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The Hunt Begins: Hunt A Killer experience takes over 200 acres in Darlington, Maryland – USA


A 200 acre living crime scene to explore.

Hunt a Killer is a three hour immersive experience where teams of six people will help solve the mystery of the serial killer.

The Hunt A Killer experience is described as part adventure race – to the next location, part escape room – discover and solve crime scene clues and part interactive theatre with actors.

As the event is designed in an open world format – teams are able to choose how their adventure plays out. Go in any direction located within the event’s land boundaries and see what you can discover.

Search for crime scenes, find evidence and discuss wild theories with your teammates. Then complete physical/mental challenges to collect information about the killer before time runs out. Will your team choose the path to success or failure?


Teams attend a briefing before the Hunt a Killer experience starts at 3pm this Saturday. The FAQ says players may also need to crawl or swim(!) through other challenge sections and that not all teams will finish the experience by the 6pm deadline.

When night falls – the event turns into a party where players can talk about the day’s events over a camp bonfire. Afterwards, players can then pitch their camping tents for the night.

Tickets are $210 USD per single ticket (where a person is matched to a team) and $960 USD per team (each person $160 USD).

There’s a code on the website: KEMPER300 which gives teams a $300 discount at the moment. Since the event contains mature content, the Hunt a Killer website states only players 21 years or older are able to join.

Would you sign up for the Hunt A Killer experience?

Hunt A Killer – Website

The Hunt A Killer team are also planning something for 2017 – mysterious packages in the mail.


// Other Escape Room News
Today is the last voting day for the 10 Best Escape Rooms as nominated by USA Today. Experts nominated 20 of their favourite escape rooms in the USA and the Room Escape Artist team covered the story with a great post here.

The final results should be listed on the USA Today website – who will be crowned USA Today’s number one escape room?

Perhaps someone will take up the challenge to do an escape room tour to visit the top 10 US escape rooms after all the votes are tallied.

Essa 🙂


Fighting off zombies in Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88 – Youtube series



Fight of the Living Dead puts contestants into a zombie reality series, that’s part scripted and unscripted.

Over three days, the contestants are left in an abandoned hospital where they must survive the zombie horde spread out through the building. Contestants need to avoid being “bitten” by actors dressed as zombies and get through challenges that determine the overall winner.

In season one, there were six episodes and the whole series can be watched in an hour.

Now the series is back for season two, with ten new contestants, sixty cameras and two hundred zombies to avoid this time.

The team at Alpine Labs spent several months developing the plot of the series including fake character back stories, news clippings and evidence that the contestants discover as they progress through the hospital.

According to episode one the plot revolves around, CONOPs Industries which started in 1950 with the aim to create the perfect biological soldier. The result was the necrotic bioform – a species similar to a zombie. These bioforms could reanimate, follow commands, behave without emotions and can fall into different types of zombie classification: Type I, Type II and Type III which has a special super gene.

Kevin Abrams, from Alpine Labs also has this to say about escape rooms right now (from Mashable) – “Kids are looking for something that looks tangible,” Abrams said of the popularity of escape rooms. “With this experience, you can see how you can do under pressure, you can work with teams and friends. It reminds people of what they are capable of doing: testing their brain and physical acumen.”

Would you watch Fight of the Living Dead?

Catchup on Season One here
Catchup on Season Two, Episode One here
* The rest of Season Two requires a Youtube Red subscription, episode four released on August 31st.

Plus check out the behind-the-scenes videos of how they made Fight of the Living Dead: Season 2 as well!

// Other Escape Room News
– Check out Room Escape Artist’s recent review of the Chicago Room Escape Conference
– And if you’re heading to PAX in Seattle, Washington – USA this weekend – keep an eye out for The Escape Room Revolution: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Panel on September 3rd.


Essa 🙂

#TheRunner – a new reality competition where anyone in the US can join in with a mobile device

A Runner on the Loose. A Nation on the Hunt. A Million Dollars on the Line.

Produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, The Runner is a new type of immersive reality competition. Launching on July 1st, an individual who is called “The Runner” attempts to make it to six checkpoints across the United States in thirty days.

Following the Runner are five teams of “Chasers” and any US citizen who has access to a mobile device or a social media account – Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – who can join in as “Viewers”.

What’s in it for the Runner and Chasers? If the Runner doesn’t get caught after 30 days they walk away with a sweet $500k USD prize, otherwise they get nothing. If any team of Chasers catches the Runner, they get the current Runner’s bounty – which increases by $15k USD for each day the Runner doesn’t get caught. Viewers can also win daily cash prizes by helping any team of Chasers on social media.

The entire competition is played out in real time, with three episodes of The Runner available each day. Each morning episode covers the previous day’s events and a daily clue is released about the Runner’s location. The Runner heads off to their city/state by whatever means – walk, drive, catch a plane. The Chaser and Viewers then start working on the clue.

During the afternoon, the second episode of the day is a live update of the game across social media as the Chaser teams and Viewers try to close in on the Runner for the day.

By evening, an expert panel breaks down the day’s events and the strategies of the Runner and Chaser teams. At this time, the Runner has entered the safe zone for the day or a Chaser team has caught the current Runner, which will lead to a new Runner being released the following day.

Guess who is sponsoring the show as well? The people at Ford have struck a sponsorship deal with The Runner, ensuring the 2017 Ford Escape will feature as part of the show. (If you missed it, Intervirals wrote a post about Ford’s Escape NYC event last week).

The only downside about The Runner is that episodes are geo-blocked, so only people within the United States can view them – go90.com/therunner.

But if you’re curious enough, there are always ways around this.

And across social media:
– Official Accounts for the series giving an overall view of the action –  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram along with the hashtag #TheRunner

– Follow the Chaser teams across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

– Or if you’re not keen on supporting one of the Chaser teams, it turns out the current Runner is gaining a loyal following at the moment on Twitter, along with the hashtag #TeamRunner

Plus, if you’re keen to see behind the scenes of The Runner – here are some of the best articles out there currently – a infographic, some of the challenges on day one and images of The Runner’s expert panel setup.

Also the initial trailer for The Runner shows some of the awesome camera work and video recording technology following the Chasers and the Runner over the next month.

Essa 🙂

Steampunk Heroes vs. Villains battle it out in The Escape Challenge at Disney Meetings


Disney Meetings are the branch of Disney which handle corporate group events, meetings and conventions. Before the event starts, event designers customize these group functions and make them more memorable by utilising knowledge of the customer experience Disney has developed over time.

The newest event theme is called The Escape Challenge, offering a team building exercise that takes place through multiple rooms. Participants are broken into teams and lead into rooms where clues need to be solved to move through the challenges.

Four steampunk inspired characters will greet participants and explain the scenario at hand, the “Stone of Stones” needs to be found so that time can be protected and allow the history of the world to remain intact.

At first, participants will find themselves falling through time and locked within the captain’s rooms of an old and forgotten pirate ship. The ship is filled with past treasures of maps, pirate tools and of course, bucket loads of shiny gold. The clues in the room lead to a message and the way to escape into the second room.

Time shifts again and participants find themselves next in a mad scientist’s laboratory. Preserved jars of creepy specimens line the walls acting as memories of past experiments and hide traps lurking within the room. Solve the clues and challenges in this room to win the game within a one hour time limit.

“We’ve designed every aspect of The Escape Challenge to create an unforgettable Disney team building program or team-bonding experience,” said Ray Fournier, Disney Producer – Disney Meetings

Overall The Escape Challenge is linked to the idea of saving time but is further customizable to any group having a Disney Meeting. The best bit is the entire setup can be easily transportable which might mean you could easily see this one day at an upcoming Disney convention or within a Disney theme park.

There’s even a Youtube video introducing The Escape Challenge, check it out:

Maybe one day Disney will let participants fall down a rabbit hole with Alice herself.
– Essa 🙂

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