What’s the funniest thing you have done in an escape room? Part Two

There’s even more funny escape room stories to tell this week. 🙂 Catch up on last week’s stories here and also enjoy Part Two in this blog!

What’s the funniest thing that you have experienced in an escape room?

Escape Room Addict
Hands down funniest thing I can remember: The ERA team is a brilliant collection of puzzle solvers – so much so that one time we couldn’t solve the 3-digit combination for the EMERGENCY PHONE lock, (and yes the famous numbers were visible in big bold red letters right in front of our faces…when we called in a clue the owner nearly peed himself laughing!)

The scary rooms are the funniest on hindsight. I mean, just imagine sitting at the camera and watching the entire s-capegoats team jump into a corner because of a jump-scare. Also, tickling people with feather dusters in creepy rooms.


J, Escaping SG
I’ve played some rooms with great senses of humour, including one where a scrapbook told the touching (and hilarious) story of a lonely artist and his (toy) dog, and another where riding a bicycle resulted in… extremely appropriate background music. But one of the funniest moments was courtesy of a zealous team-mate. We’d stalled at an early stage, so he decided to investigate — and then attempt to wield — a fire extinguisher that was clearly not part of the room’s theme. We managed to get him to put it down just before a flustered gamemaster intervened…

Herb, EscapistTO
In recent memory, I was playing a relatively new escape room where the owner had accidentally left a broom in the game. I started sweeping. At some point, I had to stop to continue playing, and I propped it up against a table. A little bit later, my teammates activated a tech ‘cutscene’ where the lights turned off! At the same time, the broom fell on someone, and then clattered to the floor.  10/10..


Trapspringer, Lock Me If You Can
We were playing a very physically active game with a drug cartel theme. It was fun and very well decorated, so we were really into it. By the end, there were (notional) thugs after us, and our mission was to leave the joint with passports to leave the country and whatever loot we can find. So were frantically stashing as much we could in a go-bag and as we closed in on the end of the game, I ran to the last door with a friend. For some reason Pá stayed behind. It actually sounded like she had ran back into the cartel hideout! Me and our friend could have escaped, but we decided to wait at the door for her, puzzled by the situation.

When she appeared, a less than a minute later and kinda crawling on the floor, her hair was messy and her clothes where all stretched out with very weird lumps. Her eyes were shining in excitement. “We could not leave these things behind!”, she yelled.

The gamemaster was laughing hysterically when we left TWELVE plastic rifles, 20 golden items, drugs, passports and approximately 2 million dollars in fake notes from inside Pa’s clothes. (She is only 1.55m / 5 ft tall).

William, Escape Room Tips
Once in an escape room, I put my mouth on a whistle-like object and blew. After realizing that air wouldn’t go through, I found out that I had been blowing on some sort of spring mechanism that had come loose from a pop-up cabinet. I spent the next minute trying to clean my tongue. Responsibly, I put the spring mechanism back where it belonged.


Essa, Intervirals
The escape room had a Mission Impossible theme and my team had made it to the second room. There was a locked jail door in the room and upon searching for the key, it was spotted – a couple of metres into the locked room. The only thing given to us was a piece of rope to try and get the key.

However one of the team had the brilliant idea to take off their shoe and then tie the rope to the shoe. Our team had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. This was impossible. The first attempt throwing the shoe didn’t work. Someone in the team asked what would we do if we lost the shoe. We tried to convince her the gamemaster would hopefully get it back afterwards.

After a couple more throws of the shoe with the rope attached, the key was accidentally pushed further into the room. We didn’t give up. A couple more attempts later, the impossible happened – the shoe landed on the key! And ever so slowly, we pulled the rope back through the bars of the jail door. The key came close enough to the door so we could pick it up. The shoe also successfully came back.

If the shoe fits, then sometimes you have to throw it.

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