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Pokemon Escape Room starts in Japan this July

Become a legendary Pokemon trainer.

SCRAP has partnered with Nintendo to promote the new movie, Pokemon: I Choose You. A Pokemon themed escape game will follow Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from the beginning.

The pair’s journey will involve finding the legendary bird pokemon, Ho-Oh. (Check out Ho-Oh in the image above!).

Players will get to choose one of three Pokemon – Charizard, Squirtle or Bulbasaur – at the start. Depending on which Pokemon you choose, the order of the puzzles will change in the game.

There’s also two levels of difficulty to choose from. The Doctoral Course is for adults while the Trainer Course is more suited for kids to teenagers.

The escape game will test each player’s knowledge of Pokemon and visit eight cities in Japan. The cities include Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Kanagawa, Aichi, Okayama and Fukuoka.

The official site already warns players that waiting in the lobby can take up to fifty minutes. Once inside, players will get to enjoy the Pokemon escape game for two to three hours.

You gotta catch ’em all(!) before the Pokemon escape game ends in December 2017.


Thanks to Room Escape Artist for the tip!

The Mummy Escape Room, kicks off in LA then heads to Tokyo

Can your team survive a battle with an undead mummy?
The Mummy Escape Game premiered in LA last Saturday to the media. For the general public, ticket sales are now open for games that start on June 9th.
Participants enter the story as security guards and encounter an ancient princess, Ahmanet. She’s risen to gain some sweet centuries old justice and potentially kick your butt along the way.
The story takes players through multiple rooms to outwit the warrior princess in 60 minutes. Up to ten players can play during one session.
Be prepared for moments in the game involving blackouts and loud noises. And the FAQ says, you’re allowed to bring a camera to help your team “capture clues” and to not upload any spoilers to the internet … uh oh.
And a solution walkthrough is provided at the end of the game.
This is SCRAP’s first movie partnership with Universal according to their press release. Hopefully there will be some other Universal movies that will also get turned into escape rooms.
After its LA run, the escape game moves to Tokyo and opens there on July 27th.
Los Angeles, USA
Price: $40-$45 USD per person
Location: Real Escape Room Hollywood – 6801 Hollywood Blvd 3F, Hollywood, CA

Tokyo, Japan
Price: 3,200 – 3,700 yen per person
Location: Gunkan East-Shinjuku Building, Shinjuku

Celebrating Final Fantasy XIV’s 30th Anniversary – Escape Game in Japan


A diverse group of heroes trying to defeat evil is at the heart of each Final Fantasy video game.

The video game series is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and brand manager, Shinji Hashimoto revealed there will be a Final Fantasy XIV (14) escape game.

“Escape from the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut” will be available to the public from February 10th 2017 and is another SCRAP partnership. Furthermore the escape game will visit five cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka and will have a time limit of 60 minutes.

The story follows the Great Sorcerer Ruizova and the Light Warriors who defeated the evil Bahamut and saved the land, Eorsea from destruction five years ago. Now Bahamut is returning from the underground and there’s 60 minutes before the resurgence is complete – will you be able to stop Bahamut with your friends?

Furthermore, the escape game is suitable for newcomers and long time fans of the Final Fantasy series. SCRAP have also hinted they want to bring the Final Fantasy escape game to the United States.


Ticket Prices
General Advanced Tickets: 3,600 yen
Group Advanced Tickets: 21,000 yen
On the Day Ticket: 4,100 yen

Escape from the Great Labyrinth of Bahamut
FF XIV Escape Room – Event information and tickets

Official Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Website



(L to R: Yoshida, FF XIV Producer and Kato, founder of SCRAP. Credit to FF XIV Website)

+ Bonus – SCRAP x Final Fantasy Interview
On the event website there’s an interview between SCRAP founder, Takao Kato and Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy XIV – who both tested the Final Fantasy XIV escape room.

The best parts of the interview are below –

Do you have any difficult problems when you make games where there are groups of people?
In the early days, there were not many formal rules when creating a real escape game. In the past, a team was exploring a venue and pulled out an unknown iron plate from the back of the venue and said, “This is sure to be part of the mystery!”. Even later when [we] asked the venue’s manager, they said “I do not remember placing such a plate”. (Laughs).

It’s not easy to always control what happens at the venue, so gradually the rules have changed so the [escape game] mystery can be solved without touching anything inside the venue. Then demand comes [from customers] I want to interact with more things in the game.

Yoshida: I sometimes think the idea is not to know the ceiling [any idea is possible in a game].


Q. How would you like players to enjoy the Final Fantasy XIV Escape Room?
Kato: I hope that you can project your expectations on to game characters and play with them. So, I would like you to experience something like being a character entering the world of Final Fantasy.

Because small potatoes are hidden in many places, if you look for them too much you can’t solve a mystery. [Laughs]. A/N: small potatoes = red herrings

The full interview can be found here in Japanese.


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Plus thanks to Room Escape Artist for letting us know about this escape game in the first place!


What happened this summer when the Gravity Falls fandom found out about #CipherHunt – Part One

Catchup: | Prologue | Part 1 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt | Part 2 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt |

After the finale of Gravity Falls back in February, fans were left with a mystery on their minds – was there indeed a real stone statue of Bill Cipher hiding in a forest?

After months of silence, a single tweet from the creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch sparked a massive alternate reality game. From his tweet, fans discovered “#FLSKHUKXQW” shifted back three letters revealed the word #CIPHERHUNT.


From the image attached to the same tweet, fans decoded:
“The urban legend has come true / Cipher’s statue’s calling you / The secret map is in your hand / To trace the clues across the land”, along with “Don’t forget it’s all for pleasure / The hunt itself’s the real treasure / But a prize awaits the first one there / Be safe, be smart, and of course beware” – GF Wikia

Proving that what fans speculated months ago was real – there was a Bill Cipher statue out there waiting to be found.

Also from the image, fans discovered when the red letters were shifted backwards it spelt out the first location – Russia. The location was confirmed as Kazan Cathedral located in St. Petersburg, Russia as the floor plan can be seen.

The clue picked up in Russia referred to the yen, which turned the focus to Japan and the next clue was located in Kanda Myojin Shrine, Tokyo.

The clue from Tokyo referred to the hunter of the fountain of youth – Ponce De Leon and a street name containing his name was found in Atlanta, Georgia in the US.

A fan discovered a damaged poster for a missing pig, Waddles – the cartoon pig which appears on Gravity Falls. On the poster was a puzzle and a phone number, when the number was reversed a voice recording could be heard.

Fans listened to Grunkle Stan, who advised them to check a university location at Rhode Island. Behind the picture of Sister Mary Hilda Miley the next clue was suppose to be located but the game ran into problems when the clue was discovered to be missing.

Alex Hirsch stepped in and tweeted to fans to re-call the last phone number, where another recording of Grunkle Stan played. “A man who’s first name is his last, a statue honouring his past …” hinted to fans they should head to Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

When the Griffith Park clue was picked up it mentioned, “50 + 50 that’s the city .. you’ll find a bow tie and one eye ..” which led to Century Park, Los Angeles. When the park is viewed from above, there’s a pyramid shape and two buildings beneath that look like a bow tie – similar to what the character Bill Cipher looks like.

A USB was found inside the park with a voice recording pointing to the next clue – hidden inside the California State Summer School of the Arts, where only students could enter the building’s sublevel to retrieve the next clue.

Scribbled on the wall were two hex codes that were decoded to lead on to the co-ordinates of Piedmont, California. Fans discovered a key tied to a tree stump and a locked container, revealing a PO box (27128) at 1825 N. Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles.

Out of the PO box emerged a monster jigsaw puzzle made of 2,000 pieces. Fans on the ground worked on the physical puzzle and upon completion, the Gravity Falls pilot episode would be made available* (*more on this later). There was also a virtual puzzle that online users could contribute to. And this was only day four!

When enough of the puzzle was put together the code on it was translated to the address: Corner of Rodney & Tillamook, Portland in Oregon. At the spot, fans discovered a lawn gnome that led to the tourist trap, Confusion Hill in California.

Inside the Confusion Hill shop, an eyeball jar found on a shelf held the next clue – which showed the next location as Stanley St, Amity in Oregon where a geocache was discovered.

The geocache in turn led to a theme park, Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. A fan discovered a ripped puzzle piece that decoded to: “Return to where it all began / The final clue is in your hand / The parchment can be such a tease / The answer’s written in the trees” – GF Wikia

The finale clue led fans back to the original tweet which started the entire Cipher Hunt. There at the bottom of the image was a drawing of the Bill Cipher statue surrounded by trees.


How to decode the branches and trees? Fans were stumped for days.

Next: Part 2 – Gravity Falls Cipher Hunt

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The Crimson Room gets a 2016 update with the release of Crimson Room: Decade – Escape the Room


You wake up in a strange room.
The walls are painted red and the only door in the room is locked.

Back in 2004, the Crimson Room quickly became one of the most popular games of the locked-in-a-room genre and boasts over 800 million views of the game across multiple game websites.

crimson_room_decade(Credit: Degica Games/Dream Holdings/TAKAGISM)

The sequel to the game, Crimson Room: Decade starts in a similar way – same red walls, blue door and yellow drawer in the corner. What’s changed? There’s a new protagonist – Inspector Jean-Jacques Gordot along with a new story and different puzzles involved.

The Inspector needs to assess all the objects in the room and find out which object combinations will assist in his escape. In the trailer, there’s flashes of lightning coming from a nearby window which also shows glimpses of the Eiffel Tower. Plus the game’s website states players will be able to explore the game in virtual reality in a future update.

Until June 16th, the game has a 15% discount on Steam which makes it $8.49 USD at the moment. After the deadline, the game goes up to $9.99 USD on Steam and there might be an Apple iOS version coming out (the website indicates coming soon). Plus, there’s a giveaway where you can win Steam credit and a Crimson Room: Decade t-shirt.

The impact of the original Crimson Room game can still be seen today with SCRAP Entertainment, which have their own real-life version called Escape From The Red Room in Tokyo along with Locked Canada who run their escape room, Crimson Room: The Origin.

Here’s the trailer for Crimson Room: Decade

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20 minutes to DASH around the world: outdoor puzzle hunts, Liminal and Exit Game Design

discounts - 30 may
Room Escape Events Blog
There’s plenty of escape room or puzzle hunts happening at the moment – from Trapped’s game that’s started this week in Missouri along with registration opening for the Singapore Puzzle Hunt event. There’s also DASH taking place in America and London while Operation: Queen is being held at the Springlicious Festival in Canada – both events are on today. An upcoming event is Real Escape Game Japan’s new 20 minute game from June 5th and check out Escape Game Design, a website for people in the escape game industry.

Canada: Blend into the crowd with your team as you work for the Agency – also known as Escape Room Niagara Falls – and discover the secret agents and clues at the Springlicious Festival. The outdoor festival takes place across two days, May 30th and 31st and players will need to find the right people in the crowd participanting as informants, get to the right locations and find enough data to win victory somewhere in downtown. That’s if you can find it.

Japan: 20 Min(ute) Real Escape Game is the newest concept from the Real Escape Game team – teams are only given 20 minutes to get into a laboratory, find the cure for a deadly virus that’s threatening the world and break out of the lab (as the security alarms have gone off and locked the teams inside!). The event goes from June 5th to August 2nd 2015 with a variety of times available and will be held at the event venue – Himitsukichirabo – located in Dogenzaka Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan).

Missouri, USA: Trapped: A St. Louis Room Escape is currently holding their fourth volume called Liminal. It’s only running for a short time from May 27th to June 7th.

North America and England: It’s DASH weekend! On May 30th teams in various cities across America and London will start their DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) adventure, where the same puzzle hunt is played in different cities on the same day.
Search for the #playdash hashtag across social media to see teams playing DASH over the day.
http://playdash.org/ || https://www.facebook.com/playdash

Singapore: The first Singapore Puzzle Hunt is opening team registration for their event tomorrow (May 31st). The actual website doesn’t have heaps of details but their Facebook page has been posting teaser puzzles for participants to try out. So far – no one has managed to solve the teaser puzzle yet! The Singapore Puzzle Hunt takes place on Sunday July 12th – will you find her in time?

Worldwide: From the creator of Play Exit Games comes a new website called Exit Game Design, a directory for people who work on various aspects of the escape room industry or a place to find “designers, franchises, equipment suppliers and everything else industry related”. Sounds like an awesome idea!


A history of room escapes – where did the concept evolve from and predecessors to its current form

a history of room escapes

A history of room escapes – initial concepts and predecessors

While Wikipedia suggests that the year 2006 is the earliest point of reference for the development of real world games where people are locked in a room and must make an effort to explore the environment around them to find clues in order to escape a room – there isn’t enough substantial evidence I could find to back this up. Plus I didn’t want to write a blog based on facts from broken links in the Wikipedia article on real life room escape, so have only listed what I could find from reputable sources.

From here on, I’ll start discussing the history of room escapes from the starting date of when actual room escape companies started their business. Discussion about online room escape games e.g. Crimson Room as a concept that inspired the development of room escapes is worthy of another blog in it’s own time.

It started the same year the iPhone was released – in 2007 – when SCRAP Entertainment, based in Japan – began after its founder Takao Kato saw a classmate playing an online game, whereby she had to click around the room in order to find clues and objects which would help her to unlock the room’s door. Following this, Kato wondered about bringing the concept of the game to life, so players could immerse themselves in it fully and the company developed this idea into what it called ‘real escape games’ – which are temporary events lasting a couple of weeks at most.

To find the first room escape predecessor that looks similar to current real life room escapes ie. where the business has an established location that visitors can visit throughout the year, there were probably several set up in Japan between 2007 and 2011. However for the earliest predecessor outside of Japan, you need to look at Budapest, Hungary. In 2011, Parapark was the first company in Hungary which created a room escape facility which meets the criteria: people pay to be locked in a room, must utilise their skills to find objects to solve puzzles to escape a room and the business is in a permanent location. The founder of Parapark, Attila Guyrkovics studied team building concepts and the result was an experience where people can bring the unexpected into their lives.

Following this other early room escape game providers include:
– HintHunt Debrecen, Hungary – February 2012
– Real Escape Game, USA – March 2012
– HintHunt UK – April 2012
– Adventure Rooms Bern, Switzerland – November 2012
– Exitgames Romania, Romania – TBA, 2012

If anyone knows of any other room escape game providers which started their business in 2012, please let me know. Otherwise feel free to leave a suggestion or comment!

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Additional Information:
– Early history of SCRAP Entertainment

– Early history of Parapark

Latest News – 9th March

Death Note Gets Real Escape Game For 10th Anniversary

Anime and manga fans will enjoy this one! An upcoming room escape adventure based around the popular Death Note manga series is coming soon to Japan. Death Note was a manga where Kira, the genius protagonist stumbled across a black notebook which came along with a death god only he could see. Participants at this event will have to work against a Kira type character as they try to figure out how to escape the situation.

Information #


Tokyo, Japan – From May 30th

Osaka, Japan – From June 13th

Ticket Prices

2220 yen, advanced student tickets

2800 yen, advanced general tickets

3300 yen, ticket price on the day

Event website: http://www.j-deathnote.com/

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork.com

# Information was translated from Japanese via Google translate