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The Mummy Escape Room, kicks off in LA then heads to Tokyo

Can your team survive a battle with an undead mummy?
The Mummy Escape Game premiered in LA last Saturday to the media. For the general public, ticket sales are now open for games that start on June 9th.
Participants enter the story as security guards and encounter an ancient princess, Ahmanet. She’s risen to gain some sweet centuries old justice and potentially kick your butt along the way.
The story takes players through multiple rooms to outwit the warrior princess in 60 minutes. Up to ten players can play during one session.
Be prepared for moments in the game involving blackouts and loud noises. And the FAQ says, you’re allowed to bring a camera to help your team “capture clues” and to not upload any spoilers to the internet … uh oh.
And a solution walkthrough is provided at the end of the game.
This is SCRAP’s first movie partnership with Universal according to their press release. Hopefully there will be some other Universal movies that will also get turned into escape rooms.
After its LA run, the escape game moves to Tokyo and opens there on July 27th.
Los Angeles, USA
Price: $40-$45 USD per person
Location: Real Escape Room Hollywood – 6801 Hollywood Blvd 3F, Hollywood, CA

Tokyo, Japan
Price: 3,200 – 3,700 yen per person
Location: Gunkan East-Shinjuku Building, Shinjuku

Celebrating Final Fantasy XIV’s 30th Anniversary – Escape Game in Japan


A diverse group of heroes trying to defeat evil is at the heart of each Final Fantasy video game.

The video game series is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and brand manager, Shinji Hashimoto revealed there will be a Final Fantasy XIV (14) escape game.

“Escape from the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut” will be available to the public from February 10th 2017 and is another SCRAP partnership. Furthermore the escape game will visit five cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka and will have a time limit of 60 minutes.

The story follows the Great Sorcerer Ruizova and the Light Warriors who defeated the evil Bahamut and saved the land, Eorsea from destruction five years ago. Now Bahamut is returning from the underground and there’s 60 minutes before the resurgence is complete – will you be able to stop Bahamut with your friends?

Furthermore, the escape game is suitable for newcomers and long time fans of the Final Fantasy series. SCRAP have also hinted they want to bring the Final Fantasy escape game to the United States.


Ticket Prices
General Advanced Tickets: 3,600 yen
Group Advanced Tickets: 21,000 yen
On the Day Ticket: 4,100 yen

Escape from the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut
FF XIV Escape Room – Event information and tickets

Official Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Website



(L to R: Yoshida, FF XIV Producer and Kato, founder of SCRAP. Credit to FF XIV Website)

+ Bonus – SCRAP x Final Fantasy Interview
On the event website there’s an interview between SCRAP founder, Takao Kato and Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV – who both tested the Final Fantasy XIV escape room.

The best parts of the interview are below –

Do you have any difficult problems when you make games where there are groups of people?
In the early days, there were not many formal rules when creating a real escape game. In the past, a team was exploring a venue and pulled out an unknown iron plate from the back of the venue and said, “This is sure to be part of the mystery!”. Even later when [we] asked the venue’s manager, they said “I do not remember placing such a plate”. (Laughs).

It’s not easy to always control what happens at the venue, so gradually the rules have changed so the [escape game] mystery can be solved without touching anything inside the venue. Then demand comes [from customers] I want to interact with more things in the game.

Yoshida: I sometimes think the idea is not to know the ceiling [any idea is possible in a game].


Q. How would you like players to enjoy the Final Fantasy XIV Escape Room?
Kato: I hope that you can project your expectations on to game characters and play with them. So, I would like you to experience something like being a character entering the world of Final Fantasy.

Because small potatoes are hidden in many places, if you look for them too much you can’t solve a mystery. [Laughs]. A/N: small potatoes = red herrings

The full interview can be found here in Japanese.


– Essa 🙂
(~ Late blog post as visiting extended family at the moment ~ )

Plus thanks to Room Escape Artist for letting us know about this escape game in the first place!


A history of room escapes – the origins of room escape bloggers and their inspirations – Part One


It stared at me from the other side of the train before I realised what it was. It was an advertisement describing a real life room escape game. I was on holiday in Singapore at the time and I remember being curious enough to later on finding myself standing in front of a free wifi hotspot within Changi Airport googling what the business what about. Soon after I found a Wall Street Journal article about room escapes and as a result, I wanted to find out more about the topic, write about it and that’s how this blog started.

As I thought of this blog reaching it’s one year anniversary – I became curious about how other room escape bloggers started their blogs and what inspired them, so I asked as many of them as possible – one question:
“When did you first hear about room escapes and why did you develop an interest in it?”

Everyone has their own room escape origin story to tell and here are some of the responses received from places such as Canada, Singapore, USA and the UK.

Name: EscapistTO
Website: https://escapistto.wordpress.com/
Reply: I’ve always had a general interest in mystery novels and movies, but I didn’t really hear about the idea of live action room escapes until I stumbled upon the blog http://claviscryptica.com/. I thought, damn, that sounds so cool! I wish Toronto would catch onto fads quicker! So I can pretty much be credited for willing it into existence.

Name: BHox (xTheBHox)
Website: s-capegoats.tumblr.com
Reply: First heard about it from a friend, probably, somewhere in 2011/2012, and had played some of the online escape games at that time so i thought it’d be pretty cool to have a real-life computer game. I was interested but was still a student and it was expensive. Nevertheless, I tried a couple of rooms (not initiated by me) in 2013 and found it fun especially because I love puzzles and a challenge. Eventually, I gathered a bunch of fellow nerds (sorry guys!), we enjoyed it, and that’s how it started. 🙂

Name/s: Errol Elumir, Matt Silver, Manda Whitney
Website: EscRoomAddict.com
Reply: We first heard about Escape Rooms sometime in Spring of 2014. We did our first Escape Room around June, 2014. All three of us are huge fans of adventure games, some of us starting way back when Infocom was in its golden years. A real life Escape the Room was a natural fit. Since then, we haven’t been able to stop!

Name: Dan Egnor
Website: http://www.escaperoomdirectory.com/
Reply: I’ve been interested in “puzzle hunts” and puzzle events in general for a long time. For several years, I’ve run http://www.puzzlehuntcalendar.com/ and with my puzzle team (the “Burninators”) play most of the local (San Francisco Bay Area) puzzle events. One day someone sent me a listing for a “Real Escape Game” run by SCRAP. I didn’t go right away, but I was curious, and eventually I start attending their events. When they opened Escape from the Mysterious Room locally, a bunch of us had to try it out!

We escaped by the skin of our teeth and it was an amazing experience.

For a while, as far as I knew “escape room” was just something this one SCRAP company did; I didn’t know there was an international scene! But then suddenly last year a whole pile of escape rooms started opening locally. I had the idea of organizing an “escape room crawl” where I got 10 friends together and we did all the local escape rooms (except the SCRAP rooms which we’d already done) in one day. That meant going to six different rooms, which was a long day (around 10am-9pm, including travel and breaks) but it was an amazing time.

Already several new rooms have opened in the area and we’re considering another “crawl”. And whenever I visit a city I make sure to do the local escape rooms. I dream of going to a major hub like Toronto, London, or Budapest and having a huge escape room holiday! [Essa: This is something I dream of too. I wonder how many other room escape bloggers share this feeling too?]

Anyway, since escape rooms are permanent(ish) installations they don’t fit the format of puzzlehuntcalendar.com, but I wanted to catalog them so made a quick directory listing which hopefully complements some of the other directories at Intervirals and elsewhere. I had no idea I would find hundreds and hundreds of rooms worldwide, with more opening every day.

Name: Chris M. Dickson
Website: Exit Games UK, http://www.exitgames.co.uk/
Reply: The first thing I ever wrote about room escapes dates back to April 2013 – see chris.dreamwidth.org/24796.html – but from context presumably I had read about their existence in countries outside the UK before then (maybe weeks before, maybe months before). I have long been interested in spectactular puzzle games and events, dating back to at least 1999, so I’ve long kept an eye out for what might be possible and dreamt about getting to play them myself some day.

Name: J.
Website: http://escapingsg.wordpress.com/
Reply: In January 2012, I happened to see Singapore’s first Real Escape Game installment mentioned in one of those ‘interesting things to do this weekend’ articles in a local magazine. The concept seemed intriguing, so I bought tickets… and have been hooked ever since. Escape rooms took a while longer to get to Singapore, and it was only in July 2013 that I tried my first room escape, after it was featured in the local newspapers.

I’ve always loved puzzles, whether they are mathematical ones or murder mysteries, so I guess it was pretty natural that I’d end up liking room escapes. I think they’re especially fun thanks to the added dimension of interactive, physical aspects, and the need for teamwork. People often complain that Singapore’s a boring place with not much to do, but room escapes provide a great alternative when you’re tired of the usual cafes, movies or shopping malls.

Footnote: As several responses were received back from fellow bloggers, check out tomorrow’s blog {PART TWO link} to read about the inspiration behind other room escape blogs including Escape Games Review (Canada), Escape Room Sydney (Australia), QMSM (United Kingdom), Escman League (Malaysia), Escape Game France (France), Room Escape Artist (USA) and Escape Reviewer (Canada).

Feel free to share how you discovered the concept of room escapes in the comments below.

Essa 🙂

Past Event: Real Escape Game LA Vol. 2 – Escape from the Haunted Ship

Company Name: SCRAP
Description: SCRAP ran a room escape adventure on board the Queen Mary ship, which is currently docking in Los Angeles. It ran over the last weekend for three days (Friday to Sunday) as participants had to solve a haunted mystery.
How long does it run for: March 21st – 23rd 2014
Theme: Escape from the Haunted Ship
Time to escape:  90 minutes (included a introduction and walkthrough afterwards)
No. of players: 6 players
Price: $20 USD (early bird tickets) – $30 USD (tickets at door) per person
Location/s: The Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA, Los Angeles
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealEscapeGame
Website: http://realescapegame.com/la02_hship/
Notes: N/A

Source: RealEscapeGame.com