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Terminus – An interview with the Room Escape Divas!

The Room Escape Divas are getting ready for their next event.

An escape room.

On a moving train.

For three hours(!?!).

Thanks to Errol, Manda & Mike from the Room Escape Divas for discussing their newest adventure.
Q. Who is involved with this event and how did it get started?
Errol: There are three groups involved in this: the York Durham Heritage Railway [in Ontario, Canada], Panic Factory, and the Room Escape Divas. The railway approached Nick and Ray of Panic Factory about an escape room on a train.

They said yes.

A few weeks later, the divas did a room at Panic Factory. Afterwards, Ray casually mentioned the event they were doing.

Apparently, as soon as he said “train”, I took off my coat, sat down, and began to drill them with as many questions that I could think of.

At least, that’s the story they told me. And then I told them I was going to be involved with the project.
Q. What inspired Terminus?
Errol: I am a huge fan of adventure games, and one I particularly enjoyed was The Last Express (video game), set on the Orient Express in 1914.

The game had characters with their own agendas and would even change their plans in case the player intervened.

It was also one of the few real-time adventure games: if multiple events occurred at 4:00pm, the player could only see one of them at the time. And of course, it’s on a train.

To be honest, I create games I want to play myself. I want to feel like I’m involved in some nefarious plot and I want the environment to match that.

I’ve played a few adventure games on a train, and it’s always been one of my dreams to make an escape event on one!
Q. Are you playing as an Non-Player Character (NPC) on the night? If so – what’s your role?
Errol: Yes, I am playing a ‘train official’ for the night. We won’t have that many NPCs for this event, though.

Manda will be Train Announcer, so she will be on the intercom the whole night. And we do have on other actor, but then that goes into spoiler territory!
Q. How many cars are on the train? And how many people does each session take?
Errol: There are 144 people on this train and five cars!

They will be split up into two groups so each group will see three train cars at the most.
Q. Will teams get to wander in between train cars or will they need to visit each train car in a sequence?
Errol: For the most part, in sequence. The two main cars are the dining car and the bar car.

People will be in one or the other, but because of the tight fit walking down the cars, we don’t encourage a lot of wandering.
Q. The fourth session of Terminus is almost sold out! Are you planning a fifth session to be held?
Errol: Oh dear, no. *laugh*

As of writing, the fourth session is now sold out which is terribly exciting for us!

This is taking up the majority of my summer and is like putting on a theatre show, so as exciting as it is, I will also look forward to having one month where we can relax!


PAX Australia 2016 Escape Room Panel and 5 Min Q&A with Escape Rossio team


PAX Australia – The Past, Present and Future of Live Action Escape Games

For the second year running, the escape room panel at PAX Australia is a great insight into into what’s happening within the escape room industry in Australia. The Lock Me If You Can team were in attendance and have a great summary of the panel here while the entire one hour panel can be seen on Youtube here.

The panel covered topics in escape room classification, puzzle design and how virtual reality/artificial intelligence could be adapted for use in escape rooms.

Also during the panel – a representative from Labryinth Rooms discussed developing a large multiplayer game for Australia! It would involve actors as zombies with a tentative date of April 2017. To deal with large numbers of players within the game, the team are looking at SCRAP’s model and are looking into visual puzzles or interactive actor puzzles (eg. distract a zombie).


5 Minute Q&A with Escape Rossio team

The team behind Escape Rossio in Portugal did a mini Q&A for the blog recently –

– What inspired you to create your escape room (tv shows, movies)?
First of all, books and movies from Dan Brown. These are the main inspirations.

We enjoy following leads and clues. To find mysteries and investigate. For several years we studied cosmogony, conspiracies and historical secrets. Our escape room allows us to share in a scenic, immersive and interactive way – all the conclusions from our investigations.

– If you could create an escape room about anything, what would it be about?

We currently have one escape game. The objective is not exactly to escape but to reach the end of an ancient ritual. Therefore we would create our next room also thinking about this objective.
As we found the Illuminati theme to be rather good and interesting, we would probably stick to it.

Our escape room offers the experience of the first steps into an Illuminati Order so we would try to find place for the upcoming steps. There are many degrees and their history is vast so we could make several escape rooms based on those with different rituals, enigmas, scenarios, etc.

Also there is a particular part which we love, and that is that Lisbon is one of three sacred cities for the Illuminati, being the others: Jerusalem and Rome. We can’t currently proceed to those places but we would definitely love to create two more escape rooms in those cities.


Other Escape Room News:
– The Escape Hunt Group has been acquired for USD $23.5 million in November 2016, covering 207 escape rooms and 46 brick-and-mortar stores located in 27 different countries (Source).


From lead to gold: The Alchemist’s Lab opens its doors at Adelaide’s Fringe Festival in Australia

From the US, Escape Room Treasure Hunt has designed an escape room that will appear during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Alchemist’s Lab introduces participants to a Victorian era laboratory that is rumoured to have discovered the ultimate goal in alchemy: transmutation of an element. Scotland Yard will group its detectives (participants) into groups of twelve to find out the alchemist’s secret formula by digging through the laboratory’s secret puzzles and codes.

The alchemist in question, Devon Melton Plumbum will not be in his lab for the next hour and this would be the perfect time to find out what he is up to. Will you escape with the alchemist’s gold or be left holding lead in your hands?

The whole alchemist adventure takes 90 minutes, with 60 minutes of game play along with 15 minutes at the start and end of the game for debrief.

Also the Adelaide Fringe Festival mentions on their website the actual escape room is built into a trailer which has been styled Victorian era. Interesting to note is, “all equipment, locks and puzzles … use only technology available in the period, wherever possible”.

The Alchemy Lab @ The Adelaide Fringe Festival
From Feb 12th to March 12th 2016 (doesn’t run on Mondays)
Price: $38 AUD per person
Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka Cnr East Tce & Rundle Rd, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Adelaide Fringe Tickets | Escape Room Treasure Hunt

Minds Wanted for Derren Brown’s distorted psychological attraction at Thorpe Park in 2016


Would you enter a maze that would make you question your mind?

A new theme park attraction called a mind maze is being created by Derren Brown, the famous hypnotist and illusionist. I’ve seen a few of the tv specials that Derren Brown has produced and they are always mind blowing and fascinating to watch – so I have high hopes for this new type of maze.

The mind maze will be within a warehouse that is designed to look abandoned and decayed within Thorpe Park, a theme park in the United Kingdom. As well as this, the maze is designed as a psychological attraction – it will make participants question the difference between what they fear and what they find fun.

Upon entering the mind maze, participants will need to seek out clues, crack codes and discover what the island is hiding. This island is already turning dark – will you discover it’s secrets too?

Before the opening, there’s a promotion on the mindswanted.co.uk/ website where there’s plenty of social media activity starting to pick up. Participants will need to search the Minds Wanted website for seven clues in order to enter the competition.

Already there are three clues available to find – for one clue, there’s a specific time people need to log into the website and another sneaky clue in the video, “Derren Brown is keeping a secret”. Blink and you’ll miss it below.