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Rabbits Podcast – R U Playing?

A mysterious alternate reality game on a podcast?

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Rabbits is a new podcast series and its description goes –

“When Carly Parker’s friend Yumiko goes missing under very mysterious circumstances, Carly’s search for her friend leads her headfirst into a ancient mysterious game known only as Rabbits. Soon Carly begins to suspect that Rabbits is much more than just a game, and that the key to understanding Rabbits, might be the key to the survival of our species, and the Universe, as we know it.”
New episodes are released twice a month on Tuesdays.

If alternate reality games had a type of mascot – it would definitely be a rabbit. And its a nod to the way how these games start – usually found by chance, like when Alice first fell through a rabbit hole and into a story.

Check out GhostInTheMachine’s blog which has a in depth review of the first episode –
The ‘Rabbits’ Podcast Has Declared “Game On” & The Stakes Are On The Rise

// Other News
The next two weeks are going to be exciting with TWO(!) escape room conferences on with Transworld’s Room Escape Show kicking off tomorrow in Canada.
A/N: Getting back on schedule now, apologies there have’t been many blog posts over the last month.

Trapped with Zombies! A Big Bang Theory episode – Season 8, Episode 16 – The Intimacy Acceleration


Escape rooms are being brought to the attention of millions of people through recent partnerships between companies and television – see Dig Escape The Room and now an appearance on the tv show The Big Bang Theory. Thanks to Scott Nicholson for the tip.

Last Thursday was the premiere of the episode “The Intimacy Acceleration”, which was inspired after a journalist for the NY Times covered an old study in which a psychologist succeeded in making two random strangers fall in love with each other. The journalist then attempted to try out the study herself as it suggested if two people shared some personal questions and answers, then stared into each other’s eyes for several minutes they could eventually fall in love.

While Penny and Sheldon tried to replicate the study in her apartment, the rest of the usual Big Bang Theory team – Leonard, Amy, Raj and his date Emily decide to spend the evening trying out an escape room after the suggestion from Emily.

This escape room involves a zombie being locked in the room with them as well – a direct reference to the real life company, Room Escape Adventures who runs their Trapped in a Room with a Zombie in the UK, Spain, North America and Canada for now.

The group enters a laboratory styled room and are told it previously belonged to Dr. David Saltzberg (it’s also the same name as one of the technical producers on The Big Bang theory is called) who died in mysterious circumstances. The Big Bang Theory team search the room for clues and are briefly interrupted by a zombie bursting from a cupboard.

The team moves quickly through the room deciphering a code, then finding a combination to unlock a safe. Inside the safe there’s a book, Origin of Species by Charles Darwin – I wonder if this is a nod to show that escape rooms seem to highlight our difficulty at solving puzzles – it reverts humans back into their cave dwelling ancestors somewhat and there is a need to evolve our skills in this area.

Inside the book – there’s a UV flashlight found. I feel as if I’m reading too much into this but bear with me here – in the Greek legend Prometheus gave fire to the creatures on earth who lived in caves. These creatures were the origins of humans and what’s fire also used for? Light.

The UV flashlight is used to discover another riddle which when solved leads to the location of a key in the room and can be used by The Big Bang Theory team to escape the room.

The episode premiered in the US on February 26nd which was only last Thursday – so I’ll be keeping a look out for when the episode finally screens on Australian television. In addition some US statistics about the episode – 16.3 million viewers across America to become the most viewed program of the night among adults from 18 to 54 years old (Source). Plus The Big Bang Theory twitter team have posted tweets about escape rooms to their 3+ million followers as well.

Want to escape a room like the The Big Bang Theory team did?
If you wanted to attempt a real life escape room just like Leonard, Amy, Raj and Emily tried and taking into consideration the fictional tv show is set in Pasadena, California – the closest Room Escape Adventures location is the Bay St. location which is about a twenty minute drive. Plus the company charges $28 per person as the standard so while the tv show quotes a “$200” pricetag, it’s closer to the price of $112 for four people.

There’s could also be eight other people in the room with you as Room Escape Adventures does bulk booking of rooms with up to twelve members in each escape room session.

Finally the zombie in the episode mentions to the team to leave a review for the company on Yelp – so can you outsmart a zombie?

Did you watch the episode? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Bonus!!! Here’s some other pictures from the cast members who filmed the escape room part of the episode. Also if you are in the US catch the episode at the CBS website – other regions of the world, you’ll just have to wait.