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Jigsaw: Escape the Trap at New York Comic Con 2017

Survive the trap.

Jigsaw: Escape the Trap is a virtual reality escape room available at the upcoming New York Comic Con.

The escape room is to promote the eighth film in the SAW franchise – Jigsaw.

The movie summary on IMDB goes: “Dead bodies begin to turn up all over the city, each meeting their demise in a variety of grisly ways. All investigations begin to point the finger at deceased killer John Kramer (Jigsaw)”.

Participants who get out of the escape room, will get a free movie ticket to see the new Jigsaw movie.
Jigsaw Escape Room
Date: October 5th – 8th 2017
Address: Javitz Center, 655 W 34th St, New York
Website: http://escape.jigsawsaves.com/


PAX Australia 2016 Escape Room Panel and 5 Min Q&A with Escape Rossio team


PAX Australia – The Past, Present and Future of Live Action Escape Games

For the second year running, the escape room panel at PAX Australia is a great insight into into what’s happening within the escape room industry in Australia. The Lock Me If You Can team were in attendance and have a great summary of the panel here while the entire one hour panel can be seen on Youtube here.

The panel covered topics in escape room classification, puzzle design and how virtual reality/artificial intelligence could be adapted for use in escape rooms.

Also during the panel – a representative from Labryinth Rooms discussed developing a large multiplayer game for Australia! It would involve actors as zombies with a tentative date of April 2017. To deal with large numbers of players within the game, the team are looking at SCRAP’s model and are looking into visual puzzles or interactive actor puzzles (eg. distract a zombie).


5 Minute Q&A with Escape Rossio team

The team behind Escape Rossio in Portugal did a mini Q&A for the blog recently –

– What inspired you to create your escape room (tv shows, movies)?
First of all, books and movies from Dan Brown. These are the main inspirations.

We enjoy following leads and clues. To find mysteries and investigate. For several years we studied cosmogony, conspiracies and historical secrets. Our escape room allows us to share in a scenic, immersive and interactive way – all the conclusions from our investigations.

– If you could create an escape room about anything, what would it be about?

We currently have one escape game. The objective is not exactly to escape but to reach the end of an ancient ritual. Therefore we would create our next room also thinking about this objective.
As we found the Illuminati theme to be rather good and interesting, we would probably stick to it.

Our escape room offers the experience of the first steps into an Illuminati Order so we would try to find place for the upcoming steps. There are many degrees and their history is vast so we could make several escape rooms based on those with different rituals, enigmas, scenarios, etc.

Also there is a particular part which we love, and that is that Lisbon is one of three sacred cities for the Illuminati, being the others: Jerusalem and Rome. We can’t currently proceed to those places but we would definitely love to create two more escape rooms in those cities.


Other Escape Room News:
– The Escape Hunt Group has been acquired for USD $23.5 million in November 2016, covering 207 escape rooms and 46 brick-and-mortar stores located in 27 different countries (Source).


Through The Repository: A Horror VR experience this September at Universal Studios Hollywood


Since the 1700s, The Repository warehouse has been the storage hold for all types of bizarre relics. These relics are rumoured to contain the paranormal energy of horrific incidents that occurred close by, others say these objects are the cause of troubles.

At Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Studios Hollywood, there’s a new add-on experience this year – The Repository. The creators have harnessed eight years of HHN feedback to develop this new horror experience that combines virtual reality technology and immersive theatre.

Teams of four players enter the warehouse, with each player being assigned a different role within the 30 minute game.

Players will need to interact with actors who are members of a secret society looking into paranormal activity and first meet the warehouse’s caretaker. A key needs to be found which will take the team through the Dark Portal and into a paranormal world which is viewable only when wearing virtual reality headsets. In this world, horrible creatures roam freely and fears will be tested as the team encounters small spaces and dizzying heights.

At this stage of the game, the team is split into two and can roam 18 x 18 foot stages which have undergone texture mapping – this means the game space players see on their headsets is smaller than the actual size of the room. There’s also a safety barrier to protect players and live scare actors who will interact with the team.

The technology that runs behind the scenes “[uses] wireless multiplayer technology from VRstudios’ VRcade division and Unity Technologies’ Unity 5 game engine.” – Source.

Throughout the experience the team will be briefed on their mission and are given props to help progress through the game eventually building up to the finale – “.. it’s a four-person, team-based puzzle that needs to be solved to stop the evil entities from taking over.” – Source.

Whatever happens to you on the journey .. is not reversible.

The Repository is available from September 29th to October 31st at Universal Studios Hollywood and costs $50 USD per person. A Halloween Horror Nights ticket is also required.

Website: Halloween Horror Nights

Behind-the-scenes information: DigitalTrends


Movie World Australia: Fright Nights 2016 – Panic Rooms & Dirk Gently Escape Room at New York Comic Con


Will you be driven out by the horrors lurking inside this theme park?

Fright Night Panic Rooms return this year to Movie World with two new rooms: Zombies! A zombie apocalypse themed escape room where your team of survivors are hiding in a bunker … but the zombies are closing in and Helter Skelter, an escape room based on a mysterious serial killer. The other two panic rooms – Devilution and The Play Pen return for an encore appearance this year.

The CATATONIC Virtual Reality Horror experience is a new addition to the horror lineup this year – a ride which uses virtual reality to create a true horror experience. The story follows a patient as they enter a asylum and the thrill ride follows the patient as they descend into madness.

The final addition to all the horror experiences in the theme park are mazes and no matter what you see in the mazes – there’s no going back. From Dusk til Dawn is a maze based on a bank robbery gone wrong, a kidnapped family and trouble is going to find you soon – how do you survive? The other new maze is The Conjuring 2, where an ominous presence is causing strange things to happen in the maze. People who come out of the maze are .. different somehow. Unless the spirits can use you, then they don’t want you in this maze.

For previous attendees of Fright Nights, the other two mazes: Friday the 13th and Wyrmwood can be replayed again.

Website: Movie World Australia


// Other Escape Room News
Everything is Connected – At New York Comic Con this week (6th – 9th October), there’s an escape room on display to promote the new tv show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which follows the adventures of an eccentric detective and his assistant. The show is based on the books written by Douglas Adams and stars Samuel Barnett as Dirk and Elijah Woods as his assistant Todd.

One of the show’s actors has described the show as “It’s like an escape room that’s a TV show” and another news article writes  “each week, viewers will enter the escape room-esque mystery”.

The Dirk Gently Facebook page indicates the New York Comic Con escape room will be located in Fandom Village and for those participants who do escape, they will get a Dirk Gently themed prize.

– Essa 🙂

The Crimson Room gets a 2016 update with the release of Crimson Room: Decade – Escape the Room


You wake up in a strange room.
The walls are painted red and the only door in the room is locked.

Back in 2004, the Crimson Room quickly became one of the most popular games of the locked-in-a-room genre and boasts over 800 million views of the game across multiple game websites.

crimson_room_decade(Credit: Degica Games/Dream Holdings/TAKAGISM)

The sequel to the game, Crimson Room: Decade starts in a similar way – same red walls, blue door and yellow drawer in the corner. What’s changed? There’s a new protagonist – Inspector Jean-Jacques Gordot along with a new story and different puzzles involved.

The Inspector needs to assess all the objects in the room and find out which object combinations will assist in his escape. In the trailer, there’s flashes of lightning coming from a nearby window which also shows glimpses of the Eiffel Tower. Plus the game’s website states players will be able to explore the game in virtual reality in a future update.

Until June 16th, the game has a 15% discount on Steam which makes it $8.49 USD at the moment. After the deadline, the game goes up to $9.99 USD on Steam and there might be an Apple iOS version coming out (the website indicates coming soon). Plus, there’s a giveaway where you can win Steam credit and a Crimson Room: Decade t-shirt.

The impact of the original Crimson Room game can still be seen today with SCRAP Entertainment, which have their own real-life version called Escape From The Red Room in Tokyo along with Locked Canada who run their escape room, Crimson Room: The Origin.

Here’s the trailer for Crimson Room: Decade

Essa 🙂

Ghostbusters: Dimension – A Paranormal Encounter from The VOID and Madam Tussauds New York #GBXP


Who are the Ghostbusters gonna call? It could be you – if you’re in New York City this July.

To promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, a hyper reality experience from The VOID will open inside Madam Tussad’s New York location.

“You become a Ghostbuster, investigating an apartment filled with ghosts in a three player adventure, where hopefully you won’t destroy New York City.” – The VOID

The VOID is one of those companies in the virtual reality field to keep an eye on and only invited guests (beta testers, media) have had access to trial out their virtual reality offerings so far. It’s going to be the first time The VOID’s experience can be accessed by the public.

The VOID’s tech is based around two parts: physical props/sets and virtual reality software.

For the immersive Ghostbusters experience, participants will be able to roam a physical space and will be equipped with The VOID’s Rapture vest and gun – similar to what a person might wear in laser tag – but with inbuilt haptic features. For the Ghostbusters experience, this turns into a proton pack and gun.

The VOID will also give participants headsets (similar to an Oculus Rift) to wear over their eyes and its how the Ghostbuster’s world will be viewed. Take a tour around Ghostbusters HQ, then head out into the streets of New York to battle ghosts and not destroy the city in the process.

Combined together, it creates one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences out there. The experience starts July 1st and tickets can be bought here.

Over on Twitter, there’s a sneak peak of The VOID team building the physical Ghostbuster set:

And here’s the trailer for the Ghostbusters: Dimension experience.

Essa 🙂

A history of room escapes – the origins of room escape bloggers and their inspirations – Part Two


Everyone has their own story about how they first discovered the concept of room escapes and each story is interesting and unique as the individuals themselves. From driving past a room escape location, travelling to room escape hubs such as Canada, Singapore, Budapest and Malaysia, being inspired by The Crystal Maze tv series or being interested in board games/video games/logic puzzles. Here’s part two of what inspired some room escape bloggers to start writing. Catchup on part one here.

Name: The EGR Team
Website: www.escapegamesreview.ca
Reply: It was back in Feb or March last year, when we noticed this new ‘entertainment’ type of business in our office complex.  After driving by it for 2-3 weeks, we decided to take the leap and book it.  Looking back it was a very simple room, and we probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought it if we played it now., but we knew we were addicted when we escaped for that first time.  After that room escapes were popping up everywhere in the city and we decided we were going to try all of them.

Name: Scott
Website: escaperoomsydney.blogspot.com.au
Reply: I first heard about true room escapes only in mid 2014, when I read that Escape Hunt was going to open in Sydney.  However, I had tried something similar in about 2009 in Vegas called Las Vegas Mystery Adventures, which was the number one rated attraction in Vegas at the time on Tripadvisor.  It was pretty similar to an escape room – you had to solve puzzles and open locks, hack into computers, etc, but the aim of the game was that you were private investigator “assistants” who had to solve a mystery (rather than escape a room).
The experience involved three completely different locations (each of which had several rooms, including hidden rooms) and they drove you between sites in a mini van (but you had to find the address of the next location before you could leave the location you were in). The whole experience lasted about 4 hours.  It was easily the best attraction we have ever done and when I heard about escape rooms, I knew that I’d love them too.

I think the reason escape rooms are so addictive is due to the combination of the fun of hunt and seek together with mind-bending puzzles and unexpected, hidden rooms – all of which is heightened by the added pressure of a large countdown clock on the wall.  I’ve now been to 10 different escape rooms in Sydney and whilst some rooms are definitely better than others, I have very much enjoyed all 10!

Name: Mark
Website: www.qmsm.co.uk
Reply: I first head about escaping in October 2014 but my interested started long before that, probably watching The Crystal Maze, in particular their Murder Mystery games. When I heard of “real life escape games” this is the first thing I pictured and was very excited. While the reality isn’t usually anything like that (but maybe I haven’t played the right room yet?) I still find them an incredible amount of fun.

Name: Escman League
Website: http://escmanleague.com/
Reply: We played our first game in Singapore back in 2013 and find room escapes exciting and addictive! As we played more games in Malaysia, we learn to appreciate the various elements that make a fun game. We like the adrenaline-rush in beating the time. And the creatively planted surprises that jump on us. We like how we’re able to spend an hour in a world, as a person, different from reality, complete with movie-quality setup. We also enjoy chatting up escape game creators, to be amazed by their passion and also learn about their inspirations. In all, it’s a great new activity we found, something we could see ourselves playing again and again!

Name: Kenny
Website: www.escapegamefrance.fr
Reply: I think I heard first about escape gaming on a geek website, and after the first room open in Paris in December 2013, we’re boardgame [players], and very curious about it. Few rooms open in France but we didn’t [find] any listing or other about the new locations and the games they proposed, and we decide to create it!

Name/s: David Spira & Lisa Radding
Website: www.RoomEscapeArtist.com
Reply: At the end of 2013 I was planning a trip to Budapest. As I perused TripAdvisor, there was a very highly rated thing called “Claustrophilia;” The name and five star rating warranted further investigation.

I soon figured out that it was a room escape, and immediately wanted to play, so I did some research to see if one of these things existed in New York. Escape the Room NYC had recently opened in their first location, so I gathered a group of trusting friends and fell in love with escape games

Name: Evan Wright (Co-Founder)
Website: www.escapereviewer.com
When did I first hear about room escapes: I became involved in the online phenomenon of room escape games much earlier than I can remember. Upon reading your website, I do remember playing games such as Crimson Room, in addition to many others. I first heard that a live room escape game had opened in the GTA when I heard about the opening of ESC-IT in Markham (Their old Beaver Creek Location). This was in 2013, I believe. I jumped at the idea of a real life room escape and quickly brought a group of my friends to do an escape. This jump-started my interest in the genre.

Why did I develop an interest: As I said, I loved the online version of the games. I’m a sucker for logic problems, I’m the type of person that has a book of logic puzzles on my nightstand to do before bed. Combining the fun of a video game with the thrill of performing one in real life was definitely a driving force in what spawned my interest. I do believe that this is the way that video games are moving, more and more towards removing the “video” and immersing us as much as possible in the game. We see this in the evolution of virtual reality for heavy gaming. We are lucky that this genre is so easily adapted from the screen to reality!

# Finally, thank you to all the room escape bloggers who participated and responded to my question.

Essa 🙂