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Jigsaw: Escape the Trap at New York Comic Con 2017

Survive the trap.

Jigsaw: Escape the Trap is a virtual reality escape room available at the upcoming New York Comic Con.

The escape room is to promote the eighth film in the SAW franchise – Jigsaw.

The movie summary on IMDB goes: “Dead bodies begin to turn up all over the city, each meeting their demise in a variety of grisly ways. All investigations begin to point the finger at deceased killer John Kramer (Jigsaw)”.

Participants who get out of the escape room, will get a free movie ticket to see the new Jigsaw movie.
Jigsaw Escape Room
Date: October 5th – 8th 2017
Address: Javitz Center, 655 W 34th St, New York
Website: http://escape.jigsawsaves.com/


Resident Evil Escape Room: LA, UK – now 2017 Nationwide USA Tour

The Resident Evil franchise is continuing their 20th anniversary celebrations this year, after its escape room had a successful run in Los Angeles, followed by another stint in London two weeks ago. More exciting news has emerged, with the Resident Evil 7: Escape Experience going on a tour of six US cities in the coming weeks.

– San Francisco, Los Angeles: February 8th – March 5th 2017
– Portland, Oregon: February 8th – March 5th 2017
– Boston, Massachusetts: February 22nd – March 19th 2017
– New York, New York City: February 22nd – March 19th 2017
– Austin, Texas: March 8th – April 2nd 2017
– Chicago, Illinois: March 8th – April 2nd 2017

Tickets are $35 USD per person, except for San Francisco and New York where tickets are $40 USD per person instead.


The Immersive London blog has a write up of their recent experience of the Resident Evil escape room when it visited London’s East End. Plenty of spoilers ahead – read it on their blog here.


// Other Escape Room News
Jerudong Park Diamond Heist Mystery – Brunei
The largest escape room event in Brunei” took place from December 16th – 24th 2016. More than 800 people took part in an investigation to discover the thief who stole a diamond from Jerudong Park. Escape room company, Escape Square Gadong collaborated with other businesses for the event.


Escape Rooms used for leadership and recruitment at Wayfair, an online home interior business
The company have created their own version called Escape the Room and use it to train staff –
“Wayfair originally used it as a team building and problem solving activity on leadership ‘away days’. However, given how much fun it was and the changing nature of the skills and the people they are looking for they decided to introduce it as part of their customer service recruitment process.”

– Essa 🙂



Nintendo x SCRAP: Legend of Zelda Escape Game – Defenders of the Triforce comes to USA


Defend the Darkness: Find the Master Sword.

Your adventure begins now.

The upcoming Legend of Zelda escape game involves golden triangles which grant wishes (also known as the Triforce). The Triforce was hidden away until the evil king, Ganondorf stole the artifact for himself and now a darkness is spreading throughout the land known as Hyrule.


Players will be known as Defenders of the Triforce and must find the Master Sword to save the kingdom alongside Princess Zelda. But you don’t need to be a huge Zelda fan to enjoy SCRAP’s newest escape game.

The escape game will have teams of six working towards solving the Triforce mystery under a tight deadline. The event description sounds familiar to traditional SCRAP events – a large space where multiple teams can participate in the event and each team has an assigned table to work at – see their FAQ response below.


“No, this is NOT a traditional escape room (i.e. locked inside a room). It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise. There will be multiple teams in the event space all participating at the same time, and each team will have their own table to work at when not exploring.” – scrapzelda.com

Defenders of the Triforce will visit eight US cities starting on January 31st, visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Ticket information for Seattle, Houston, Chicago and New York will be released in late January 2017.


Legend of Zelda 2017 Tour Dates
San Francisco: January 31st – February 5th
Los Angeles: February 10th – March 12th
San Diego: February 23th – February 25th
Phoenix: February 15th – February 17th

Info released on Jan 24th 2017 for these US states –
Seattle: TBA
Houston: TBA
Chicago: TBA
New York: TBA




What’s Mr Robot’s Endgame and hacking easter eggs from the tv show #MrRobot


Cyber security engineer by day, vigilante hacker by night.

Elliot Alderson is the lead character in the tv show Mr Robot, an expert at cyber security and dreams of saving the world. He gets persuaded by a person only known as Mr Robot to join fsociety, a small group of elite hackers who are trying to take down a mega-conglomerate called E Corp/Evil Corp.

Season 2 is currently airing on television and the writers of the show have hidden one or two easter eggs in each episode. See an IP address during an episode? Type it into a web browser and see where it goes. For example, appeared in the first episode leading to a fake website that had been set up and there’s a full breakdown for this easter egg here. Another easter egg was a hand drawn QR code, which could be scanned and led to another website.

After each episode of Mr Robot appears on television, keen fans head over to reddit forums /r/mrRobot and /r/argSociety to discuss the latest easter eggs. This Google document lists most of the easter eggs that have appeared so far in the series.

Where do all the easter eggs lead?
Kor Adana, a writer and producer for Mr Robot mentioned in a recent article:

And there is an [final] endgame. In order to get the prize, which Adana says will be available at the end of season two, viewers will have to solve all of the Easter eggs. Even if someone has cracked 90 percent of the codes hidden within Mr. Robot, there is no way to figure out the final egg without completing all of the others. – Vulture

When Mr Robot’s Season 2 ends on September 14th September 21st now, with episode twelve – expect the release of Endgame. What will it take to find the final easter egg?

The world of Mr Robot doesn’t stop there:
Web Game: There’s a 16 bit web-based game called Endgame already on the whoIsMrRobot website. It tests puzzle solving and moral dilemmas across four different levels. If you win a level, you get a certain number of chess pieces that appear on the side of the webpage. Interesting to note, fans have only been able to get 28 out of 32 chess pieces in the game so far.

My current theory is this game is going to lead fans into the release of the final Endgame (in reference to the Vulture article above!).

Mobile App: Fans can get the app called – Mr.Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa – in the Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store for $2.99 USD and over a few days, players get text messages from in-game characters.

The backstory is you found a smart phone near an arcade place, on Coney Island in New York. That phone belongs to Darlene, a hacker who is going to commit a huge cybercrime and the player slowly becomes part of fsociety, the group who want to bring down E-Corp.

Telltale Games, the creators of the game have a behind-the-scenes video of how the game came together on Youtube.

Novel: The companion novel, eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt is a replica of the journal that Elliot records his thoughts in during Season 2. The book contains removable artifacts – parts of a newspaper, an envelope etc. and is released on November 1st. Join the reddit forum – /r/MrRobotRWBook.

What happened when the Season 2 trailer was released?
When Mr Robot’s Season 2 trailer was released, fans saw a phone number scrawled on the side of a cardboard box being labelled as evidence. Calling the number lead to a recorded voicemail and a short online puzzle hunt – here’s the Reddit post which details everything that went down.

In reference to the major hack near the end of Season 1, that happened on 5/09 (9th May) – the first 509 people who got to the end of the puzzle hunt and registered their details received a package from fsociety.

If this was done for the trailer, I’m hoping the release of Endgame at the end of Season 2 is going to be one epic online puzzle hunt.

It’s also been refreshing to see both the recent Gravity Falls ARG and Mr Robot’s current easter egg hunt and just fall down the rabbit hole for a new adventure.

And it shows that people don’t want to only watch entertainment – they want to be pulled into those worlds and play a role within them.

// Other Escape Room News
– The third Great Escape UK unconference will take place in Leeds, England on September 6th from 11am to 7pm. Check out ExExit Games’ post for further details.

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Driving with Ford in Escape NYC: An Escape the Room Driving Experience #FordEscape


To showcase the 2017 Ford Escape SUV – Ford created an escape room driving experience.

The experience runs from June 23rd to 26th in New York and a thousand free spaces were made available to the public. Once registration opened, all the available times were filled up in less than twenty four hours. There’s still some walk in spots available each day according to Ford’s website.

Teams of up to four people have 30 minutes to get through five different rooms, which showcase a range of the Ford Escape’s features eg. parking assist.

“.. Five rooms: an apartment, a long corridor, an office, a “hip” Brooklyn neighborhood .. and a sandy beach scene. [Also] There’s a drive-up coffee shop along the way …” – Fortune.com

At the beginning of each room, a timer is started and the team has six minutes to complete the room. Upon completing the room the timer is paused, the team hop into a Ford Escape and drive to the next room. The car has been altered to only reach a maximum of 5 miles per hour for safety reasons.

The whole escape room setup takes over 35,000 square foot of space in Moynihan Station within Manhattan in New York City and took the Ford team four whole days to setup.

This event was created by Ford who are targeting millennials with their product – turning a normal test drive into a memorable and fun experience by utilizing concepts from the experience economy.

PCMag also recorded their first hand experience of the event and uploaded it to Youtube:


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Ghostbusters: Dimension – A Paranormal Encounter from The VOID and Madam Tussauds New York #GBXP


Who are the Ghostbusters gonna call? It could be you – if you’re in New York City this July.

To promote the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, a hyper reality experience from The VOID will open inside Madam Tussad’s New York location.

“You become a Ghostbuster, investigating an apartment filled with ghosts in a three player adventure, where hopefully you won’t destroy New York City.” – The VOID

The VOID is one of those companies in the virtual reality field to keep an eye on and only invited guests (beta testers, media) have had access to trial out their virtual reality offerings so far. It’s going to be the first time The VOID’s experience can be accessed by the public.

The VOID’s tech is based around two parts: physical props/sets and virtual reality software.

For the immersive Ghostbusters experience, participants will be able to roam a physical space and will be equipped with The VOID’s Rapture vest and gun – similar to what a person might wear in laser tag – but with inbuilt haptic features. For the Ghostbusters experience, this turns into a proton pack and gun.

The VOID will also give participants headsets (similar to an Oculus Rift) to wear over their eyes and its how the Ghostbuster’s world will be viewed. Take a tour around Ghostbusters HQ, then head out into the streets of New York to battle ghosts and not destroy the city in the process.

Combined together, it creates one of the most immersive virtual reality experiences out there. The experience starts July 1st and tickets can be bought here.

Over on Twitter, there’s a sneak peak of The VOID team building the physical Ghostbuster set:

And here’s the trailer for the Ghostbusters: Dimension experience.

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Play Well: The legend of the lost Lego pieces that wash up onshore

According to the stories, a dark storm brewed off the British coastline on the night of February 13th 1997. The Tokio Express was a container ship and on board was several containers of Lego on its way from Rotterdam, Netherlands to New York. That night, a large wave caused 62 containers of Lego to be spilled overboard into the sea.

After a while, pieces of Lego started to wash up on beaches in Cornwall and now the coastline is visited by Lego fans around the world who beachcomb in the hope of finding Lego treasure. Usually after heavy storms, there is a better chance of finding a lost Lego piece.

The most common locations to find Lego pieces are located on the west coastline of the United Kingdom (Perranporth, Pembrokeshire, the Lizard Peninsula to name a few), along with findings on beaches in Wales, Ireland and unconfirmed reports from Florida (USA) and Melbourne (Australia).

black_octopus(Image Credit: Eurobricks.com)

Around 4.8 million pieces of Lego were lost that night, with the most sought out pieces being Octopus’ (4,200 lost pieces) or Dragons (34,000 lost pieces). The most common pieces to find include flippers and daisy flowers. Other Lego pieces that could be found include spear guns, sea grass, cutlasses (and much more!) while the different Lego sets lost ranged in theme from aquatic, police, wild west, robots and pirates.

To keep track of current beach findings, a Facebook page has been set up called Lego Lost At Sea, where residents and visitors post images of Lego items they have found.

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!
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