Capcom Europe have tapped TeamEscape, to bring the Resident Evil experience to Hamburg and Cologne, with additional cities in Germany still to be advised.

Resident Evil: Movie
Universal Pictures Netherlands have worked together with Zombie Escape Netherlands to change one of their rooms into a Resident Evil: The Final Chapter escape room, as part of the upcoming Resident Evil movie release. The experience ends February 20th and for more information see their website.

As VRNerd advises, you should probably bring a towel to wipe away the fear sweat after any Resident Evil experience.

-Essa 🙂

Nintendo x SCRAP: Legend of Zelda Escape Game – Defenders of the Triforce comes to USA


Defend the Darkness: Find the Master Sword.

Your adventure begins now.

The upcoming Legend of Zelda escape game involves golden triangles which grant wishes (also known as the Triforce). The Triforce was hidden away until the evil king, Ganondorf stole the artifact for himself and now a darkness is spreading throughout the land known as Hyrule.


Players will be known as Defenders of the Triforce and must find the Master Sword to save the kingdom alongside Princess Zelda. But you don’t need to be a huge Zelda fan to enjoy SCRAP’s newest escape game.

The escape game will have teams of six working towards solving the Triforce mystery under a tight deadline. The event description sounds familiar to traditional SCRAP events – a large space where multiple teams can participate in the event and each team has an assigned table to work at – see their FAQ response below.


“No, this is NOT a traditional escape room (i.e. locked inside a room). It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise. There will be multiple teams in the event space all participating at the same time, and each team will have their own table to work at when not exploring.” – scrapzelda.com

Defenders of the Triforce will visit eight US cities starting on January 31st, visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Ticket information for Seattle, Houston, Chicago and New York will be released in late January 2017.


Legend of Zelda 2017 Tour Dates
San Francisco: January 31st – February 5th
Los Angeles: February 10th – March 12th
San Diego: February 23th – February 25th
Phoenix: February 15th – February 17th

Info released on Jan 24th 2017 for these US states –
Seattle: TBA
Houston: TBA
Chicago: TBA
New York: TBA




20 years of Resident Evil Horror: The Resident Evil Escape Experience comes to life on October 21st


It was only a matter of time.

Escape room zombies have evolved.

The Resident Evil franchise has emerged from the afterlife for a new phase as its creator Capcom teams up with iam8bit. As part of the 20th anniversary of the franchise, The Resident Evil Escape Experience will be available in Los Angeles from Friday October 21st to November 6th (three weeks).

The experience will have nods to past Resident Evil games and includes references to the new game – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Players are recommended to be 17 years old or older to deal with the mature Resident Evil themes in the escape room. Each session will see a team of up to six people trying to save the world from the zombies with tickets costing $35 USD each.

After you survive the zombies get out of the escape room, there’s an art gallery next door with limited print art and other Resident Evil merchandise.

Resident Evil Escape Experience
Date: October 21st – November 6th 2016
Location: iam8bit – 2147 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Register: Eventbrite

Also thanks to Liz Cable for posting this on the Escape Enthusiast Facebook page!

-Essa 🙂



Fighting off zombies in Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88 – Youtube series



Fight of the Living Dead puts contestants into a zombie reality series, that’s part scripted and unscripted.

Over three days, the contestants are left in an abandoned hospital where they must survive the zombie horde spread out through the building. Contestants need to avoid being “bitten” by actors dressed as zombies and get through challenges that determine the overall winner.

In season one, there were six episodes and the whole series can be watched in an hour.

Now the series is back for season two, with ten new contestants, sixty cameras and two hundred zombies to avoid this time.

The team at Alpine Labs spent several months developing the plot of the series including fake character back stories, news clippings and evidence that the contestants discover as they progress through the hospital.

According to episode one the plot revolves around, CONOPs Industries which started in 1950 with the aim to create the perfect biological soldier. The result was the necrotic bioform – a species similar to a zombie. These bioforms could reanimate, follow commands, behave without emotions and can fall into different types of zombie classification: Type I, Type II and Type III which has a special super gene.

Kevin Abrams, from Alpine Labs also has this to say about escape rooms right now (from Mashable) – “Kids are looking for something that looks tangible,” Abrams said of the popularity of escape rooms. “With this experience, you can see how you can do under pressure, you can work with teams and friends. It reminds people of what they are capable of doing: testing their brain and physical acumen.”

Would you watch Fight of the Living Dead?

Catchup on Season One here
Catchup on Season Two, Episode One here
* The rest of Season Two requires a Youtube Red subscription, episode four released on August 31st.

Plus check out the behind-the-scenes videos of how they made Fight of the Living Dead: Season 2 as well!

// Other Escape Room News
– Check out Room Escape Artist’s recent review of the Chicago Room Escape Conference
– And if you’re heading to PAX in Seattle, Washington – USA this weekend – keep an eye out for The Escape Room Revolution: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Panel on September 3rd.


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What happened this summer when the Gravity Falls fandom found out about #CipherHunt – Part One

Catchup: | Prologue | Part 1 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt | Part 2 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt |

After the finale of Gravity Falls back in February, fans were left with a mystery on their minds – was there indeed a real stone statue of Bill Cipher hiding in a forest?

After months of silence, a single tweet from the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch sparked a massive alternate reality game. From his tweet, fans discovered “#FLSKHUKXQW” shifted back three letters revealed the word #CIPHERHUNT.


From the image attached to the same tweet, fans decoded:
“The urban legend has come true / Cipher’s statue’s calling you / The secret map is in your hand / To trace the clues across the land”, along with “Don’t forget it’s all for pleasure / The hunt itself’s the real treasure / But a prize awaits the first one there / Be safe, be smart, and of course beware” – GF Wikia

Proving that what fans speculated months ago was real – there was a Bill Cipher statue out there waiting to be found.

Also from the image, fans discovered when the red letters were shifted backwards it spelt out the first location – Russia. The location was confirmed as Kazan Cathedral located in St. Petersburg, Russia as the floor plan can be seen.

The clue picked up in Russia referred to the yen, which turned the focus to Japan and the next clue was located in Kanda Myojin Shrine, Tokyo.

The clue from Tokyo referred to the hunter of the fountain of youth – Ponce De Leon and a street name containing his name was found in Atlanta, Georgia in the US.

A fan discovered a damaged poster for a missing pig, Waddles – the cartoon pig which appears on Gravity Falls. On the poster was a puzzle and a phone number, when the number was reversed a voice recording could be heard.

Fans listened to Grunkle Stan, who advised them to check a university location at Rhode Island. Behind the picture of Sister Mary Hilda Miley the next clue was suppose to be located but the game ran into problems when the clue was discovered to be missing.

Alex Hirsch stepped in and tweeted to fans to re-call the last phone number, where another recording of Grunkle Stan played. “A man who’s first name is his last, a statue honouring his past …” hinted to fans they should head to Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

When the Griffith Park clue was picked up it mentioned, “50 + 50 that’s the city .. you’ll find a bow tie and one eye ..” which led to Century Park, Los Angeles. When the park is viewed from above, there’s a pyramid shape and two buildings beneath that look like a bow tie – similar to what the character Bill Cipher looks like.

A USB was found inside the park with a voice recording pointing to the next clue – hidden inside the California State Summer School of the Arts, where only students could enter the building’s sublevel to retrieve the next clue.

Scribbled on the wall were two hex codes that were decoded to lead on to the co-ordinates of Piedmont, California. Fans discovered a key tied to a tree stump and a locked container, revealing a PO box (27128) at 1825 N. Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles.

Out of the PO box emerged a monster jigsaw puzzle made of 2,000 pieces. Fans on the ground worked on the physical puzzle and upon completion, the Gravity Falls pilot episode would be made available* (*more on this later). There was also a virtual puzzle that online users could contribute to. And this was only day four!

When enough of the puzzle was put together the code on it was translated to the address: Corner of Rodney & Tillamook, Portland in Oregon. At the spot, fans discovered a lawn gnome that led to the tourist trap, Confusion Hill in California.

Inside the Confusion Hill shop, an eyeball jar found on a shelf held the next clue – which showed the next location as Stanley St, Amity in Oregon where a geocache was discovered.

The geocache in turn led to a theme park, Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. A fan discovered a ripped puzzle piece that decoded to: “Return to where it all began / The final clue is in your hand / The parchment can be such a tease / The answer’s written in the trees” – GF Wikia

The finale clue led fans back to the original tweet which started the entire Cipher Hunt. There at the bottom of the image was a drawing of the Bill Cipher statue surrounded by trees.


How to decode the branches and trees? Fans were stumped for days.

Next: Part 2 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt

– Essa 🙂

Death Note: The Escape opens for the 15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan and CatCon LA!


It all starts with a black notebook called a Death Note.

In the manga, Light Yagami (or Kira) is a genius high school student who discovers a Death Note when it gets dropped into the human world. After a person has touched the Death Note, only then can they see the death god that comes with it.

Kira tells his death god, Ryuk he wants to rid the world of criminals and uses the Death Note to write down their names in it. Soon after, criminals die of a heart attack or in suspicious circumstances. Eventually the media starts to realize a pattern and the famous detective, L gets put on to the case.

For Universal Studios in Japan, their 15th anniversary celebrations comes with a new escape room based on the Death Note story. 10 years on from the battle between L and Kira, a new mystery emerges. Help L who has received a new message from Kira and find the six new Death Notes which have entered the world!

Four levels of the Sakura TV station from Death Note have been created to house the escape room. The experience runs from July 1st to September 4th 2016 in collaboration with SCRAP Entertainment.

Teams can be made of one to four people, with regular tickets starting at 2,980 yen per person (inc. tax). Or for a pair of tickets – two people – it costs 7,980 yen per person (inc. tax). Tickets can be found here.

Plus there’s an opportunity to buy Death Note related merchandise – Sweets of the Grim Reaper – the Death Desert of Ryuk, is a gnawed red apple which sits on a chocolate Death Note. Or there’s the official Death Note clipboard and penlight.

In other escape room related news:
At CatCon LA this weekend – June 25th to 26th, the team at Animal Planet are running a free fifteen minute escape room. Participants will need to put together cat toys, figure out how to get out of a cardboard box and its all from the view of a cat. Get tickets here.

Finally, here’s the trailer for the Death Note: The Escape experience (in Japanese):

Essa 🙂

There’s a horror movie called Escape Room coming out in October (with Ghostface!)


There’s an escape room movie coming to a theater near you.

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures bought a movie pitch about an escape room and not much else was known about it.

Now more details have emerged – filming has wrapped up in May, further details around the plot have been released and a teaser trailer can be found on Youtube.

The plot involves Brice (played by Skeet Ulrich aka. Ghostface from Scream), who owns an escape room in Los Angeles. He’s not getting enough press about his escape room and goes looking for a prop to help his business stand out from the rest.

In an old shop, he asks for something “special” and is introduced to The Skull Box, which is described by the shopkeeper as one of the most cursed objects in the world.

Four friends are the next group to enter Brice’s escape room where they find The Skull Box sitting on a shelf and a paid actor chained to the wall. But something goes terribly wrong … and the friends have under an hour to solve the puzzles and get out of the room.

To help promote the film before its release, an escape room game for mobile devices will be launched during August.

The film’s final release date is still pending but there’s indications the film could be released around October/Halloween this year.

Will you watch the Escape Room movie?
(Also, this is our 200th post!)

Essa 🙂

Here’s a link to the Youtube trailer while it lasts –

Create your own escape room at home: just add a timer, hot water and extra pencils


Escape Room In A Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Released on Kickstarter today, Escape Room In A Box is a new tabletop game that brings the concept of an escape room into your home. An hour is given to teams of two to six players to solve puzzles, find clues and break through codes to get away from the mad scientist whose current experiment has everyone turning into werewolves. Find the antidote and break the werewolf curse that has everyone running away.

Most items needed to create an escape room is included with the game however a timer/watch, hot water and extra pencils will need to be found beforehand.

It’s a one time playable tabletop game but there’s a replay feature built in to the game with a refill pack. Included in the refill pack are components and instructions on how to reconstruct certain game parts, the overall escape room box and a script of how to run the game. So after the first game, it means you can become the game host of your own escape room!

The game was designed by two ladies, Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin in Los Angeles and they are looking at Escape Room In A Box to be their first base game in a series. Additional game expansions will be created if their Kickstarter is successful.

It’s only day one of the Kickstarter for this game and already it’s raised $15,000 USD from a $19,500 USD goal. The game is also ranking well on the Reddit board games forum at the moment.

Kickstarter: kck.st/1RRVtN0

Adventures in America – Escape Room LA, Room Escape LA and Lockdown Vegas


Driving along one of Los Angeles’ highways, asked my friends about escape rooms and if they had heard of any local places. Both didn’t know what an escape room was until the concept was described better – one friend had heard of a place while the other hadn’t heard of the concept before.

The plan was to visit an escape room in Los Angeles but that was before I learned what LA traffic was really like. In peak hours and especially on weekends, traffic is very heavy on the roads – expect to plan one to two hours in advance to be on time to anywhere. Everyone uses cars because of limited public transport and if you don’t have a car, taxi or Uber will become your best friend.

Escape Room LA was on the top of my list to visit – the place which Conan O’Brien visited to play The Detective. But bad traffic + taxi costs or Uber didn’t add up. Here’s what I wished I knew earlier –
– Star Line runs tour buses around Los Angeles – the purple route had numerous stops in Downtown LA where Escape Room LA is based – however haven’t checked how far away the room is from one of the tour bus stops.

– Meanwhile on the Star Line red route, after Chateau Marmont guess what flew pass the tour bus window? Room Escape LA’s distinct logo on the side of their building, a red door against a black wall. There’s a tour bus stop about 5 mins later, so the company is within walking distance.


Didn’t get the chance to play an escape room in Los Angeles. However after LA, spent three days in Las Vegas as well and at this stage was pretty determined to find an escape room. Lockdown Vegas was the closest one, about a ten minute taxi drive away from the main strip. The business is located in a industrial area and the Hostage Rescue room was the game we chose to play.

The game master walked us over to a television screen where he then set up the introduction video to the room. Then gave the team our first clue and told us there was no countdown clock in the room. Luckily one of the team was wearing a watch when we entered the escape room.

After the game, a team member commented afterwards the puzzles were well designed – that you could figure out where to go next and it made sense (as compared to another escape room before where the puzzle logic completely threw us). There was also a group of red herrings that I only realised after escaping the room – thought it was really good and a humorous nod in relation to escape rooms.


{Disclaimer: Paid for my game at Lockdown Vegas and they didn’t know Intervirals was visiting. Also any information above on Escape Room LA and Room Escape LA are my own experiences formed during traveling in Los Angeles}.

Have heaps to write about Disneyland and immersive experiences which will be talked about in the next blog! Will also getting on to responding to any emails sent to the Intervirals inbox. Plus here is one more photo of my travels taken at the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas.

Essa 🙂